Let An Mingxi feel that Zhang Chen has betrayed herself just like the lyrics in Gigi Leungs short hair I have cut my hair short

Wronged and humiliated, Zhang Chen has been locked up in the intensive care unit of a mental hospital for 20 days.
He can only rely on three meals a day to count the number of days.
Whenever he tells the doctors and nurses that he is not mentally ill, all he gets is indifferent eyes. How many people here will admit that they are mentally ill? Three years ago, Zhang Chen was imprisoned for his father-in-law, Zu Fenghai. He had promised to get him out within three months, but the prison sentence was three years in prison. The second year, Zhang Chen Chen received the bad news of his father’s death. He knelt in the direction of his home and was imprisoned for a whole night. In the third year, Zhang Chen was finally released early. When he returned home, he bumped into his wife, Zu Qian, panting under a strange man for three years. The accumulated depression and anger broke out completely.
Zhang Chen threw himself at the man who was having trouble with his wife, and punched him in the face. Zu Qian took the initiative to seduce him, and all this was ordered by Zu Fenghai. Hearing these Zhang Chen was stunned.
The two had disagreements and soon divorced.
Never thought that Zu Fenghai would let his daughter continue to throw himself into his arms for his own career, and it was during the period when Zhang Chen was imprisoned for him.
Zhang Chen was completely devastated.
Trembling, he looked up to the sky and let out a long roar, then roared Zu Fenghai, you and I are inseparable, suddenly Zhang Chen felt a pain in the back of his head, and the moment he fell to the ground, he saw the panicked Zu Qian standing behind him holding a Metal vase When Zhang Chen woke up, he had already entered a mental hospital.
I guess Zu Fenghai was afraid that what he had done would be exposed, so he brought Zhang Chen here. After all, no one would believe a mental patient. Zhang Chen gave up. Resisting because of struggling will only get you a sedative, and begging will only get you silence. He decided to endure and wait for the opportunity to escape. Seeing that Zhang Chen has become honest, the doctor and nurse gradually relaxed their vigilance.
Finally, when he said that he wanted to go to the bathroom by himself.
The nurse hesitated for a moment, then untied the restraints on his feet.
At the moment when the restraints were loosened, Zhang Chen suddenly pushed the nurse away and rushed out of the ward.
Several male nurses ran over to grab him, but he ran away like a beast. The person who stopped him rushed towards the gate. The big iron gate leaving the intensive care unit was in front of him, but it was locked with an iron chain thicker than a finger. However, Zhang Chen did not slow down. At this moment, he only had one thought, that is to rush out even if he bumped into it.
It doesn’t matter if your head is broken or bloody! A miracle happened.
Zhang Chen broke through the locked iron door with his whole body. Zhang Chen raised his head and was blinded by the glare of the sun, he couldn’t see clearly.
Zhang Chen felt that he was kicked by someone and staggered to the side.
At this time, the voice sounded again, what can this parent say? Say you can’t hit people with your hands! This kick kicked Zhang Chen out of the sunlight. At this moment, he finally saw clearly. The surrounding environment does not seem to be a hospital, and the person who kicked him turned out to be Zu Fenghai.
Zhang Chen’s heart was burning with anger.
He just wanted to rush up and try his best, but he was stunned when he saw the person who stepped forward to hold Zu Fenghai. Because that person turned out to be his high school class teacher, Mr. Lu, only then did Zhang Chen realize that Zu Fenghai in front of him looked very young, only in his forties, and Mr. Lu was still in his twenties as he remembered. What happened? What happened? Zhang Chen’s first thought was that he was dreaming, but the kick that Zu Fenghai kicked just now was extremely painful. Didn’t it mean that he didn’t feel pain in his dreams? Could it be that he was often injected with sedatives during this period and had hallucinations, or that he hit his head just now? Playing himself stupid on the iron gate, Zhang Chen was completely dumbfounded.
Zu Fenghai pointed at Zhang Chen and scolded, “Little bastard dare to harm my daughter, see if I don’t beat you to death.
” Mr. Lu saw that Zhang Chen was there in a daze, thinking he was scared by Zu Fenghai When the time comes, protect him quickly and persuade him that the child is still young, what’s the matter, slowly teach him not to do anything, you see, the teacher Lu who scared the child persuaded Zu Fenghai for a long time before he persuaded Zu Fenghai, and Zu Fenghai slapped the table angrily to teach you to say this How about education? This matter is really serious. Don’t worry, we will definitely punish Zhang Chen. But you see, the matter has already happened.
If it makes too much noise, it will not be good for your daughter, so it’s better not to say anything about it.
Teacher Lu analyzed it. The pros and cons are as expected. The young teacher who has just graduated from university can’t wait to see that Zu Fenghai seems to be moved by what he said. Teacher Lu hurriedly winked at Zhang Chen and wanted him to admit his mistakes quickly so that Zu Fenghai could calm down. Zhang Chen’s head was in chaos, how could he notice Teacher Lu’s small movements? Seeing that he didn’t respond for a long time, Teacher Lu was also in a hurry.
He managed to suppress Zu Fenghai’s fire, if he didn’t hurry up and strike while the iron was hot, all the efforts before Zhang Chen would have been wasted. Don’t hesitate to admit your mistake to Zu Qian’s father and promise that you will never see each other in the future Teacher Lu secretly pushed Zhang Chen ah ah Zhang Chen came to his senses and memories of the past also came to mind.
This scene is Zu Fenghai when he was a sophomore in high school When I discovered his relationship with Zu Qian and then found the school, I promised that I would study hard and make a career, and then marry Zu Qian home in a beautiful way.
Now that I think about it, the childish vows at the beginning are really ridiculous. If I give it again Once Zhang Chen had a chance, he would never have anything to do with Zu Qian, but how could he come back to this moment? Time travel is too ridiculous, Teacher Lu kept pushing Zhang Chen Zhang Chen knew that he had to talk but Facing Zu Fenghai, it would be fine if he didn’t stab him to death, how could he apologize to him? Zhang Chen pointed to Zu Fenghai and said that I will definitely do something in the future, and the first half of the sentence was exactly the same as the original vow, but he paused and continued. said