Let a few classmates leave Aofan disheartened although there will be no competition tomorrow don’t stay here too late especially don’t let that lady from

The first chapter has a small success. Every person who writes a book is a master of storytelling, but I can’t compliment the truth of the story.
I can guarantee that the story I will tell you next is close to the truth. The things that happen around you are just that you can’t see them, or you can see them, but your memory is erased by some mysterious power. They all exist. My name is Zhu Aofan. Zhu Tiancheng is my father. It is said that he is very powerful in the trading of wronged souls.
Popular but those seem to have nothing to do with me because he left me when I was very young and my memory of him is very vague.
Whether he is dead or alive now is unknown but my grandma is His mother insisted that his son had supernatural powers and would not die so easily.
I guess he must have encountered difficulties somewhere in the world and couldn’t get out.
As a teenager in this high-tech age, I simply let it go. It’s okay, by the way, I also have a younger sister named Zhu Lingshan, who is my half-sister. I have never seen my biological mother since I was born. She is my younger sister who brought me up. She is my younger sister’s biological mother. Mom heard from my grandma that my little mom, because she missed my father so much, went to the world to look for a needle in a haystack to find him. Now there are only me, my sister, my grandma, the old, the young, the grandparents and grandchildren left at home. No, there are two other guys who probably won’t let ordinary people see their true colors. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about ghosts, but my old turtle and Mr. Ham, who used to make me old.
My father named him Jinbao and raised him ten years later, he unexpectedly started cultivating immortals by chance. It is said that my little mother gave him some kind of elixir by mistake. Damn it, now he can transform into a human form.
It’s just a bit nagging, it’s even more bizarre to be around me every day and take care of me One’s Agneto has seen his real body, he is probably foolishly being a pet dog now? Ham used to be a ghost messenger of the underworld, because he needed to be attached to a dog as an undercover agent for an urgent business, otherwise he wouldn’t become a dog. What about the dog? Turns out there was something wrong with his contact person. He couldn’t verify his identity, so he could only be a dog when he returned to the underworld.
Fortunately, my father’s eyes can recognize ghosts and ghosts, so he took Ham in until now.
That time Ham followed me to send me to school, but Agneto met him and found out his true identity, but Ham wanted to recover his identity as a ghost again, so he had to be reincarnated again, so he can walk now The only way is to practice immortality like Gui Lao. Although I am a human being, but with these two guys every day, I will inevitably be infected with some immortality.
However, my natural spirit body is a so-called natural spirit.
The body is that I can perceive some supernatural things, although my eyes My eyes are not as sharp as my father’s, and I can see those unclean things, but if they pass by me, I can smell the pungent smell. It is definitely not something that can be emitted by the world.
Ao Fan, don’t After playing with the big turtle and the dog again, hurry over to eat and help me to see your sister.
There are still many things to do in the store today.
My grandma is old-fashioned and honest.
Ever since my father disappeared for no reason Grandma is much older, but the business of the real estate agency that I opened before is getting better and better.
I always feel that there seems to be some power in the dark to help us orphans and widows.
Of course, the business is getting better and better. Grandma just took care of it. A few people are helping.
They are laid-off aunts who are quite good at being real estate agents. Generally speaking, with this small shop, we have no worries about food and clothing. It is said that my father has a huge amount of property in his bank account, but no one else is there. It can only be a number. Anyway, since I was sensible until now, I don’t feel that I am a rich second generation. Instead, I feel more like a poor and good grandma.
I will come here soon and deal with it quickly. Now I am alone with grandma.
I really don’t want to make her angry, the old man. After I promised, I immediately turned around and told Da Gui that you should practice well here. I’m going to have dinner.
Of course, Ham, I don’t need to tell him. It’s absolutely where I go, where he will follow.
Friends who have raised dogs should have experience, and it is definitely Aofan who eats whatever I eat. You are talking to the big turtle again, as if it can understand it. It’s okay.
Don’t keep playing with dogs and turtles.
Is your sister okay? My grandma said helplessly, grandma is not that I don’t want to play with Lingshan, she is almost half asleep during the day, and at night, she is very excited, but I am not on the same channel with her, so I said helplessly, hehehehehe Brother, you are so handsome Zhu Lingshan immediately smirked at me and said, as if signaling me to stop talking nonsense, I can say that Zhu Lingshan completely let me discover a supernatural event That night, I don’t know why, I just felt like boo After I woke up, I rubbed my sleepy eyes and looked at the watch hanging on the wall. Damn it, it was only three o’clock in the morning.
I turned my head and subconsciously thought about my old sister. She wasn’t on the bed for the first time.
My first reaction was that this girl wouldn’t feel the same as me, right? I got up and went to shush. I didn’t think much and went straight to the bathroom.
At this moment, I realized that something was wrong. There seemed to be a noise in the living room downstairs.
Could it be that a thief broke into it? My first reaction was to quickly wake up Ham who was soundly asleep, this bastard was still snoring