Lei Zi and Zhou Bo suddenly wailed Ah Jiu what are you doing Zhang Mengyao came over at some point and saw me holding Gong

Chapter Township, River Tieniu Chapter Township, River Tieniu, Rolling, the Yellow River is vast and endless.
In the past year, the land of Huaxia suffered a catastrophic flood On the side, it is said that Stone Mill Village was not called Stone Mill Village in the past.
Probably during the Republic of China, a large stone mill rushed out of the Yellow River one day, and the stone mill rolled from the bank to the entrance of the village, and finally stood firm at the entrance of the village.
Since then, this small village has been called Shimo Village. Even today, the big stone mill is still entrenched at the entrance of the village. The wind blows and the rain does not move. As the saying goes, people in Shimo Village mostly rely on fishing and running boats. Once the Yellow River floods to make a living, no one can work. We can only wait for the flood to pass quickly, or we won’t have enough sweet potatoes to eat at home.
Finally, the flood is over, and the hazy sky reveals the long-lost sun. My friend Zhou Bo came to me.
Let me go to the river beach to pick up bugs. My name is Chen Ajiu.
It was the summer vacation when I graduated from junior high school. Zhou Bo was my classmate and my best friend in Shimo Village. Picking up bugs is a tradition in Shimo Village. Some ancient objects under the Yellow River will be washed up on the river beach.
If you are lucky, you will find more valuable things on the river beach, such as antiques, ancient coins, porcelain and jade.
I heard that there was a poor bachelor in the next village a few years ago. On the river beach, I found a porcelain bowl where the emperor of the Tang Dynasty ate. I got rich overnight. I quickly built a new house and begged for my wife. Now I’m living a good life. Sometimes I still hold a tongs or iron hook in my hand and look for something on the river beach. These people are leak pickers, but the old man in the leak picker family always disagrees with me.
The old man often said that although countless treasures are buried under the Yellow River Ancient Road Buried with countless evil objects, luck is good to pick up valuable treasures, luck is not good, picking up an evil thing and returning it will harm others and myself. I originally wanted to reject Zhou Bo, but I couldn’t stand Zhou Bo’s repeated pestering, and it just so happens that the old man is not at home these days. I was bored, so I followed Zhou Bo out the door. The two bounced to the river beach. There were already many people gathered on the river beach. They were all villagers from this village. Compared to the other leakers in the team, both of us are laymen. We have no gloves, no back baskets, and no iron hooks. Our bare little hands are not too dirty to search in the mud.
My hands and feet are covered with mud. A few rotten stones yielded nothing, and soon became less interested. I was about to call Zhou Bo back when I suddenly heard exclamations from not far away, and then I saw many leak pickers gathered from all directions to the place where the sound came from, I shouted. After Zhou Bo made three beeps, Zhou Bo dawdled out from the reeds and wiped the mud on his buttocks with both hands. I said that there were a lot of people gathered there, maybe they found some treasure, or else I want to go there to see the excitement, Zhou Bo and I rushed over to the third floor and the outer third floor, surrounded by a lot of people, we are still in our teens, we are relatively small, like a loach, we wormed our way through the crowd and finally got to the front. It’s a big guy, but I saw a huge bronze vessel half hidden in the mud.
A group of people were digging around.
Everyone’s faces were shining with excited expressions.
After digging for a long time, the bronze vessel gradually revealed the tip of the iceberg. A group of people has been busy for a whole afternoon with a gigantic ox head. The bronze ware finally revealed its true colors. It is a huge and lifelike bronze iron ox weighing tens of tons.
No one can move such a huge bronze iron ox and no one dares to move it.
Some villagers notified the village chief, whose surname is Zhou Bo’s grandfather.
After the village chief Zhou came, he knew that the matter was important, and left a few people guarding the bronze and iron bull, and then reported the news to the higher authorities.
An archaeological team was busy on the river beach for more than a day, and then a heavy-duty cart was transferred to pull away the bronze iron bull weighing dozens of tons. When the bronze iron bull was pulled away, the whole village went to watch the lively archaeology. The team expressed their gratitude to Village Chief Zhou and took a group photo with Village Chief Zhou.
Zhou Bo and I also went to catch a shot in the morning. The archaeological team was sent away in the morning. The old man came back in the afternoon. The old man’s work is very strange.
Take a trip, but it’s not a boat trip. In the old man’s words, it’s called patrolling the river.
Check if there’s anything evil on the ancient Yellow River road recently.
The old man Dashui risked his life to go out to patrol the river and toss for more than a month.
He waited until the flood receded before returning home. Everyone lost a lot of weight.
As soon as the old man entered the house, he pulled me anxiously and asked me about the big iron cow in the Yellow River.
Is it true that I was taken away? I nodded and said that Village Chief Zhou reported the situation to the above.
The above sent an archaeological team to take the big iron bull away.
He roared, confused, really confused, that iron ox is used to suppress rivers, how can it be pulled away? I stomped my feet, turned around and ran out of the house. Seeing that the old man was in a bad mood, I quickly chased after him, and saw the old man running all the way to the gate of Village Chief Zhou’s house, smashing the iron gate of Village Chief Zhou’s house so loudly, Village Chief Zhou came out muttering.
Seeing the old man standing at the door, he was about to burst out the swear words, swallowed them abruptly, and immediately changed to a more respectful tone, third master, what are you doing in such a frenzied manner?