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Well, you can draw skills, you can also increase the skill accuracy of your players.
Why are my players so strong? How did my club become a Triple Crown? Why are Chinese aid all over the world? The story of the club’s system When I add my team members, are they still invincible? Chapter 1, a CD.
At 1:00 a.
on Star City Street, all other doors and lights are turned off, but there is a door on a certain side street that is still open.
There is a light sign at the entrance, which says Legendary Internet Cafe. This time is the all-night period of Internet cafes, but since Wednesday is not a weekend, there are not many people who come out overnight. There are dozens of seats in the lobby of Internet cafes. Most of the individuals come out of the nearby high school to go to the Internet cafe all night.
The Internet cafe is not very big.
It is divided into two areas: the box area and the lobby. The two areas add up to not too many machines. There are not some big Internet cafes.
One area has multiple Internet cafes. The front desk sits about 10 years old. A young man with slender and broken hair, but it seems that it has not been washed for two days, and it is a little greasy. Zhang Yu is the owner of this Internet cafe, the front desk and the network administrator. There are two day shifts, one night shift, and sometimes a few part-time jobs, but today they are all on vacation, so Zhang Yu is on the night shift until now. If there are people who want to leave, I will close the door, Zhang Yu shouted loudly at the front desk After a while, Zhang Yu heard that there was no reply, so he went to close the front door, and then opened the small door at the back.
After finishing all this, Zhang Yu started to clean up the front desk. Where did this CD come from? Zhang Yu looked at his hand in confusion.
There is a square icon on the surface of a CD. The background color of the icon is blue. The gold letters on the blue background are very conspicuous. There is a line of inconspicuous small words under the icon. Alliance Management System, isn’t this the icon of the League of Legends? How is it printed on it? Is there a stand-alone version or a plug-in on the CD? What the hell is the alliance management system? After all, Zhang Yu is an Internet cafe owner and can be regarded as a young Internet addict, so he still knows the game of League of Legends.
After all, the team just won the championship last month. The Internet cafe was also doing activities at the time. Zhang Yu also started playing League of Legends last month, and he was quite fascinated.
Recently, he often played for a whole day.
Finally, he finally got to the next level. After clearing the front desk, let’s talk about this later. After Zhang Yuqing finished the front desk, he picked up the strange CD and thought about it.
He took out his new laptop, which he usually treasured, and naturally opened the CD drive, and then opened the unknown CD.
After putting in the disc of origin, it seems that I completely ignored the possibility that this strange disc contained viruses and Trojan horses. After putting it in, Zhang Yu trembled and felt that everything was dull. He shook his head, looking like he just woke up.
How can I let this unknown thing be inserted into my wife’s body so that there will be no virus? The disk came out, but the CD-ROM went in and there was no response for a long time. Zhang Yu was so anxious, what the hell, wouldn’t he be really poisoned? Am I mentally retarded? Shi Lezhi suddenly Zhang Yu felt that he was stabbed by something I opened my hands and found that my right index finger had been stabbed, and there was a small blood spot. I went, what is going on? Why is there something stabbed me? During data loading, the alliance management system started, and a strange sound came from Zhang Yu’s ear. The sound with a bit of mechanical feeling seems to be more like the voice in the brain than the ear. When Zhang Yu heard the sound, a three-dimensional projection holographic projection appeared in front of Zhang Yu’s eyes, just like the projection in many science fiction films.
There is only a simple progress bar.
The progress bar reads Loading.
Zhang Yu watched all this happening, his mind didn’t react too much for a while, and he froze. It is divided into several parts. The upper left corner is your avatar. Next to the avatar is the team section interface.
The lower side of the interface is the task system and the achievement store. However, the font and icon color of the team section are slightly dull and slightly different from other parts. These are all Is something from that disc? Is this a game? Am I dreaming? Zhang Yu’s mind is filled with question marks. Looking around, he realizes that no one seems to have noticed this sci-fi thing, or is anyone else at all? Can’t you see Hey little plum Can you see it Zhang Yu pointed to the projection and asked a buddy nearby who often came to surf the Internet and asked Fuck it and died again I didn’t see anything, just saw a roll, don’t bother my dad to play games and hurt me Got headshot again.
The customer named Xiao Li came back angrily.
It looks like no one else can see the projection. Zhang Yu’s hidden channel is loaded. The system has been bound. It’s that mechanical voice again. The system is here, you can help your team club to accept tasks. Every time your team completes a task, you will get skill points and achievement points. You can use skill points to learn or upgrade your team skills. At the same time, you can also use achievement points in the achievement store.
Warm reminder for purchasing products This system uses the Sigan operating system to really go wherever you want.
Zhang Yu is full of black lines on his forehead.
Could it be that the last sentence is humorous? Although I am still surprised, as a good young man in the 21st century, classmate Zhang Yu accepts it The ability is still very strong, and Zhang Yu, who has seen some system streams, probably understands what happened.
Zhang Yu tried to click on his avatar, and another interface appeared in front of his eyes, showing some data attributes. Host Zhang Yu The team you belong to has no skills, no active skills, no passive skills, no free skill points, achievement points and honors.