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But one day I woke up and found that I had a plug-in. You are going to have an appendix operation, so you need to do an appendectomy. You touch the cecum.
If you touch the cecum, you touch the colon.
If you touch the colon, you touch the appendix. For resection, you cut the appendix perfectly with a knife and kill rare appendix monsters to gain experience in appendectomy.
One white suture needle. You are an emergency surgeon. Once you wake up and save people, you will become stronger. Readers, if you think you are a doctor If the plug-in is not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in your group and Weibo The night shift is always frightening. After the night shift, Chen Cang finally got a rest You help change the medicine for a patient. Even with his eyes closed, Chen Cang knows that the slightly thick voice is his superior physician Zhang Bingsheng.
The two years of emergency service experience have given Chen Cang the ability to answer in a daze even when he is asleep. I can’t do enough, I’m too sleepy, I’ll sleep again, but just as Chen Cang’s words fell, a voice seemed to come from the depths of his soul, “The task of senior doctor Chen Bingsheng is to change dressings and debride wounds for emergency patients. Experience Experience Chen Cang woke up suddenly and quickly stood up from the bed, looking at Chen Bingsheng with a look of panic, what did you say just now? The voice continues to come, “The task of senior doctor Chen Bingsheng is to change the dressing and debride the emergency patients. The reward for completing the task is RMB yuan for dressing change experience.
Whether the experience is acceptable or not? Is it still on my own? What’s the matter? There has never been a shortage of big bosses who died suddenly. From medical monks who are preparing for exams to high-ranking bosses who often go abroad to publish academic papers and attend academic conferences.
From time to time, there will be cases of sudden death due to lack of rest. Could it be that I am hallucinating from working overtime? Seeing the constant echoing in his mind, Chen Cang suddenly realized that something is going to happen.
It is no longer a matter of whether to change medicine or work overtime. The seriousness of the situation has already related to his future sustainable development and threatened the effective implementation of the Healthy China strategy.
Thinking of this, Chen Cang hurriedly got up and washed his face with cold water several times.
Unfortunately, the cold water did not make the voice in his head disappear, but calmed him down.
During Chen Bingsheng’s operation, he was on duty for him and completed the task of rewarding RMB. Chen Bingsheng’s favorability experience. After making a difficult decision, he faced two tasks and chose whether to accept them all.
He wanted to see if it was a hallucination caused by brain damage or the legendary golden thigh system. Chen Cang is a doctor, but he also read novels and played games. He is also very familiar with these things, took a deep breath in the mirror, and suddenly he saw an arrow on his head.
Chen Cang thought about it carefully, it seems that there was a question mark on the head of the superior doctor Chen Bingsheng just now, which seemed to be somewhat similar to the logo on the head of the mission in the game, but his own head Chen Cang thought of this, and suddenly a virtual screen appeared in front of him. Name Chen Cang, professional doctor, grade resident, professional skills, debridement and dressing change, intermediate skin wound suture, intermediate tendon suture, primary blood vessel suture, intermediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation, intermediate ECG interpretation, intermediate Chen Cang was dumbfounded.
This is my own attribute.
I went to Chen Cang and realized that there is a problem that I am likely to develop.
This is obviously the one I played some time ago, but this system seems to be in reality.
First, change the patient’s medicine for a while and then take care After researching and opening the door, Chen Cang went to the nurse station and asked Dr. Chen, where is the patient who changed the dressing? Is it in the lobby? Cang found that everyone around him had an arrow or a question mark on his head. The arrow was very common.
Chen Cang clicked at will to see other people’s basic information. For example, the little nurse Qin Yali just entered the hospital.
Skills and information, and those with logos on their heads should have tasks.
After clicking, Chen Cang found that he had received a system prompt. Zhang Xiaoyan seemed to need your help. Talk to her in detail, and it is possible to get the task.
Although Chen Cang did not change his face, his expression was calm.
At this time, he was more inclined in his heart to obtain an amazing system.
Not long after, Qin Yali walked in with the patient, Doctor Chen, this is the patient. Let me help you. Qin Yali is looking forward to coming to the emergency department for a while.
Diagnosis and triage have never really come into contact with and dealt with the wounded. Qin Yali’s request task. Ask Qin Yali to help you deal with the wounded.
The reward is RMB yuan.
If this task is not for nothing, it will cost ten yuan for a meal at noon. Qin Yali, the conscience system, immediately became happy when she heard this There is also a patient who is wearing shorts at this time and has a large bloody cut on his left leg and knee, looking very scary