Lang Qiao almost jumped in place when she heard this she was dumbfounded for a while she stammered and said that this is too outrageous

We continue to trace and search for the motives of criminals. To explore the most subtle emotions, not to sympathize with them and even forgive them, not to justify crimes, not to kneel down to the so-called complexity of human nature, not to reflect on social contradictions, and even less.
In order to alienate ourselves into monsters, we are just looking for a fair explanation for ourselves and those who still have expectations for this world.
It’s all about dealing with all kinds of dissatisfied old hooligans who attack, counsel, and waste money.
Pay attention to the content label on the main character column, suspense reasoning, urban love, protagonist Fei Du, Luo Wenzhou, other summer cool special works, brief comments on childhood growth experience, family background, social relationship trauma, we are constantly tracing and searching for the motives of criminals to explore the most subtle emotions, anger, sorrow, and joy. In order to empathize with and even forgive them, not to justify crimes, not to kneel down to the so-called complexity of human nature, not to reflect on social contradictions, and not to alienate ourselves into monsters, we are just giving ourselves a way to still have confidence in the world.
People with expectations are just looking for a fair confession. The author is skilled in writing and sophisticated. The story style is humorous yet rigorous.
The character creation is vivid and lifelike. The author carefully outlines the character image of the characters through language, actions and other details. The plot is full of dramatic highlights.
In addition, in the text The suspenseful stories connected by various characters are wonderful, tortuous, thought-provoking, and unstoppable.
The driveway divides the entire Flower District into two. The East District is one of the most prosperous core business districts in the city. The West District is a gathering place for the forgotten old urban poor. With the success of auctions of sky-high prices in the East District over the past few years, the East District urgently needs to be remodeled. The old city has also been wiped out, and the cost of demolition has risen. A group of developers have been frightened away. They have created a capital fence in the cramped and impoverished narrow alleys.
The small broken house with a square meter has become rich overnight.
Spiritually, I have already taken the lead in enjoying the sense of superiority that my house will cost millions if it is demolished.
Of course, the millionaires in these slums still have to line up with their slippers every day to empty the urinal.
There are still some in early summer nights. The coolness accumulated during the day quickly dissipated the small barbecue stalls illegally occupying the road in the western district, and the residents who took advantage of the coolness also returned home early.
Occasionally, an old street lamp flashed unsteadily. Because of the wire connection, the nightlife in the bustling district just across the street has just begun. In the evening, the clerk in a coffee shop facing the street in the East District business district, who had just dismissed a large number of customers, finally seized the opportunity to let out a long sigh of relief. The facial features with a stiff smile were manually reset, and the small bell hanging on the glass door rang again.
The clerk had to bring out the standard smile with eight teeth again. Welcome to a low-cause vanilla latte.
long hair Wearing ironed and serious formal attire, metal-rimmed glasses with thin frames pressed against his tall nose, he lowered his head to touch his wallet, and the long hair on his chin blocked half of his face, the bridge of the nose and lips looked as if under the light With a layer of pale glaze, it looks extraordinarily ascetic and indifferent. Everyone has a love of beauty.
The clerk couldn’t help but look at him a few more times, guessing at the customer’s preferences, and chatting. Do you want to change to sugar-free vanilla? No more syrup As soon as the customer handed over the change, he looked up and the clerk’s gaze collided with him. The customer probably smiled at the clerk out of politeness.
The corner of his eyes hidden behind the lens subtly bent, and the gentle and somewhat ambiguous smile penetrated him in an instant. The serious and prudish clerk realized that although the customer looked good, he was not dignified like Zhou Zheng. She had peach blossoms in her eyes. Her face was inexplicably hot. She hurriedly avoided the customer’s sight and lowered her head to place an order.
The replenishment guy came, and the clerk hurriedly found something for himself to do.
The delivery guy went to the back to check the delivery list. The delivery guy was a young guy in his twenties, and he bounced into the store with the afterglow like a mass of youth. He has a dark complexion, smiles, and has small white teeth.
He greets the clerk with vigor. Beauty, beauty, looks good today, business is going well, the clerk is paid a dead salary every month, and doesn’t expect the business in the store to be good. Just wave your hand, it’s okay, you go to work, and I’ll pour you a glass of ice water to drink.
The delivery boy let out a happy smile and raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead. There is a small crescent-shaped scar on the corner of his forehead, which looks like a prop. Posted crookedly Bao Qingtian, the clerk was making coffee for the customers, and the delivery guy had already reported the list and handed it over. He was lying next to the counter, waiting for water to drink. Do you know which building Chengguang Mansion is in? The courier delivery clerk was a bit careless and didn’t pay attention to his guilty little gesture. He put a lid on the paper cup and said casually. Let me ask someone else, sir.
Be careful with your drinks. The customer who bought the coffee may have looked up at the small delivery in idleness. The clerk interjected lazily with a glance.
The Chengguang mansion is not in the business building, but the private club behind. The boy who delivered the goods from the boy’s private club saw the lie was exposed on the spot, made a grimace, took his ice water and the delivery slip, and ran away behind the brightly lit central business district in the East District.