Knowing the relationship between Li Mochen and her before now it’s all right Fang Yao has become a pig team friendly and lively Is my

Copywriting In the entertainment industry, Su Jin is a newcomer who is extremely lucky Get the headlines faster than before the car accident A more perfect image of an artist In short, this is a female star in the top position Shi tricky and cold-faced lawyer Passionate female star Content labels industry elite entertainment circle happy friends urban love protagonist Su Jinfan Shen Bai supporting roles in various ways Actresses and other actors who are competing for beauty Chapter 1 The scorching sun is on the head The whole TV drama crew is still in full swing and filming in the heat wave After the director said “click”, it was finally time for lunch at noon and all the staff members were busy After packing up the things on the scene, I was going to get a box lunch to fill my stomach.
Su Jinfan was lying on a chair to rest.
The box lunch in her hand was handed to her by an assistant, and she ate it slowly. The dry box lunch was hard to swallow. Swallowed down a few mouthfuls of rice, picked up the script and started to get familiar with the lines. Su Jinfan even dared to snatch the role of Liu Xin from you.
You really thought that you were so popular now that you would die.
You didn’t eat a few mouthfuls of rice and didn’t memorize many lines. When a woman with heavy make-up ran over angrily, she threw the lines Su Jinfan was holding onto the ground. Of course, Su Jinfan knew who this vitriolic-looking woman with a fox face was in front of her. She was Su Jinfan’s manager, Li Qin, although he said Su Jinfan is an artist under Li Qin, but carefully speaking, in the company, the stars under Li Qin are also divided into three or six grades.
Although Su Jinfan is an artist under her banner, she is very popular because she has acted in many popular dramas and movies in succession in the past few years. No less than a well-deserved Xiaohuadan, but this Liu Xin is Li Qin’s apex, Li Qin’s first batch of artists, and the pillar of Li Qin’s subordinates, let alone in the circle, just look at Sister Li’s Weibo, Liu Xin is also Chang Liu So even if my own family wants to steal Liu Xin’s limelight, it’s absolutely impossible. Are you talking about the movie Peerless Youth? Su Jinfan picked up the script book from the ground and looked at Li Qin with an innocent face.
The director personally invited me to play the role.
The implication is that they are all actresses competing for this role, but Su Jinfan is different.
She is Li Qin, who was hand-picked by director Fang Hua. After all, Su Jinfan has been in the entertainment industry for so many years.
The female number one who got this drama, if others know about it, will say that Li Qin is protecting her shortcomings, she can only hold back her anger, wishing she could slap her across the face, but since there are so many people here, she can only suppress her anger and say that the three who made Su Jinfan’s debut Over the years, with her good acting skills and good public relations gossip, she has won a lot of media headlines and Mifensi’s enthusiasm. That Liu Xinze has always tried her best to weaken her resources, but she is still relying on low production and high quality. The work has swept all major domestic awards and has also robbed Liu Xin of a lot of limelight in the past few years, and she has unknowingly become Dingsheng’s number one publicity target.
The role is that Liu Xin and I have been talking to the director for a long time.
You go to the director now and push me the trick, saying that the schedule is over. Isn’t today the first scene? I’ll give it to you, it’s even.
Ha Su Jinfan listened to Li Qin talking over there inexplicably, with an incredible look in his eyes.
Director Fang Hua is a well-known actress at home and abroad. It’s hard, and this film is also a masterpiece in the summer. How many people squeezed their heads and wanted to enter a magazine, but they wanted to dismiss this sister Li. Is she in menopause and her brain is not good? She even pinched you like a soft persimmon What else do you want to do? This magazine is not something you can shoot casually.
Li Qin seems to be using the value of this magazine to seduce Su Jinfan. Peerless Fanghua’s mind had already caused a great sensation before the broadcast, and she was completely attracted by the content of the script when she saw the script.
In addition, as long as Su Jinfan’s performance in this drama is outstanding, her reputation will be lost with both hands. The problem is that Liu Xin, the first sister, will obediently give up her position, but Liu Xin, the aunt, has a maid who obeys her words, and Su Jinfan’s performance of Peerless Youth has already been publicized by the media.
Even the director When the filming started, I also admitted that she was the starring role.
If at this moment, the news that Su Jinfan was replaced by Liu Xin from the same company as the female lead to perform Peerless Youth, what kind of media bombardment would Su Jinfan receive? For other things, go talk to the director. Su Jinfan still cast a trace of disdain in his eyes and said to the assistant, Tianxin, please do me a favor, go and invite the director, and say that Sister Li wants me to push this drama and let Liu Xin act in it.
You, Li Qin, squinted your fox eyes, held your phone in your hand, raised your finger and pointed at Su Jinfan’s pure and beautiful face with a slap in the face, you could only say Su Jinfan viciously, I’m leaving my words here, and I’m doing it for your own good, Liu Xin is not you If you can provoke people casually, you can do it yourself. How ugly is your speech? An ordinary manager? Li Qin turned around and looked at Su Jinfan.
Su Jinfan sneered and said that it was because you were Liu Xin’s running dog. Then he put the finished meal in Li Qin’s hands. Sister Li, please help me throw away the trash.
I looked at it disgustingly and finished talking and ignored Li Qin cursing over there.
He just went straight to the set. This thing in the entertainment industry is really a chaos, and it’s a bit different from the harem.
It’s already night after the whole scene is filmed.