Knowing the next plot how could he not be a little excited and a little bit anticipating Standing in front of you are two goddesses

Chapter 1 I know you If I remember correctly, your name should be Ge Xiaolun At most, it is the only one who can make a shot, maybe only this height. What I don’t understand is why you leave me with this obsession, don’t you have any self-knowledge? Chasing ten school beauties is such a thing It’s really not something you can do. Ge Xiaolun said to himself in the mirror. The corner of his mouth reveals a trace of helplessness.
Chasing the ten school beauties. Just a jobless vagrant who graduated from a third-rate university.
No house, no car, no bank deposits. Where do you have the confidence to go after ten school beauties? Sorry, I really can’t help you achieve this goal.
To be honest, I’m still a little confused now.
I came to this danger somehow. What’s the matter with replacing you inexplicably in this world? This is actually just complaining not to yourself in the mirror but to the original owner.
No matter how much you complain, I will be able to live in this world as you from now on. Say that from now on I am Ge Xiaolun Ge Xiaolun is me coming out of the bathroom Ge Xiaolun is sitting casually on the sofa and absorbing the memories left by the original owner.
First of all, chasing ten school beauties is definitely impossible. He is not so boring. Let’s talk about his current situation.
What to use to chase after it As for the future, isn’t Angel Yan excellent? Isn’t he better than those school beauties? Although the other party is a little older than me, it’s not a problem. After all, the female university Qiqian holds the sky blade. This is a very dangerous world for me.
Fortunately and unfortunately, Ge Xiaolun came to such a conclusion.
As for the above, it is just a moment of random thinking.
He is very lucky because he is Ge Xiaolun.
If there is no accident in the future, he may become a god, but he is also unlucky.
This is a very dangerous world, and who can guarantee that Ge Xiaolun will not die? In case of any accident, he might die before his success. From the current timeline, this time should be before the plot begins.
I know the future.
I know a lot of things in the future, but I don’t seem to be able to change those futures. Ge Xiaolun frowned and said to himself, he’s just an ordinary person right now, let’s find something to eat and think about it after dinner Do you plan to strengthen it in the future? Ge Xiaolun stared inexplicably at the instant noodles in his hand. Could it be that the reason why he had just crossed over and did not fully grasp the body caused the dizziness? Whether to strengthen it or not? Ge Xiaolun said to himself. Yudao was strengthening, and suddenly he found that the instant noodles in front of him seemed to be a little different. A pack of super-large instant noodles was strengthened once, what the hell? Wait, maybe this is my ability that can be enhanced. Ge Xiaolun thought, but because the enhancement is too extensive, he doesn’t know much about his ability. From a pack of instant noodles to a pack of super-sized instant noodles, this ability seems useless. Is it possible that he can eat a little more full? He then turned his attention to other items, such as whether the transparent water glass in front of him is strengthened or not, so it will not become a super large water glass.
Ge Xiaolun silently complained that it is super resistant to falling The water cup is strengthened once. Whether the super drop-resistant transparent water cup can be strengthened.
Items that have already been strengthened can be strengthened again. I just don’t know if it’s my illusion.
The extremely hard big water glass has been strengthened five times before Ge Xiaolun has time to complain about something.
He suddenly feels powerless and can’t help but fall to the ground.
No broken cough, this is not the point. After so many experiments, Ge Xiaolun found that what his strengthening ability actually consumes is his physical strength. For example, if I strengthen the water cup once, it will consume a certain amount of physical strength. The consumption of strengthening it again will be doubled or even more. Of course, the stamina consumed by different strengthened items is naturally different. To put it simply, for example, the stamina consumed by strengthening instant noodles once is completely negligible, but the effect is also dumbfounding. From a pack of instant noodles to a pack of super It took a long time for Ge Xiaolun to get up from the ground with great difficulty. Excessive physical exertion felt as if he was unable to lift himself up.
This ability is not as useless as I thought. The most important thing is that although the result of strengthening is unknown, They are all strengthened in a useful direction and have not encountered anything that cannot be strengthened for the time being.
Does this mean that I can try to strengthen my body when I have the ability in the future? Or is it the only thing that genes can bring to him in this dangerous world? What came to comfort me was this inexplicable enhanced ability other than my identity, and the only thing that counted as a limitation was actually my meager physical strength.
Once again I looked at myself in the mirror, but this time it wasn’t expressionless Ge Xiaolun’s face with a smile on his face.
With a trace of confidence, let me introduce myself. My name is Ge Xiaolun.
I don’t know if the future will change. Maybe in the future, I will become a god and become a male god. Maybe there will be some accidents, but what I want to say is not these, what I want to say is that I am actually I am not cowardly at all and I will never become a deserter. In my previous life, I was just an ordinary person, but in my dreams, I once dreamed that I was a hero. My name used to be Bai Jiu.