Knowing that conferring the gods is the top priority of the three realms who would dare to act rashly and will be the first to

Chapter 1 Han Rong is rich, honorable, meritorious, and predestined to be a human being. Don’t be deceitful, upright, loyal, kind, and fruitful. Some are arrogance, and the heavens will punish you. When you don’t treat me right now, I ask Dongjun why the disaster is now invading. A middle-aged man in the barren mountain and ancient road, after half a month of trekking, finally came to Taihua Mountain. The majestic and towering Taihua Mountain, Zhong Lingyuxiu, is the ashram of Chijingzi. The middle-aged man named Han Rong is the gatekeeper of Sishui.
A month ago, he learned that the Grand Master was not going well in the war, and went to Jinao Island to ask for the help of Ten Tianjun, so he handed over the defense of the city to the deputy general Yu Hua, and hurried to Taihua Mountain while Chi Jingzi was not at home. The lord of the city left the place where he was stationed without the court’s order, which is a big taboo in the army.
Even if Han Rong is high-ranking and powerful, at least he must be punished for leaving his post without authorization. However, the Han family has guarded Sishui Pass for generations.
Han Rong has always been lenient.
No one under his command would take the risk of offending the general and make a small report to the court.
This is Han Rong’s confidence. Speaking of which, he is not the real Han Rong, but just another soul borrowed from Han Rong’s body, a history teacher from three thousand years later. As for how he came here, Han Rong can only attribute it to an accident, after thinking about it, he traveled to the world of gods and became a general. He was in the Yin and Shang camp and faced the end of a family that died for the country in the future. The corner of Han Rong’s mouth curled up.
There is a bitter smile in this world where great powers are born in large numbers and gods are as numerous as dogs. Ordinary people exist like ants.
At the time when the gods are in a catastrophe of 1,500 years, the Shang and Zhou families are fighting for hegemony. Which camp they are in, the ending is not good, let alone resigning. It may be that the Han family has been loyal for generations and resigned without reason and without reason, so it is no wonder that he was arrested before he left Sishui Pass. You must know that the five passes are the five barriers for Yin Shang to resist Xiqi’s eastward advance. The other four passes There are many capable people, besides, there are tens of miles to the west of the Sishui Guanxi, and there is Jinjiling, a stronghold, which is the throat of the east. Kong Xuan is either a vegetarian, or he does not have these difficulties. One tendon is at a time when you are young and energetic, and you want to persuade them to abandon their official positions and go back to seclusion with you.
The difficulty is not ordinary, so combining the above factors, whether you like it or not, this guard will have to sit down on his own. This is the most helpless part of life.
Fortunately, it is not a hell mode.
At the beginning of the game, I brought a lucky space with me. The lucky space is a space that can gather luck. This space is connected to Han Rong’s consciousness in the lucky bag. At present, this space is only as big as a house, and it is surrounded by darkness.
Entering Mount Taihua, Han Rong clearly felt the lucky bag around his waist shaking a few times.
He showed a smile and continued walking towards the mountainside. This is the sacred place of the fairy family where spiritual energy gathers.
The spiritual energy in the mountain belly must be more intense and closer to the energy channels. Chi Jingzi is not at home, relying on Yin Hong, a waste who has only just glimpsed the door of magic, even if he stays here for the first half year, he still can’t find it. It took half a day for Han Rong to enter the mountainside and find a hidden cave to prepare.
After putting away the dry food, I walked out of the cave and found a big rock nearby.
Turned over and sat up, untied the lucky bag and began to absorb the luck of this fairy mountain Keep yourself safe during the war. When the lucky bag was opened, there was no wind, and the mouth of the bag was facing upwards. I saw four wisps of red air slowly gathering in mid-air towards my position, like pearls falling into a jade plate, and burrowing into the lucky bag, Han Rong’s mind. A set of data appeared. The luck value of Taihua Mountain was ten thousand and attractive. Han Rong was taken aback.
To Wan, it was nothing but a drop in the bucket.
According to this speed of absorption, it would take seven or eight years to completely absorb the luck of this mountain.
Now that we are here, let us absorb as much as we can. Five days later, the lucky bag has absorbed a total of luck value. The space that was originally a wasteland has become an oasis, and the area has doubled. At this time, a magical scene appeared. Gazing at this ginseng, a small ginseng grew in Yun space. Information about ginseng appeared in Han Rong’s mind.
The hundred-year-old ginseng can expand the meridians and help warriors break through a realm. After this discovery, Han Rong felt relieved.
The visions that appear before entering the lucky space are all true. As long as there is enough luck value, any spiritual things in the world can grow in the lucky space, even flat peaches and ginseng fruit trees. With the ginseng lucky bag, the speed of absorbing luck is faster Ginseng was twice as fast as before, and it is gradually growing stronger after receiving the power of luck