Knock it too let him speak so badly Xiao Dang wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes anger appeared on his face all

Silly Zhu, what’s the matter with you, wake up, a woman’s call came from my ears, Li Fei felt like he was drowning in the darkness, desperately trying to struggle to get ashore, and with all his energy, he suddenly opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a building Siheyuan with blue walls, gray tiles, mahogany windows, and many old objects in the yard. Clothes are all patched up to dry. It seems that I have come to the 1960s and 1970s. What is the situation? I am not drinking in a rental house while watching TV episodes.
The tragic experience of the main character in the courtyard, Shazhu, made him feel the same way, and then he couldn’t think about committing suicide? Why did he open his eyes and went to another place, and the environment looked familiar? Shazhu, how are you doing? The woman’s voice came again, Li Fei glanced at it I saw a woman squatting beside her, she was wearing a floral-colored jacket, her fair face exuded a delicate and pitiful look, beautiful girl, wait a minute, Li Fei’s eyes widened suddenly Qin Huairu, you are Qin Huairu, I am not Qin Huairu Who is not the first day we met? As for making such a fuss? Could it be that his brain is broken? Qin Huairu took his arm to get up first, and then say it’s not me. Li Fei looked at the surrounding environment and finally confirmed one thing. It happened that he traveled back and forth and became the main character He Yuzhu in a TV series in the Courtyard of Love. He could not help being excited because of the excitement and pleasure of a new life. In his last life, he was also a skilled cook and worked hard to support his wife and brother-in-law. It’s just that the master who spends money knows how to play cards and doesn’t know how much to lose except eating and drinking, but there is no way.
Qian opened a restaurant and saw that the business was getting better and better.
He thought that the hard times were over.
How did he know that his wife and brother-in-law only used him as a tool to make money? Turned into another man, took all his money and gave him a big green hat And mother-in-law Jia Zhang used Shazhu as a long-term meal ticket, Xu Damao was treacherous and cunning, I don’t know how many times he cheated Shazhu, and three uncles kidnapped him morally and wanted Shazhu to give them old age for free. Before Li Fei watched TV dramas, he got angry.
Tickle felt completely aggrieved for Silly Zhu.
I didn’t expect that one day he would actually cross over to the Sha Zhu who felt the same as him. Since God gave him a chance to live again, let’s live vigorously. No one wants to bully me, Silly Zhu, I’ll help you.
You go and sit in the house, Qin Huairu, while supporting He Yuzhu, went to get the lunch box in his hand, I’m fine, I can walk by myself I still don’t want to marry He Yuzhu and work for her family for the rest of my life. At this time, He Yuzhu is no longer the original He Yuzhu. Oh, she was polite to me, Qin Huairu was stunned, then smiled, then you go back to the house and give me the lunch box Ding Dong He Yuzhu was about to refuse without mercy Congratulations to the host for obtaining the god-level selection system system. He Yuzhu was stunned for a moment, then ecstatic. Is this the benefit of the traverser? But what is the god-level selection system? A face value of 10 food stamps Choose the second to reject Qin Huairu Get the portable space One please host He Yuzhu’s eyes light up, although I haven’t figured out how to use the system yet, but the choice is in front of you, you don’t need to think about it, of course, choose the second box lunch for you Why haven’t I eaten yet? He Yuzhu turned around and walked towards his house. Isn’t it silly Zhu, didn’t you come back from dinner in the factory? Lian looks like a man, I’m afraid his heart will be moved.
He Yuzhu has watched TV dramas and knows that this woman likes to use this way. I won’t be fooled.
You have a baby, I have a sister, and I’m sorry.
You just raise your hand and close the door Qin Huairu stood in the same place dumbfounded for a long time, but couldn’t come to his senses, what happened to this idiot today, he used to bring the box lunch specially for himself this time, it’s fine if he doesn’t give it this time, his attitude is so indifferent, he must be angry somewhere, and he feels unhappy Qin Huairu feels a little lonely, she is a widow with a salary of 20 yuan a month, how can she support three children and her mother-in-law, Jia Zhang, especially Bang Geng, who is growing up, the so-called half-children will starve to death, I can’t do it, I can’t have less lunch Come back later, Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for obtaining a portable space, a space currently covering an area of ​​one mu He Yuzhu found that he was standing on a piece of land with blue sky and white clouds above his head, but only the acre of land he was on, and the rest of the place was gray and nothing had been developed yet. This space can do whatever you want in it. Tomorrow, I will buy some seeds, grow vegetables, and raise some chickens and ducks. He Yuzhu came out of the space after thinking about it.
In addition to the level and area, there is also a harvest value. When the harvest value is full, it will be upgraded. The current harvest value is like a game farm. He Yuzhu grinned.