Kneeling to Yebei this young man is the master of the teacher that is their ancestor who dare not kneel and plop those newcomers who

An above-ground palace building covering an area of ​​tens of kilometers is like a ghost town. It has been silent for 300 years.
There are a few large characters engraved on the palace. There is nothing wrong with it.
The final destination built for them is just that the Yehuang Mausoleum is too big. The above-ground building is just the tip of the iceberg. The horror is in his underground building. If the ground is a palace building, the underground is the entire outer city of the imperial city.
Halls, bedrooms, halls, burial pits, etc.
hundreds of luxurious buildings, the scale of the burials, the multi-crafts, the exquisite mechanisms, the strange formations, and the tricks are unprecedented in the entire nine heavens and ten places.
In the center of the main hall, there is a pair of The sacred wooden coffin lifted by the Kowloon carving lay in the sacred wooden coffin a boy of seventeen or eighteen years old.
The last apprentice of the host had broken through the holy order and the system had been activated.
He opened his eyes and a strange look came out of him. It took several minutes for the young man to regain his spirit.
I have been resurrected.
I have been dead for three hundred years and come back to life.
Fucking dog system, you are so good at playing Ye Bei cursed. After a few words, he is a traverser, but he is not the type who is invincible at the beginning, but the type who is born useless and needs to work hard the day after tomorrow. After many disasters, Ye Bei finally activated the initial system and found his own way to become an emperor.
At the beginning of the universe, the chaos was broken, and the three thousand paths lead to the same goal.
As long as Yebei accepts the next apprentice and makes each apprentice comprehend a complete path, he can take advantage of the east wind and change his fate to complete his own supreme path.
Then Yebei began to work hard. The road to becoming an emperor of disciples, however, accepting disciples is not random. You have to pass the qualification approval of the system before you can be accepted as a disciple. In this way, it took nearly a hundred years for Yebei to finally receive a disciple.
Every time a disciple is received, the system will reward him. A kind of inheritance of Tao, all he has to do is to teach this inheritance to that disciple, but until Yebei’s life energy is exhausted, he still can’t wait for the day when he will change his fate against the sky, just because there are too many disciples, even if he Extremely serious and extremely strict, it is possible for the disciples to comprehend a complete avenue, which cannot be completed overnight.
A complete Dao means that this person already has the qualifications to become a saint.
Simply put, the Saint Realm comprehends a Dao. Reached the semi-holy realm and comprehended an incomplete avenue. Perhaps it was because his death had stimulated them.
Ye Bei closed his eyes and finally felt the breath of three breakthroughs to the saint realm.
After scolding the system severely, he was safe. When you close your eyes, you can see that it is extremely difficult to cultivate to the level of a saint. When Ye Bei fell into memories, the system’s notification sound interrupted him because of all the disciples.
Breaking through to Saint Realm Avenue has become a host qualification and will be changed in three minutes against the sky Ye Bei’s eyes flashed with a complicated expression, he finally waited until this day, did not expect to be in the coffin board three hundred years later, the system can tell Which apprentice am I who just broke through to the Saint Realm today? Ye Bei is both curious and angry. You must know that each of these apprentices he recruits is a genius with excellent aptitude in a certain way. Will become a saint, but he died for a full three hundred years, which idiot apprentice actually took three hundred years to break through to the holy? I can’t tell Yebei that this system still has the right to privacy for the apprentice, so tell me the penultimate breakthrough to the saint When did the apprentice of Jingjing ask again? This time, the system prepared the answer.
The eve of the year, Bei was dumbfounded when he heard it.
Doesn’t it mean that if the last apprentice was sanctified earlier, he would have been resurrected? What the hell is this guy? Who will get out for the teacher, see if the teacher doesn’t teach you well Come and wait for the teacher to change his life against the sky, go out to find you immediately, and let you feel the love that was three hundred years late Yebei snorted, closed his eyes and entered a state of unity of mind and spirit It was a small scene, but the whole Yehuang Mausoleum was originally peaceful and comfortable, but the situation began to change. A gas eye appeared in the sky, causing the surrounding aura to surge wildly.
If it weren’t for this place being far away from the crowds, it would definitely alarm the world. But it is in the underground tomb of the Yehuang Mausoleum. Inside, there is a team of practitioners who are cautiously moving forward. The new book Sword Immortal is too fierce.
It has been released. This is the story I want to write the most. I hope you like it. You can search for the title in the tower reading station and build a reader group. Irregularly updated, the apprentices are all big devils. The author of the extra group account. Off-topic. In addition, a reader group has been established, and it will be updated from time to time. The apprentices are all big devils. Master Li, how long will it take for us to reach the main hall? A middle-aged man in the team looked at the luxurious building next to him and asked greedily in his eyes.
Do you think the imperial tomb formation is so easy to crack this night? Can you arrive within a month? The main hall is fine.
The old man reprimanded the middle-aged man unceremoniously.
He nodded repeatedly and said, but a cold light flashed in his eyes. If it weren’t for the super strength of your formation