Kneeling down on the ground the leader of a doublestriped spider monster approached just at this moment a dark purple light flashed across the awakened

Since the first void crack appeared in the United States, the whole world seemed to have become strange all of a sudden. One after another, void cracks appeared all over the world, and then there were horrible strange creatures emerging from this crack. A large number of human beings were killed by this creature. Killing and devouring human beings, the world suddenly became panicked. No one knew how this sudden crack appeared.
The experts who used to like to talk like they knew everything also lost their voices collectively.
None of them could tell the reason, only they knew These cracks seem to be connected to another world, and those terrifying strange creatures are species in this different world.
Originally, these things are still very far away from Shen Lie. Although these creatures can come out of the cracks, but the number is limited, they only slaughtered the surrounding people at the beginning.
Then it was killed by soldiers of the army, and the governments of various countries issued a statement claiming that urgent research on this creature has been carried out, and the rumored doomsday will not appear, but the fact is that the situation is getting worse and worse.
It’s just that the Huaxia District has increased from one crack to eight in just three months.
This is still discovered. It is not known whether the eighth crack appeared. The area where the eighth crack appeared was the northern mountainous area of ​​Qingshan Province where Shen Lie lived. Once it appeared Three or four alien creatures came out of the cracks, and a village there was slaughtered by these creatures before they were discovered.
After the military rescue team arrived, although the few creatures were killed, the entire Qingshan Province was immediately destroyed. Listed as a dangerous area, all the people began to evacuate towards Liao Province.
The current Huaxia government has circled seven safety zones across the country, with the cities where the seven major military regions are located as the core, covering a certain area around them, and calling on the people of the whole country to come to these areas nearby. The transfer of the seven safe zones Although the country has provided many kinds of transfer policies, there are still many people who cannot leave their homeland. They are unwilling to go to the safe zone with a trace of luck in their hearts. And who knows whether the safe zone is really safe? There are a large number of troops here, but can they really deal with those terrifying creatures? And once a large number of alien creatures appear, will they be used as cannon fodder and forced to fight against those creatures? Everyone has a kind of panic of the end of the world. Every day, there are a lot of crimes and daily necessities are hoarded in a crazy way. Everyone knows that the world is about to change.
The loudspeakers outside are still shouting.
This is already the fifth day of mobilization and transfer. During the five days, most of the people went to Liao Province with the transfer of the troops, and now the rest are some diehards who have not left for one reason or another, but of course it is impossible for the military to come to escort the transferred troops. I have been waiting here, and today is the deadline given by the other party. No matter how many people are left here, the other party will all leave this morning.
Those who do not follow the transfer can only live or die. Shen Lie sits beside the computer in a daze quietly on the computer screen There is a group of photos. The photos show a creature that is the size of a black bear but resembles a spider. This is the kind of thing that emerges from the cracks in the void. It doesn’t seem too huge, but it is said that even ordinary bullets can’t damage it. Only a certain amount of special high-energy explosives can be used to suppress it. Of course, these are all online remarks. The official media did not explain this. Perhaps it was to avoid the spread of panic. The official media didn’t mention how to kill those creatures. Not only China, but also other countries, it seems that killing these creatures is not very troublesome. The sound of the ringing of the mobile phone brought Shen Lie out of his daze. After Zhongla came back and connected the phone, a gentle girl’s voice came from the opposite side, with urgency in her voice, Xiao Lie, why haven’t you arrived yet? The third batch of transfer teams from your side have all arrived here, why am I not here? I found your name in the list. Cousin, I haven’t been there yet. It might take a while. The person on the phone is Shen Lie’s cousin. The daughter of his uncle’s family is named Wen Wan.
As the name suggests, she is graceful and beautiful, and she cares about him.
He is one of the people with the best relationship with him in this world. Why haven’t you come over? Is there something wrong there? After hearing Shen Lie’s words, the voice on the other side immediately became anxious. The crack that appeared is still quite far away, sister, don’t worry, the retreat here is still in progress.
The signal is interfered by something, the general call can no longer go on