Kneeling and thanking Liu Xiu in the outskirts of Jiyang busy in the experimental field the hybrid rice is growing gratifyingly Wipe the sweat off

Chongling Township is located in Caiyang County, Nanyang County.
A branch of the clan of the Han clan lives and works here in peace and contentment, so it is called Chongling Liu Family.
People are fascinated by the mature rice. There is a piece of rice in the middle of the rice, which stands out from the crowd, and is very conspicuous.
Ordinary people’s rice only reaches the knees of people, but this piece of rice is full of someone who can hide in the rice and enjoy the cool.
This quality of rice can be grown. The master is not simple. Uncle Wen, the rice in your family is taller than human beings. How can I grow rice that is taller than human beings? I have lived to this age, which is unheard of.
On the ridge of the field, a farmer walked by the figure who was busy in this rice field. Said that the young man named Uncle Wen was quite handsome.
I saw him barefoot, wearing a short jacket on the upper body, a strip of cloth tied around his waist, and a bamboo hat on his head.
He was constantly waving a sickle in the rice field, and he was sweating profusely. I said uncle, this What’s the fuss? I’m the one who does this. Liu Xiu, Uncle Wen, has a good sex. This is Liu Xiu. You’re a good guy, but I want to tell you some bad news. What happened? Liu Xiuru was struck by lightning, and the sickle fell to the ground.
She didn’t even notice when it happened. The city is a fortified city that is easy to defend and difficult to attack, not to mention what if the enemy lays an ambush in the middle, but the eldest brother Liu Yan didn’t listen to good advice, so he scolded him and said he was as timid as a woman. I met Liu Xiu before I went to the ground. Don’t wait for the farmer to elaborate, drive out the green cattle and bring the guys to the rescue, there will be a big disaster! This morning, I don’t know why God didn’t make a thick fog like water, covering the sky and blinding the sun. I can’t see the sun and the moon.
A rebel army of 3,000 to 4,000 people is walking slowly through the fog. Now the leaves are beginning to wither.
A thin layer has been laid on the path ahead. Step on it and make a rustling sound.
Cross the Huangchun River and enter a small area.
The dew on the grass in the jungle and the birds on the branches are singing happily. Go straight to a village, and then the army stops to rest.
After walking for half a day, the guide walks for half a day.
A burly man points to the nearby village. I asked a man next to me and said that the name of this place is Xiaochang’an, Ju belongs to Fengyang County, and it is the only way to attack Wancheng. The guide said that the so-called Ju refers to the village Xiaochang’an, and Ju is a village called Xiaochang’an. The danger of the jungle, babbling, babbling, the baby’s loud cry is like a thunder, echoing in the quiet small village, followed by the complaints of women, the old man’s panting, it’s hard to imagine such a rebel army dragging their families, women, children, and children We all follow the army, I said Bo Sheng, have we committed a military taboo, how can we bring our relatives with us when we fight? The clan elder Liu Liang said to the burly man that the Bo Sheng that Liu Liang said is exactly Liu Yan’s character, Bo Sheng is fortitude, generosity, and knots a hero uncle Don’t worry if there is a nephew, which thief dares to attack? Liu Yan thinks that he is strong in martial arts. He said disapprovingly. Liu Liang sighed deeply and stopped talking. My sons, listen to me.
This attack on Wancheng can only win or not. He was caught off guard, Liu Yan stood up, raised his arms and shouted that he would listen to the general’s order, and the children of Chongling were excited. Liu Yan led his troops in Chongling Township, Caiyang County. Lieutenant of Huyang Kejiyang’s consecutive victories made Liu Yan feel ecstatic. Xinmang’s army was about to collapse at the first touch. At this time, it was just in time to strike while the iron was hot and captured Wancheng, the prefecture of Nanyang County, and then the soldiers pointed directly at Chang’an. This had just boosted morale and did not want to make a sudden change.
Hearing the sound of footsteps, he suddenly became vigilant, and the only response to him was arrows that pierced through the air, countless arrows rained suddenly, and before the disciples of Chongling had time to react, they were pierced by sharp arrows.
The front team shouted and marched forward against the fog, because parents, wives and children were all in the camp and had no choice but to kill brother Liu Yan alive. Those who captured Brother Liu Yan would be rewarded with five hundred catties.
Those who killed the thief would be rewarded with a thousand catties. Under his leadership, he shouted to kill Zhentian.
Cen Peng was a general with superb martial arts skills, and he was actually Zhen Fu’s army.
It turned out that Nanyang County Governor Zhen Fu ordered Cen Peng to lead his army to ambush here. The fact that the sudden attack at this moment really caused heavy casualties to the children of Chongling, Liu Yan was furious and rushed straight to the front, and in the blink of an eye, he was in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy. What you call an enemy, you are extremely jealous.
Cen Peng is seeing Liu Yan, who is bloodied all over the place. Cen Peng, who was the magistrate of Jiyang, lost the city, and made the county magistrate Zhen Fu furious, so he used his wife and children as a threat to order him to ambush Liu Yanjun in Xiaochang’an. Daring to invade Wancheng gave him a chance to take revenge The country’s enemies and the family hated each other, the thief, you hurt my clan, now ambushing me again, I will kill you Liu Yan was furious and strode towards Cen Peng with a long spear dancing like clouds and flowing water Cen Not to be outdone, Peng brandished his long knife to hold Liu Yan back with the tip of his spear, and fought against Maimang for thirty or fifty rounds, no winners and losers.
You can’t see that you have some skills.
Liu Yan was very angry and laughed instead, you are not bad, Cen Peng sneered, Dao Bosheng Save me Liu Yan only cared about fighting with Cen Peng and didn’t want anyone to cry out. Looking back, Liu Yuan and Liu Zhong were already dead in the chaos of the army.
The second younger brother and younger sister Liu Yan rushed to the heart and swung his long spear like a dragon. His spear skills became even fiercer. I don’t want Cen Peng to besiege him for a long time, and he can’t get out of the trap.
This encounter is almost one-sided. The Zhenfu Army has the upper hand in terms of numbers and timing.
The Chongling Rebel Army has no chance of winning.