Kissing and tonguetwisting entanglement filled the ward with deep love Seeing the scene in the room through the glass window on the ward door Xia

Volume 1 Evolution Wedge from Young Eagle to Eagle The latest update time of this chapter’s words Integrate with the whole body and mind so that your body can bear greater strength. If you can’t even bear this little strength, how will you survive the calamity in the later stage? It will be tempered by the thunder rolling for ninety-nine and eighty-one days. So Li Three Maniacs can only cultivate crazily, and at the same time, he can’t forget to bring the inner alchemy of Tashi After ten years of cultivation to become an immortal, Li Sanfeng has successfully stepped into the Nascent Soul Realm. At this time, Li Sanfeng is only one step away from entering the stage of crossing the catastrophe. The wait is so long.
The disciples are all waiting and hoping that today Li Sanfeng can successfully enter the tribulation period, break through the level and come out Niuba, stop pacing up and down there again, my glasses are blurred by the bright moon that is already nervous enough Said that I don’t want to either, I’m very anxious when I think about the sufferings that the senior brother practiced in there, Niuba helplessly replied, Master, master, what can you do? He cultivates the dragon spirit himself, which is different from ordinary people, and there is nothing we can do about it.
Taoist Master Mu Xu sighed and said five people, three masters and two apprentices, just quietly waiting for Li Sanfeng’s inner alchemy and body to merge to the point of perfection in the cave. His body is gradually getting stronger, he has already passed the bigu period, and now he is just waiting for the doom to come. He decided to go out so that everyone will no longer worry about him.
He smiled at everyone and said, “Good apprentice, that’s great! It’s only been a decade or so and I’ve reached the stage of crossing the catastrophe. It’s hard to believe that Taoist Mu Xu couldn’t hide his joy. After all, it is a great joy to teach such an apprentice.
” Nephew Sancrazy, even our old bones are a little envious of you Hehe, what are you going to do next? Taoist Master Sanguan asked Master, Uncle.
Next, I want to go to the Shennong Temple to make sure that I have reached the stage of crossing the catastrophe.
Flying up to the sky and waiting for the thunder to come, after all, you are here to eliminate the gluttony, so you really have to hurry up and go, child, we are also worried about you for so many days and nights, it is time to rest haha, Taoist priest Mu Xu finished speaking Daoist Niumeng and Daoist Sanguan walked into the main room, senior brother wishing you all the best, Mingyue cupped his hands and said, I am also senior brother, wishing you to fly and become a fairy bully as soon as possible, saying thank you and wishing you all to cultivate to great success as soon as possible and build a foundation as soon as possible Li Sanfeng finished speaking and vacated After taking off and leaving the Shennong Temple, Li Sanfeng remembered some past events. The last time he came here was indeed ten years ago.
At that time, Tashi was still thinking that he could speak Tibetan when he was excited.
I have found that there is nothing wrong with a single person. Ten years ago, it was still fine. Many masters were old when they were old. The dragon is also here Now for ten years, there is no one there You are Li Sanfeng There is a voice behind you This is Li Sanfeng I don’t know which brahma you are Brahma Brahma is walking towards Li Sanfeng step by step I heard that you have arrived to cross the catastrophe That’s right, it seems that you are the legendary ancient beast, Taotie. It’s easy to save. I’m looking for you everywhere. What Li Sanfeng didn’t expect is that Taotie possessed human thinking ability in the body of Brahma, the senior brother of Tianfeng sect back then.
You can talk and think.
It seems that you have to waste some time to take down this legendary ancient beast. No, no, no, I won’t fight with you today. You said I bullied the weak and you can challenge me after you become a fairy.
I can feel free Waiting for Brahma, what he thinks is to get the magic pill after Li Sanfeng became a fairy. If he eats a magic pill, he will be immortal forever.
Even if his body is destroyed, his gluttonous soul can still live forever. Now what he wants is to destroy Brahma as soon as possible so that he can fly back to the 21st century and Li Sanfeng immediately yelled nonsense at Brahma, stop talking and accept the move, then immediately transform ninety-nine golden dragons into Brahma with all his strength, and Brahma He ran towards Li Sankuang without any intention of escaping. Without blocking, he knocked away ninety-nine golden dragons and directly smashed Li Sankuang to the ground, spitting blood from his mouth.
It was so powerful that I turned into a catastrophe, didn’t I? Can’t beat Brahma, why is he so strong? Could it be true that the ancient beast can’t be defeated and can only be sealed? Li Sanfeng was so shocked that he had never met an opponent. He was really defeated today. Come challenge me later, I’ll wait for the day when you fly to cross the catastrophe, Brahma disappears after finishing speaking The words didn’t have a trace of inner strength, it could be said to be hoarse, the first battle between Li Sanfeng and Brahma was defeated by one move, he thought in his heart, how could he defeat him without even touching Brahma’s clothes. What sealed the gluttonous in his body? Li Sanfeng immediately decided to fly across the catastrophe and must become an immortal as soon as possible. He couldn’t wait. The longer the time dragged on, he was afraid that the gluttonous would grow faster in Brahma’s body, and then he would have to wait for death. After arriving at the top of the Shennong Temple, Li Sanfeng turned into a dragon, the sky, the god of lightning, and thunder.
Li Sanfeng was beaten into a human form and sat cross-legged in the air, waiting for waves of thunder to hit him. It will take ninety-nine and eighty-one days. At this time, the only belief in Li Sanfeng’s heart is that he must fly to become a fairy, and he will definitely live up to the expectations of his parents. The sacrifice of his brother Tashi is all to seal the beast.
At the critical juncture, Li Sanfeng remembered Tashi’s golden elixir