Killing the Quartet Crazy Harvesting Skill Points Is Too Much Happiness Chapter ThirtyFour The Enemy Kills Everyone With One Hit Fang Mu couldnt help wanting

Didn’t I play games in the dormitory? I remember playing until one o’clock at night when all my roommates were asleep and I was getting ready to go to bed.
Before I went to bed, I drank Wahaha and was choked. Why did I get on the plane in a blink of an eye? Fang Mu left, what are you doing? Why don’t you get off the plane? Fang Mu looked at the person who called him in a daze. What’s the matter? The factory manager is here and looks around as if he knows me.
Here, the voice of the factory director came again. Fang Mu didn’t leave. Fang Mu took a look at the surroundings and suppressed his doubts and curiosity.
He followed the factory director off the plane and followed the big troops all the way to the hotel.
According to the information received along the way, Xiang Fangmu combined the surrounding situation and the brand new one he took out from his trouser pocket with the date, year, month, and day declared on it, combined with the current place, Paris, France. I actually came to participate in the finals and it was marked Shan and Gufeng Meinan are Tong Wudi’s substitute, but others don’t know their own level, but I don’t know myself? In my last life, from the beginning of playing until I got a gold and a woolen thread, didn’t I get hammered by the head of a horse who was at the peak? The stepping stone is not to mention the other competition areas, but the talented mid laner who is currently playing top laner, I can’t beat the lady of the capital. Fang Mu, the top laner in the team, thought of this and felt ten thousand heads in his heart. Immediately, the holy beasts swarmed over. If the labor and management have the chance to go back, they will definitely sue the company for bankruptcy.
Ding dong, your takeaway has been delivered. Please sign for delivery At this time, there was a climax in Fang Mu’s mind, isn’t it a sound of nature Fang Mu was shocked, you are a god, why is there something in my head, you come out, follow the man’s way to a battle system, I am not a god Horses don’t have gender, it’s not something low-level carbon-based creatures like you can understand If it’s inappropriate, forget it, scold you, you don’t understand the system, you can scold me, but I don’t have any fluctuations in my heart, Fangmu, so what’s the use of the system? According to the way you can understand, I’m equivalent to your parents training you to be an electronic Competitive genius Fang Mu felt like a monster in his heart. Passing by labor and management, he had read countless system stream novels. This is the first time I saw a system that took advantage of the host. If someone from our side put his words here, it would be the same if Fang Mu was beaten to death by all the top teams.
I would not use your rubbish system even if the same people would take it Someone who becomes stronger and becomes the number one person in the world is better than the big devil king in his previous life, and can also check the status of opponents and teammates at any time.
Look at my level, who the system scans for me, my various attributes, the host, Fangmu, the position, the one-on-one line, including the last knife, the blood reaction, the hand speed, and more than ten years of training.
The group understands this, right? The hero has mastered the lava behemoth without the hero spoon. The overall evaluation and evaluation of the host. Elementary school students can’t beat it. They still need to work hard to get to the king as soon as possible.
No matter how you say it in your previous life, your labor and capital are noble. How could Golden Five have such a hot chicken? The only thing that is high is hand speed. Although I also agree with this, what do you mean by the system? These data are the most authentic of the host itself. The data is impossible to have errors, the probability of errors is so the host’s rank may not be your truest level, Fang Mu’s heart galloped for a while, Fang Mu calmed down a bit, it’s okay, you say I’m garbage, I also believe it But why is the sea of ​​labor-management heroes just a stone-man spicy chicken system? You can explain to me that the level of the host other heroes cannot be rated. Only the lava giant can be rated. The hero is only a stone man who can be recognized.
How can I improve my level? The host of the system needs to kill opponents in professional competitions to gain skill points to enter the competitive space to improve himself or win the game and win the championship. The lottery chance is square meters. What’s the matter with your competitive space and the lottery? The competitive space of the system requires the host to pay skill points to enter the competitive space. The host can choose each position. The chance to win the lottery is that the host can draw hero cards, status cards, auxiliary cards, ability cards, promotion cards and other types that need to be discovered by the host itself, including the mastery of each hero in it.
The card is the same as the hero card, it is just a status card, including the four aspects of the line reaction awareness, and the auxiliary card is a perspective card, which allows the host to see through the fog of war and know the enemy’s movements. The lucky card can make the host’s only critical strike in the game can be knifed. Critical strikes make the enemy doubt life. On the contrary, the bad luck card can make the opponent play the opposite effect, and the host of the special auxiliary card can designate others to use it.
But it’s still a bit useful, so I’ll give it a try