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Author Jianmu Type Classic Xianxia Content Introduction If there is a ruthless person in the world, then he is invincible. If there is an invincible sword in the world, then it is no longer a sword. Ruthlessness is no longer a sword, what can a sword be? On the day when the sword rises, you still laughed. Idealism is constant. Chapter 1, Qianqiu, since ancient times, cultivation in people’s hearts is a mysterious and distant thing. Based on these two situations, people have always been Holding a skeptical and on the sidelines attitude towards it, wanting to obtain powerful abilities so as to be at the top in this materialistic world, but not daring to try it out personally, under this kind of contradictory thinking, the word cultivation has gradually faded out of human beings His vision was forgotten in an unknown corner, but one day Lu Qingfeng, the last leader of the Chinese Taoist sect, inadvertently broke into this unknown corner and revealed the word “cultivation” to the world. With his former glory standing proudly in this ancient sky with endless legends, nearly three hundred years have passed since then, and the wind of cultivation on the earth has become more and more prosperous. No matter how ordinary a little beggar is, he is also a very special little beggar. Said he is especially because he is carrying a sword. The thirteen-year-old Qianqiu is considered very thin among children of the same age. His body is slightly thin and his face is handsome but pale.
With a trace of paleness, Qianqiu was not a beggar at first. He was picked up by his master when he was a child, and he practiced together with him in the mountains. Thinking of his master, Xiao Qianqiu’s eyes flashed a trace of nostalgia, but it was fleeting. From a young age, Qianqiu thought that his master was very mysterious.
He is talented and intelligent, he cultivated to the peak of ancient martial arts at the age of ten, but he could not get within ten steps in the competition with his master. There is no way to fight, but Qianqiu is very smart. Can a person who cultivated to the innate level at the age of ten be smart? Qianqiu was going to practice a weapon, so after exhausting all the weapons, Qianqiu found and chose his favorite weapon, the sword.
To Qianqiu’s disappointment, although his swordsmanship reached the peak in a short period of time, he still couldn’t hold a candle to his master. But there is also endless motivation to promote Qianqiu’s cultivation, but the world will never be so beautiful. During the Dragon Boat Festival three years ago, Qianqiu was eating rice dumplings and drinking realgar wine with his master, and suddenly felt the ground shaking. Qianqiu still doesn’t know what it means, but Qianqiu His master Li Yunhe’s expression changed drastically, he put down the zongzi in his hand and ran towards the back mountain, Qianqiu naturally followed, the back mountain was blood red, all the birds and beasts were running wildly, Li Yunhe looked at the bloody mountain on the back mountain, and there was no trace of blood on his face Qianqiu Li Yunhe called his disciples in a harsh tone that he had never used before. The voice of Qianqiu is always so cold.
Li Yunhe looked at his most beloved and only disciple, a trace of reluctance flashed in his eyes. Do you know where this is? Li Yunhe asked Chiaki doesn’t speak, only It was staring at Li Yunhe.
This was the main site of the Master’s Gate.
Hundreds of years ago, the Patriarch suppressed a demon here and built the gate here to completely suppress the demon.
However, due to the number of days, a great change occurred in the gate a hundred years ago, and the sect was also destroyed.
So once all this was caused by the devil, at the last moment the head of the sect wanted to use his own body as a guide to re-strengthen the seal, but this devil is so powerful that the master’s skill is completely ineffective. Select the disciple with the highest cultivation level among the sects, and disperse with them to strengthen the seal.
No matter what they say, they will not let the devil appear in this world and cause harm to the world. At that time, he was considered an excellent disciple, but he was not selected and was sent out of the mountain gate as a master.
Knowing that the elders and the others wanted to leave a bit of inheritance for the sect, Li Yunhe sighed deeply, Qianqiu seemed to understand what Li Yunhe was thinking in his heart, is the seal going to expire again? It is a good quality of cultivation, the ground shook again, and it was more violent than last time. Li Yunhe quickly came back to his senses and said to Qianqiu, apprentice Master may not have the opportunity to teach you in the future. You have to practice hard by yourself, don’t rely on it Qianqiu’s guess of his ability to do evil has been confirmed.
Looking at Qianqiu who seemed to have something to say, Li Yunhe smiled, then he took a step and walked slowly towards the mountain that has become a mountain of blood.
The master once said that this monster The head was sealed by our ancestors, so we, the younger generations, naturally have to shoulder this responsibility. Death is just the best interpretation of responsibility. Li Yunhe still walked with his head and said to Qianqiu in a sonorous and forceful voice, disciple. Remember, if you need to entrust others to help you complete your responsibilities, you have already lost.
My cultivation can hold this seal for three years at most.
After three years, it will be up to you. You can choose not to bear this responsibility, because after all, you are only My apprentice is not a disciple of the sect, but you have to remember that a man’s hands are destined to be stained with blood, whether it is someone else’s or your own, you must stick to your heart In the blood mountain, a burst of white light suddenly bloomed in the blood-red mountain, so dazzling, the next moment, with another vibration of the earth, it was not so much a vibration as a struggle to restore calm, the blood color all over the mountain faded and changed into a blue dress again Master Biyan knelt down on the ground and kowtowed three times slowly.
I don’t know if it was born like this or it was influenced by the day after tomorrow. Qianqiu will always have an indifferent look in his eyes.
The little beggars could not help flashing a trace of kindness in their eyes