Khan A Fei Zhao Huan called him Jue Ming A Fei was not very old but he didnt show his emotions he answered and walked

In the dream, there are broken mountains and rivers, swords, lights and swords, weeping and wailing, endless wilderness, prosperity, peace and joy. He wakes up from the dream.
After waking up from the dream, there is a tearful emperor and father in front of him.
There is a chirping system in his head, Zhao Jier, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Ahh, the system blah blah blah Zhao Huan must be the way I opened my eyes, it’s not right.
The pretty boy who feeds on prestige After binding Zhao Huan to the system, he tried his best to make him famous all over the world Zhao Huan in order to prevent the tragedy in the dream After pretending to be sick again, he sneaked into the rivers and lakes as Zhao Jueming to experience all kinds of worlds. He tightly covered his vest and made new friends and old friends. It’s just that there seems to be something wrong why he meets people who have never appeared in his dreams, even those famous people He has never heard of in his dreams Later Zhao Huan It’s hard to understand the pretty boy system.
See it through, let’s say it’s unfathomable, because what you dream of is the official history.
The living world is fictional. On the possibility of taking the official history as the future in the fictional world.
The fictional world set with reference to the official history Big big hodgepodge Not fast-traveling sand sculptures Serious style What I want to write Tags Seventh Five-Year Martial Arts Jianghu Enmity System Male protagonist No search keywords Protagonist Zhao Huan Zhao Jueming Supporting role Song Kaifeng mansion Famous arrester Famous detective Phoenix tulip, handsome son of a thousand faces, flying knife, Xiao Li, undefeated leader, other hodgepodge, comprehensive martial arts, a word introduction In the imperial palace of Bianliang City, Zhao Ji suddenly woke up in his sleep, sweating profusely and short of breath. He propped himself up on the bed and sat up restlessly, looking at the scene around him. Fragrance pervades the entire bedroom, and the curtain embroidered with intricate and colorful patterns hangs beside the bed Zhao Huan held his breath. The screen reflected the slightly shaking figure of the startled servant. The scene he saw was familiar but strange, but he hadn’t seen it for many years. He was dying in a dream.
The appearance of the eldest son Zhao Huan crying is vivid in my mind. Zhao Ji asked Jue Mingan with a thought, and the attendant behind the screen was in a daze. Zhao Ji didn’t hear the answer and suddenly changed his words. Hastily replied that His Royal Highness King Ding was in the Yiqing Palace before the crown prince was established.
Ah Huan did indeed live there. The sound of thunder kept flashing and lighting up the bedroom.
Zhao Ji sat pale on the bed and suddenly stood up and said, “I want to see you.” Ah Huan, hurry up and order someone to prepare the chariot, the servant was surprised but didn’t dare to ask more questions, he should be careful, he bowed and stepped back a few steps, then he heard Zhao Ji again, wait a moment and send someone to look at it first, if Ah Huan is awake, tell me immediately Waiting for him to wake up, the attendant responded immediately, and then notified others to arrange for the task.
The person who received the task dared not neglect the two of them braved the heavy rain and rushed to the Yiqing Palace where King Ding lived. The palace in the rainy night was dark and gloomy because of Zhao Ji’s sudden order, the palace became lively in an instant, and the lights were brighter than the thunder in the sky. Zhao Ji was served by people and put on a fox fur. What’s more, the servant wanted to shield him from the wind and rain, but was rejected by Zhao Ji. He needed to wake up his head.
In the eyes of others, the official didn’t even give any extra eyes to the close Mi Cangqiong who came in a hurry, but just stood under the eaves with an unpredictable expression and remained silent.
Yumi Cangqiong came in a hurry, but Zhao Ji ignored him and didn’t say much There is a sense of unreality, that is not an ordinary dream, Zhao Ji is determined to go to King Ding’s bedroom, one of the two returned to report and brought back the news that King Ding is still sleeping, and the expressions of the officials under Lei Guang are clearly visible when they heard the news.
My eyebrows trembled and I lowered my eyes when Ah Huan wakes up, don’t be slow to tell me Zhao Ji dropped this sentence and went back to the bedroom sadly, leaving everyone outside the palace Mi Cangqiong asked the servant who served Zhao Ji to step back Following up in the hall, Zhao Ji glanced at him without saying much, opened his arms, Mi Cangqiong took the initiative to take off his coat, hugged it and hung it on a hanger beside him, and then stood quietly by the side. Zhao Ji lay on the bed with his eyes slightly closed, but Mi Cangqiong heard that he was not I didn’t fall asleep, but my breathing was a little fast, my heartbeat was a little fast, my mood was not very calm, I don’t know if it was his illusion. When Zhao Ji glanced at him, Mi Cangqiong saw a trace of strangeness in his eyes.
That trace of strangeness disappeared when Zhao Ji looked away and turned into a trance The entire official family seemed to relax a lot, and his strangely drooping eyes also showed a bit of inquiry.
After a while of silence, Zhao Ji suddenly opened his eyes and saw him ordering, “If someone comes to inform King Ding to wake up, wake me up immediately. If I’m not awake, then Among the people who pinch me, no matter what, let me wake up from this situation. Mi Cangqiong didn’t dare to ask, Gong said obediently, he was even more hesitant in his heart.
After the order, Zhao Huan was at ease, closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.
Mi Cangqiong straightened up and frowned slightly in the dark.
I had a nightmare, but what kind of nightmare could have something to do with King Ding? He was so terrified and disturbed. No one could answer his doubts, and Zhao Ji would not explain it to others. In his opinion, what happened in the dream was an oracle. Tan Maozheng was sent to guard King Ding at three quarters. One of the guards hurried to the palace to report. Before Mi Cangqiong could wake Zhao Ji up, the latter turned over from the bed and was served by him, put on a white uniform and rode to the Yiqing Hall At the entrance of the hall, Mi Cangqiong only had time to see His Highness Prince Ding with his disheveled hair and dazed face, and was kicked out of the Yiqing Hall by Zhao Ji.