Keers favorability degree Xuewus fleeting year favorability degree Liu Zhizhis favorability degree and Unchanging Treasure Box Liu Zhizhi Lan Ke’er’s favorability has been obtained Unswerving

Hurry up, hurry up, everyone, find someone, look around and see if there are any young people who know water nearby, old man, didn’t you tell me that you knew water well when you were young? I like bragging, I have leg pain recently, Feng Shui is too cold, it’s not good, why didn’t I know about your leg gout, oh, what can I do, it’s too dangerous, if the child falls into the water, there will be no rescue, so it turns out that there are people on the water surface in the middle of the river at this time A child is lying in a basket and drifting with the current. Could it be that the golden cicada Xuanzang was born? No, not far away are high-rise buildings that symbolize the scene of a modern city.
Outside the screen, a certain consciousness is in constant communication. Please choose life and family now. Is reincarnation so humane? Can you still choose your birth family independently? A series of words appear in front of someone No disease, no disaster, healthy and long life, good fortune, daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, grandson, is it a devil? Is the name of the play life script called “Grandmaid Enmity Records” or “The Family Ma’s Family Competing for Favor with the Niece?” The world is really crazy. Success depends on survival? A certain person browses the information of this group of elderly families in constant shock, as if he has finally seen the world, but the surrounding noise disturbs his thoughts.
Is there hell outside? I don’t know about those Evil ghosts are called ghosts.
Hell is not black or autumn.
Well, blue sky and white clouds.
After all, how did I die? This host is rebirth, not reincarnation. Please choose a foster family as soon as possible, or you may really die. As more and more people gather by the river The more he got more and more, he finally understood roughly what those evil spirits were talking about, and suddenly there was a question in his heart that he didn’t know if it was appropriate to talk about the large-scale social death scene of the rebirth system, and he remembered the complaint just now. He half propped himself up and looked around at the huge river. In shock, he slipped his hand and fell into the basket, and the bamboo basket began to shake.
This thrilling action caused the old ladies on the side of the road to cry out in shock. Ah, what to do? At this moment, he no longer has any slow thoughts. He thought that if he died, he might as well lie on the underworld and slowly enjoy the beautiful scenery, but now it is a time of life and death. He can only quickly scan the keywords in the list in front of him.
Liu Jiayao’s boy is Lan Ke, his daughter is good, this is a young couple who got up early in the morning to enjoy their peaceful life.
Hey, why is it so noisy behind Jiayao? I see, it seems like a group of grandparents are shouting what is it? On the other side, an aunt with very good eyes saw Liu Jiayao from a long distance The couple hurriedly ran over and shouted that the young man would not be able to save the children in the river.
The couple hurried to the riverside, Jiayao Jiayao, you quickly think of a way, but don’t worry, I’m going into the water right now. At this moment, Liu Jiayao just Getting ready to take off your shoes and go into the river, the bamboo basket carrying the child drifts towards the couple along with the current. A group of grandpas and aunts are secretly amazed to see the child floating here. What a beautiful little boy! Who is so wicked to throw the child in the basket? If the child is lost, the boy should hurry up to see if the child is okay. Finally, the child was brought ashore by Liu Jiayao, one big and one small, and both of them heaved a long sigh of relief at the same time. The expression on this child is so strange. Jiayao, what nonsense are you talking about? It’s frightened, give me a hug, let me show you, this child doesn’t cry or fuss, isn’t it good? Lan Ke’er picked up the child and looked at it carefully. At the same time, the child is lying comfortably in Lan Ke’er’s arms. I am looking at such a beautiful girl, no, she will be my mother from now on, such a beautiful mommy, the child stares at Lan Ke, her eyes are shining and shining, coupled with her cute and cute appearance, she looks like a fairy baby, this baby is so beautiful What was in the baby’s clothes? A note was taken out by the onlookers. When they opened it, it said that the baby is today, and hope that someone with good intentions will take him in. Seeing this, the old grandpa and the old lady were filled with righteous indignation.
The goddamned parents threw the child into the river on purpose, yes, yes, would they rather drown than raise it by themselves? Lan Ke’er was moved by everyone’s emotions, and she felt a little sad, Jiayao, why don’t we take this child in? We already have a child to take care of, can we take care of it? Or should we send it to the orphanage? The child squinted at Liu Jiayao’s words here.
The system’s appointed adoptive father and adoptive mother, can you still want me? The system only plays an auxiliary role and cannot help. Please take the initiative to solve the problem for the host, please find a way for the host. In addition, a warm reminder that one-year-old children cannot communicate verbally. On the other side, Liu Jiayao also felt the strange gaze of the child, and his hairs stood on end. Both Liu Jiayao and the child’s heart skipped a beat. Panic At this time, the surrounding old ladies and grandpas are full of sympathy, especially this child looks smart and cute. The welfare home is not good. What if such a good child is taken away? Zhang Yongchun, the old man from the Zhang Group, said that my son didn’t work hard and gave me a grandson.
How about I raise this child? Willing to raise if you don’t mind