Keep it like this until the end of the reception at nine oclock she let go dont start looking away Ning Heng rubbed her lower

The title of the book will never allow the author Taotao to be fired twice from two companies by the same man Jiang Wanwan feels very distressed that this man would rather die on her than say I love you for a day Jiang Wanwan Can’t bear it, shouting, will you die if you confess your love to me? Ning Da picked up the bone china coffee cup.
What kind of confession is domineering and wild, but also full of youthful vigor? The next day, Jiang Wanwan received a handwritten letter from Ningda University and wrote a love letter.
She opened it with great anticipation, and saw a line of vigorous and powerful words written in the middle of the snow-white paper.
The whole mantis, Ning Heng, my grass mud horse, Jiang Wan, and I tore up the paper. A collection of flirting, scolding, suspense, and atypical domineering factory directors in the workplace fall in love with me. It can be called a foodie and naturally cute.
Welcome to watch.
If you don’t like it, please click the content label in the upper right corner. Urban Love, Workplace, Sweet Food, Food Protagonist Jiang Wanwan The cause of death has entered Datong Pawn and Yutong Pharmaceutical two companies. For the time being, both of them are managed by Ning Heng, the younger uncle of her best friend and boyfriend Ning Yijian. After getting into trouble several times, she was expelled from the two companies twice for different reasons. After being expelled the second time, she gradually realized that her feelings for Ning Heng were honest and wrong. Ning Heng gave up going abroad to develop her career and reconnected with her.
Belong to a good urban romance that combines workplace suspense and delicious food. The interaction between the male and female protagonists is humorous, funny, joyful and relaxing. The theme chapters provide some descriptions of local delicacies.
Naturally, it is not intentional.
It is a tasteful novel. The old altar sauerkraut beef noodles. Jiang Wanwan is a legendary girl.
When the boy was in high school, he jumped to 1.7 meters.
The most helpless thing is that sometimes he wears low-heeled high heels, which are taller than many boys in the class, so that no one has ever thought of chasing her for many years.
Jiang Wanwan Her surname is Jiang, but she hates eating ginger the most.
Tomorrow is Double Eleven, a work-study program to earn extra money. She sits in front of the computer and eats a boxed lunch.
It looks like fried bamboo shoots. Negative review Jiang Wanwan retched twice as if facing the enemy. I carefully searched through the two vegetarian and one meat dishes in the lunch box to see if there were coriander salad, sweet and sour houttuynia cordata, garlic loofah and other cruel things in disguise.
It’s the worst way to get mixed up inside.
Go out and turn left and turn right again.
In an alley, there is a Shaxian snack, and then go to the rice.
There is also braised chicken and rice. It’s too late to think about who is the new generation leader after KFC and McDonald’s among Shaxian snacks and braised chicken and rice. Her boss Wu Caiyun knocked on the edge of the table Tell her solemnly that all staff will work overtime from tonight to tomorrow night to prepare for Double Eleven supper.
The boss has already sold it. Look at Jiang Wanwan and look around the office.
His gaze is fixed on the two boxes of Laotan sauerkraut and beef instant noodles in Cai Yun’s hands.
All staff are working overtime. Hehe, even the boss and the employees are obviously only her and Caiyun. She nodded like a dog, but she wanted to make it look like our store is doing very well. It’s Double Eleven every day, so it’s not likely that a few things will be sold, okay? What they sell in the store sounds very high-end antiques Cai Yun said that the oldest antiques in the store can be traced back to the Republic of China Professor Li Changan randomly dug up a broken jar back then, it was from the Eastern Han Dynasty, here is a thing from the Republic of China, and he dared to call it an antique warehouse.
The so-called antiques in the antique warehouse are nothing more than old snuff boxes, old bed boards, old oceans, etc.
I guess they are lucky to go to which country. The thing that confuses her the most is that Boss Caiyun, you sell this kind of thing. Why do you want to open an online store and follow the trend to promote Double Eleven? She can almost imagine that their store will be on sale on Double Eleven.
The most dismal financial fortune antique store closed down in the past few days.
Jiang Wanwan thought about browsing the recruitment information and then looking for a job. Then, for some reason, I read the online novel about the workplace again, and went to the gossip forum mentioned in the novel.
After reading a few posts, I had the sudden idea of ​​posting a photo of myself that I had hated for a long time, and begged that it was a picture of her.
The photo taken by Baiguo Lake is leaning against a half-person-high stone lion. The posture is artistic enough. The makeup is small and fresh.
The background is warm enough for spring.
The most important thing is that the face looks small, but a black sports suit pops up out of nowhere. The young man who seemed to be running just happened to be squinting at her, his eyes were very contemptuous, she wanted to take this photo for a blind date many times, but this goddamn man in black, you despise me so much Why did Jiang Wanwan finally manage after posting such a photo? Thinking of her business, I came to the recruitment website.
There are many positions on the website, but there are very few jobs that match her archeology major.
A well-known pawn shop is recruiting antique appraisers who require relevant work experience and certain expert connections. Jiang Wanwan thinks I dug it up. I know a lot of ancient tombs, and I know a lot of archeology professors.
I can take the position of professor of archeology. She resolutely applied to the archeology department of a university because she studied history well in high school. Hu Xixi, the neighbor who eats and drinks, used to report to the journalism department and is now a plump and round gourmet reporter.
Recently, she is running like a wild dog on the road chasing a male god, and she Jiang Wanwan