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Lin Xiu and Chaomeng Lin Xiu is a second-year student in a certain high school. In junior high school, he had excellent grades in his studies. He was pale-skinned and tender.
He had a lot of handsome friends, but everything has been tried.
Now Lin Xiu is a student with good grades at the bottom of the school. A good-for-nothing with pimples and no friends makes parents very anxious to see their children sinking day by day. Parents don’t know what to do. Even half a month ago, Lin Xiu cut down a fruit tree at home like crazy. I know that one day Lin Xiu told them that he wanted to take a break from school for a year and go out for a walk by himself to relax.
The parents struggled for a long time and finally agreed.
Mom and Dad, I’m sorry. With powerful skills, I can help my dad butcher a fish, breathe in the water, grow grass in the yard, can be blown by the spring breeze, and cut down a tree.
I can perform photosynthesis. I don’t know if I’m still a human. It’s not without reason that Lin Xiu’s pressure has suddenly increased this year. Anyone who finds out that he has this strange ability will feel uncomfortable or even scared.
If the seven-second memory can’t be deleted, it’s over. Lin Xiu thought about it for a while, and was afraid that he wouldn’t realize it until the fifth second.
In the sixth second, he deleted the skill called seven-second memory, otherwise he would be miserable. He would only keep the seven-second memory. What is the difference between being a fool? But slowly, Lin Xiu discovered that this was not a bad thing, because after he cooked the crabs for his own dinner, he found that it was worthwhile to gain skills. Of course, there are more than one crab, but the skills of crabs are only two. In any sense, the skills obtained from crabs are called broken limb regeneration and carapace defense.
They can regenerate broken limbs and ignore attacks that are lower than their own strength. Lin Xiu wants to travel and also wants to get enough abilities here. Before that, he had managed to collect all kinds of abilities he could think of and could obtain. The relative jump obtained from fleas could jump to any height within twice his own height and land safely. Even if you die, you will be resurrected in a short time.
You can easily lift any object within a hundred times your own strength by gaining infinite strength from ants. The scuba lungs you can get from fish can breathe in water. Please pay attention to what you kill. It’s a freshwater fish, please don’t go into the sea. Of course, there’s also the ability to suck the nectar and get energy from the nectar obtained by killing the mosquito. What makes Lin Xiu most proud is that he successfully burnt a piece of soil containing water bears with a lighter and obtained the name The ability to be immortal is also his trump card for daring to travel alone.
On the day he went out, Lin Xiu only brought travel expenses all over his body.
Other Lin Xiu only brought a few changes of clothes and some utensils such as a lighter and wild food with a utility knife. Lin Xiu is not worried at all.
Because he can carry out photosynthesis, Lin Xiu usually stores energy for a week in his body. However, on the third day after entering the destination Shennongjia, Lin Xiu felt that he had trampled to death something strange, and then gained a strange ability to travel through the second dimension from unknown creatures in Shennongjia. Dimensional world traversal The traversal condition requires a carrier of a certain world, such as books, videos, etc. If there is a parallel world in the target world, you can choose and choose the time to enter.
When you enter the second time, you can only choose the time after that. You can get this ability The first thing Lin Xiu did after that was to take out the game console that he only carried to relieve boredom, then found a relatively large tree and easily jumped on it, fixed the luggage backpack on the branch, and then opened the game console fixed on the backpack to start the game. The ability to travel through time. The game Lin Xiu played was Pokemon Gold, but what Lin Xiu entered was the world of Pokémon. This world is the world of Pokémon animation. The time Lin Xiu chose was five minutes after Mewtwo was born.
Naturally, Mewtwo was born. The island is not very familiar with Pokémon, but it is not unfamiliar. After all, after playing the game for so long, roughly which attributes restrain each other and which Pokmon are attributes. He still knows what attributes Lin Xiu appeared in this world. Chaomeng, who was confused by his own birth, are you a Pokmon? Lin Xiu asked Chaomeng. He glanced at Lin Xiu angrily, and then realized that the human in front of him seemed to be the first human being he had faced in a real sense since he was born. I don’t know. Chaomeng said distressedly that I was a cloned life.
I was cloned from the eyelashes of Fantasia.
I don’t know if I count as a Pokémon.
Since it was cloned, why not a Pokémon? Look, the cloned sheep are called cloned sheep. But it is indeed classified as sheep. Look at clones. Are they classified as humans, but clones are not allowed, so what? Who knows if there is anyone in this world who slows down humans? Look at the topic just now, although you are a cloned life, but you also said that you were cloned from Fantasia’s eyelashes, right? You mean that I am a cloned Fantasia Mewtwo’s tone of voice is obviously angry. Listen to me.
Don’t be so impolite when you finish speaking, Lin Xiu hit Chaomeng’s head hard, of course he controlled his strength, otherwise Lin Xiu’s current strength God knows if he would knock the newborn Chaomeng to death coughing in Chaomeng’s surprised eyes Lin Xiu continued to say how much do you think you know about Mengmeng? Chaomeng didn’t say anything.
Mengmeng is called a Pokémon that has all the genes of current and future Pokémon. You know this, right? Chaomeng seems to understand what Su Yuan said.
The cloned Pokémon in the eyelashes are you sure you’re a fantasy clone