Kakashi suddenly remembered something said in a low voice did Mei not come to relatives for two months A look of surprise appeared on Terumi

Rebirth of Kakashi Silver-white long hair Black cloth mask Konoha forehead guard for the left eye This is Kakashi Hatake Under the night, a thin young man is looking in the mirror with a shocked face What’s going on How did I become Kaka Under the shocked face of Xi teenager, he muttered to himself.
After a while, a memory flooded up. The teenager let out a muffled groan and passed out. On the floor, looking at the obvious Japanese-style bedroom around, the corner of the boy’s mouth could not help but a wry smile, looking at the mess outside the window, the boy sighed, The Nine-Tails Rebellion, The Death of the Fourth Generation, and Odorin, this is the world of ninjas, and he has become Hatake Kakashi, the man who had a tragic life, first lost his father, then lost his best friend Obito, and then personally killed another friend Lin, and now he has lost his teacher who taught him Minato.
Perhaps it is the huge fluctuation of emotions that made this happen. The soul from the earth occupied Kakashi’s body, but Kakashi’s soul did not dissipate, but merged with this soul from the earth. It was precisely because of this that the fainting happened just now. Kakashi rubbed The silver-white hair stared blankly at himself in the mirror, sighed faintly, and said, “If you come, you will be at peace. It is already midnight, and it is the first night after the Nine-Tails ravages. The whole Konoha is filled with dead silence, no matter what.” Whether it’s the villagers or the ninjas, they’re all too tired.
Except for the necessary precautions, everyone else has already fallen asleep.
Tomorrow is the funeral of the deceased.
Among them is the youngest Hokage in the history of Konoha, who is also Kakashi’s teacher. Affected by the residual consciousness, the young man felt very depressed and let out a breath of turbid air.
The young man stood up, walked to his bed and lay down on it. His eyes were full of confusion. Konoha Technician Sharingan Kakashi may have had Kakashi’s force value in the early stage. It’s not bad, but in the later stage, especially in the ninja world war, Kakashi’s role is getting smaller and smaller. Except for the fight with Obito, the rest is the protagonist’s business.
In the end, he can help with Obito’s death Afterwards, the complete sharingan was given temporarily, and Kakashi died once.
When facing the reincarnation eye, Dao disappeared. It has long been buried in the ground, but Kakashi is known as a genius.
The year-old Jonin broke Konoha’s record.
Even Itachi didn’t have such achievements.
How did Kakashi become like this? Although the feeling is strong, it is strong, but it is not as strong as imagined.
It can support anyone for a while, but it is not blue enough at every turn, so it is nicknamed Hatake 55.
Some people say that Kakashi grew up in the fourth generation.
After death, it becomes very slow, so that in the later stage, it gradually cannot keep up with the pace of the protagonist. When the fourth generation died, Kakashi was only thirteen or fourteen years old, which is the period when the ninja’s strength is rapidly improving. At that time, how terrifying is the increase in strength? The force value is soaring. In the end, it surpassed the Kage class and became the most powerful existence among the living in the Naruto world.
It can be seen that Kakashi slackened in the golden age of rapid strength improvement because of the death of the people around him, so that it was too late to try hard later. It’s late, although there is progress, but there is no huge leap. Kakashi thought of this and organized his thoughts. It looks like an arm that is not thick but full of explosive power.
Kakashi knows that this world is dangerous, so if he wants to survive, he must work hard.
I didn’t start from scratch. Originally, Kakashi’s physical fitness and ninjutsu were all there. As long as you are familiar with the body, you will temporarily have the capital to fight.
Kakashi clenched his fist and secretly said seventeen years. Although it is still a long time, we still have to grasp the original Kakashi’s strength is still very comprehensive, whether it is Taijutsu, phantom ninjutsu They are all excellent, and with an excellent mind, it can be said that it is a very brilliant character, otherwise it would not have attracted a lot of fans It is true that Kakashi has achieved great success with Sharingan, but on the other hand, Sharingan has also limited Kakashi’s growth.
It’s just that the talent is outstanding. If it weren’t for the constraints of Sharingan, maybe it could grow to a higher level. Some people say that Kakashi’s Chakra is less.
It’s not difficult to find Kakashi in the plot. He always says that Chakra is not enough, but Kakashi Is it really that little chakra? In fact, Kakashi’s chakra is not a lot. The reason why it will be consumed so quickly is because Kakashi, who is not of the Uchiha family, has a lot of limitations in using Sharingan.
It is because Sharingan cannot be closed that causes Chakra to be consumed all the time. Second, when using Sharingan, the consumption of Chakra intensifies and even causes great damage to the body when it is used excessively.
This is why Kakashi often The reason for fainting after using Sharingan. If Kakashi is not bound by Sharingan, his total amount of chakra will be no less than that of the third Hokage.
West is equal, so the total amount of Chakra in Kakashi may not be much, but it will not appear that there is not enough Chakra at every turn.
It can be seen how severely the Sharingan restricts Kakashi’s Chakra, so Kaka To develop Xi’s strength, one is to remove the restrictions imposed on him by Sharingan, and the other is to increase the amount of chakra. Kakashi caressed his left eye and could feel the burning heat in his eyes.