Just when the two of them were talking Hang Chuxue suddenly said boss is this melon sweet Xu Yang but he immediately realized that Hang

At this time, it’s time for the interactive session.
Jay Chou asked a girl, Jay Chou, what song do you want to order? Girl, my name is Little Fairy. I want to order a song. What kind of song do you want? After a while of singing, what do you call my friend Jay Chou? What song do you want to order? At this moment, a staff member put the microphone in front of Xu Yang. Only then did Xu Yang realize that he was talking about himself.
Xu Yang, I don’t want to order a song, can you give me the microphone Go directly to the concert and quickly use the nunchucks Hum, haha, martial arts practitioners, remember that the benevolent is invincible. The aura on the stage is too strong and the atmosphere of the surrounding audience is too high.
However, Xu Yang is in a daze. It is not because of a sudden rebirth accident. It’s too sudden, it’s not why I came to this place, I’m too surprised, it’s just because Xu Yang drank too much, you read that right, he was so drunk, Xu Yang didn’t even know that he had crossed over.
The orphan has a beautiful wife and no children just because his wife is sick, let alone having a baby. From college to marriage, Xu Yang and his wife have been in love for ten years, but also because they just found out that she has a baby. I lost my wife due to illness and even proposed breaking up for fear of hurting Xu Yang, but Xu Yang is still unswerving and walked into the palace of marriage with her. After marriage, the two lived a warm and sweet life.
Although his wife was in poor health, it did not affect their relationship at all. Even because of this, Xu Yang paid more for each other.
In his previous life, Xu Yang went to work in a financial company after graduation. The salary is not low. Although his wife’s illness needs to be maintained, both of them are still able to live well. It can be said that life is getting better and better, but last month, Xu Yang’s wife’s illness suddenly worsened and passed away in less than a day, which made Xu Yang unacceptable for a while. When he knew his wife’s condition was out of control, Xu Yang had been in the ward.
Accompanying her in the last time, my wife, who is usually not very talkative, has endless words in the last time, as if she wants to finish telling him all the words for the rest of her life. After that, I should pay attention to my diet and clothes, and I should often take them out to dry Don’t drink too much wine, I’m gone, you’re free too, from now on, you have to live a little more freely, Xu Yang just listened quietly and kept looking at her face, as if wanting to engrave her in your heart, you must always think of me in the future Said softly, find someone who can spend the rest of your life with you, the voice is very soft, but Xu Yang still heard the tears splashing out with a movement of turning his head, men usually don’t cry in front of others, his wife quietly walked away and took away It broke Xu Yang’s heart, looking at the empty room, Xu Yang felt lonely for the first time. In fact, men are not strong at all.
It’s just that we are good at pretending to be strong.
For a period of time, Xu Yang kept shutting himself at home, drinking and dreaming. His wife was always there as if he had never left, so Xu Yang couldn’t tell the reality. Finally, one day Xu Yang sat in front of the computer and looked at the photos of his wife in the past. Bits and pieces of video life.
While drinking, he drank and died suddenly. After waking up in front of the computer, Xu Yang was still in a daze. If a person is drunk, the surrounding voices will fade away, as if through a door, is he still dreaming? What Xu Yang held in his hand was a bottle of white wine.
Well, the old village chief was the wine that Xu Yang had been drinking for the past few days.
Subconsciously, Xu Yang took this as a dream. After all, his wife used to be like watching a concert with him. It doesn’t matter if there is no familiar person next to him.
People who are drunk are relatively slow. Xu Yang now sees people with double shadows.
He picked up the bottle and Xu Yang took a sip. Perhaps the atmosphere around him was too warm.
No one has seen Xu Yang drinking here, as if this is Jay Chou? If so, the atmosphere at the scene has reached a climax again.
In the concert, there is usually no host, and the singers work part-time, so that they can better interact with fans. With the scrolling of the big screen, the screen locks onto a girl’s appearance.
Very iconic and beautiful Finding out that I was drawn, I showed the surprise that fans should have Fairy, I want to order a song. What kind of song does the man give to my ex-boyfriend? I know he was at the scene.
Following the girl’s words, the atmosphere of the scene became more and more high. Dong was also shocked by this girl’s tough style. Jay Chou, this little fairy is quite humorous.
Not much to say, taking advantage of the lively atmosphere of the scene, Jay Chou directly sent this little fairy a song What a man to her ex. Kissing your hand and leaning on your head and letting you lie on your chest That person is no longer me These usual actions are now called sad oh sad days are starting to live without you I will not be sad I will silently accept anyway when we are together you I’ve been happy before and that’s enough. The song is very gentle and slightly sad.
Although it says what kind of man you are, it still expresses her love for the other half between the lines. There is a trace of sweetness in the sadness. Isn’t this love? The scene was full of applause and screams, and the little fairy is also famous here. The people next to her, both boys and girls, are talking to her, but the show will continue, so let’s choose the next audience.