Just when Lin Chaomu took the initiative to mention it he asked him will you come tomorrow Lin Chaomu’s mouth was a step faster than

Lin Chaomu was curious and asked why you came to the dormitory. Are you unhappy? Shen Zhuoyan smiled nonchalantly, then he just wanted to experience the taste of renting a house.
As a roommate and classmate, Lin Chaomu would call Shen Zhuoyan to get up every day and make breakfast for him, and go to school with him.
Lin Chaomu gradually found himself falling in love with this shared roommate, but he never had the courage to confess to Shen Zhuoyan. On his birthday, Lin Chaomu specially prepared a table of good dishes to have dinner with Shen Zhuoyan to confess his love, but Shen Zhuoyan directly When he went out, he asked him what he was doing, and he replied with a smile, “Dating before falling in love, I fell in love first.
” That night, Lin Chaomu, who never drank alcohol, bought it alone and got drunk. He temporarily started the broadcast and sang a few bitter love songs for the audience. The pain made him crazy With tears in his eyes, Shen Zhuoyan yelled “I like you” unconsciously.
At this moment, the door of the room that was already open behind him was suddenly knocked a few times. From the outside, a person walked in with a rose in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. Impressively, it was playing. Watching his live broadcast, pampering, gentle and a bit cut-off, black year, cute, tsundere, soft and cute Jinjiang Yanjun’s brief introduction In fact, I have always liked you, and I want to express my love loudly. Chapter 1 The sun shines through the glass window and falls into the living room, casting a trace of light on the tiled floor. Fang is nestling on the sofa, eating potato chips, staring intently at the TV hanging on the wall. A suspense movie is playing on the TV, and the plot is gradually unfolding, becoming more and more fascinating. He just finished a big cleaning half an hour ago, and now he just wants to get comfortable Enjoy this comfortable and comfortable morning time on the soft sofa He finally reacted when the sound of ding dong sounded, he followed the crisp sound and looked towards the door, frowning slightly, who is it? Stunned, he paused the movie for one last look, then walked towards the door. Through the cat’s eyes, Lin Chaomu saw a somewhat familiar face. The person outside the door surprised him. He lowered his eyes and pondered for a few seconds, and finally finally The door still opened, why are you here? After the door opened, before the other party could speak, it was Lin Chaomu who asked anxiously first, and how did you know that I live here? Now standing in front of him is the squad leader of their third class, Shen Zhuoyan. The person who stood at the door first was stunned for a moment, and then smiled silently. The pair of long and narrow eyes under the brim of the baseball cap narrowed slightly because of this smile.
Ye Lang knew from Ye Lang that it was Ye Lang’s big mouth that clearly said no. How did he reveal the address of his rented house to the people in the class, so he revealed it to the dormitory next door, and he is not familiar with him at all Classmate, but I didn’t come to visit you on purpose.
Seeing Lin Chaomu looking at him, I don’t know what came to mind. Shen Zhuoyan took the initiative to say that I’m here to rent a house.
Why don’t you call me? In case I’m not here, I’ll come back next time if you’re not here Continue to stand and turn sideways to invite the other party into the house while asking the other party why he suddenly wanted to rent a house while introducing the situation at home. Both have a shared roommate, the other is an office worker, and the relationship between the two of them has been pretty good in the past six months, but last week, that roommate resigned and left the city. Unfortunately, Lin Chaomu didn’t even see him for the last time when he was leaving. It was a working day. In school, I received a text message. When I returned home in the afternoon, I opened the door, only to see an empty space. All my roommate’s belongings had disappeared. After living together for half a year, Lin Chaomu regretted that I couldn’t send him a ride.
When my roommate left, I cleaned up the room. Two days later, Lin Chaomu posted the rental information on the Internet.
During the period, he also called him to inquire about the situation. In the end, he said that he still needed to think about it. Unexpectedly, a few days later, an unexpected guest came.
How did you know that I was recruiting roommates? Shen Zhuoyan finished looking at the empty room, Lin Chaomu took him back to the living room and told him to sit and rest on the sofa first. I said what Ye Lang said, and glanced at the suspended movie screen on the wall-mounted TV.
It landed on the coffee table in front of it, and Lin Chaomu put it there on the unsealed potato chips. It seems that Lin Chaomu should be sitting on this sofa, eating snacks and watching movies.
His arrival undoubtedly disturbed him.
Ye Lang they said was Lin Chaomu’s freshman. What’s interesting about the roommates in the semester is that they are also classmates in junior high school. I didn’t expect to be admitted to the same university a few years later, in the same class of the same major, and in the same dormitory.
Lin Chaomu can feel his conscience and guarantee that he never made an appointment with Ye Lang Well, the relationship between the two of them in junior high school was just like that.
They didn’t contact each other after graduation.
They became good friends only after college.
But after that, his roommate soon moved into the house, and he also told Ye Lang about it, and he didn’t mention it to Ye Lang again in the next school year, let alone recently, so he didn’t know what Shen Zhuoyan said.
Believe it 100% but have no reason to doubt it has no reason Shen Zhuoyan why bother talking nonsense