Just when Jiang Xiaoning was standing at the door of Father Jiangs room stretching out his hand and hesitating whether to knock on the door

Hey, I can’t help it. I quit school without permission. My parents can’t accept it, but I really can’t continue my studies. When I have time to study, I might as well let myself go back to China to learn about the national conditions and live here for a few years. Think about it Here, Jian Ning took a deep breath, carried his backpack on his back, and went straight to the airport to take a taxi to his grandfather’s house.
Jian Ning’s grandfather lived in an old house on the outskirts of this city. Not willing to sell and not even wanting to move away, this is also one of the reasons why Jian Ning’s parents went abroad and Grandpa Jian didn’t go with her.
It was only when she arrived at the door of her grandpa’s house that Jian Ning remembered that she had just returned home and had nothing in her pocket. Is it US dollars? Do you want to give the driver US dollars? Driver, do you think you will accept it if I give you US dollars? Jian Ning spoke in an authentic Mandarin and couldn’t tell that this is a girl who grew up abroad. The driver, Mr. Lol, little girl, don’t be joking.
Here I only accept RMB. Jian Ning sticks out his tongue.
There’s nothing to do.
Then wait for me for a while. I’ll go in and get the money. When I got to the door, Jian Ning realized that the door was closed and there was no one to answer when I pressed the doorbell. Could it be that grandpa is not at home? The keys of Grandpa’s house were put into his backpack.
Putting down the backpack, Jian Ning quickly searched for a few times and found a bunch of old keys. I wondered if the locks of Grandpa’s house have been changed after such a long time.
But when the key was turned, Jian Ning smiled, Grandpa, it’s good that I haven’t changed the lock for so many years, opened the door, Jian Ning yelled at the yard, Grandpa, I’m back, Grandpa, are you home, no one answered, Grandpa frowned, Grandpa It must have gone out, what should I do now? The driver is still waiting for me at the door. I need money now to pay for other people’s fare. It’s just that grandpa always likes to put his wallet on the top of the cabinet.
When I was young, I would move a chair to hold my grandpa’s wallet. Every time my grandpa would find it, but every time my grandpa would put the wallet there, he would be direct to himself. Just go to grandpa’s wallet to get the money. Waiting for the dollars on my body to be exchanged into RMB before returning it to grandpa. Thinking of this, Jian Ning quickly rushed into grandpa’s room, walked to the side of the cabinet, tiptoed and stretched out his hand.
Sure enough, grandpa’s wallet is really here.
Jian Ning grabbed the wallet and wanted to take it off, but the movement was too fast. Something scratched Jian Ning’s right hand. When the wallet was taken off, Jian Ning found that his right hand Even though the cut was not big, it was bleeding.
Jian Ning wanted to take care of the wound, but just as she was looking for a band-aid, she heard the taxi outside honking its horn.
Forget it, I went to pay the car first.
send off After the driver came back, he had to deal with the wound. Such a slight injury would not kill anyone, so Jian Ning took grandpa’s wallet and rushed out of the door again, paid the taxi fare, and said some words of thanks, then dismissed the taxi driver and bowed his head. Looking at the wound on his hand, Jian Ning scolded himself in his heart, idiot, you can get yourself injured just by taking something, is there anyone more idiot than him? I don’t have any pocket money in my pocket yet, so I just took some money out of my grandpa’s wallet, thinking about saying something when grandpa comes back.
After putting the money in his pocket, Jian Ning put grandpa’s wallet back on the cabinet Then I went to the medicine cabinet to look for a Band-Aid.
Jian Ning had just healed the wound on his hand. Grandpa just opened the door and came in.
He was also happy to see his precious granddaughter back, but the smile on his face just condensed and disappeared in an instant. Grandpa What’s the matter with you, aren’t you happy when I come back? Jian Ning went up to her grandpa and talked before her grandpa could speak.
After graduation, you say you don’t want to study and drop out of school. What can you ask your parents to do? What they do is their business. Grandpa, I really don’t like that major and I really don’t like that school. This time I am I’ve made up my mind, I’m going back to China, I’m going to do something with my own ability, when the time comes, I’ll show my parents if I don’t study, I’m sure I’m not going to be good, Grandpa, you have to support me, Jian Ning looked at it with expectant eyes Looking at my grandfather, Grandpa Jian gradually showed a doting smile on his face, you, since you don’t want to read it, then I will tell your parents to let you stay with me in the country, oh, long live grandpa, Jian Ning almost cheered You see, the backer you found is indeed the most useful. Grandpa is indeed on your side.
The grandparents and grandchildren chatted for a while.
Jian Ning felt a little tired, carrying her backpack, and went to the room where she used to live, and entered the door. I saw that the room was exactly the same as when I came back a few years ago. Everything in it was spotless. The sheets and quilt covers all exuded the scent of my favorite laundry detergent. It seems that grandpa cleaned it carefully. Jian Ning threw the things away and went directly to the bathroom, simply washed himself, then went back to the room, lay down on the bed and turned over to prepare for sleep. Jet lag is really scary.
If I haven’t come back, it should be midnight now. Jian Ning’s mouth turned up when he thought of this.
With a smile on his face, he arched his pillow and fell asleep. At some point, the temperature in the room gradually dropped.
Jian Ning tightly wrapped himself in the quilt.