Just said it out of his mouth when Situ Zhongzheng said it all at once the face of Uncle Hua sitting in front suddenly changed

Source 80 e-book uploaded honesty and travel all over the world time word count The evildoer who came out from the depths of the mountain vowed to fascinate thousands of girls, all of them would not let go Chapter 1: Going out of the mountain Li Rong yelled a girl ran over and Shen Qiu didn’t mind Now that I know how to call this person, I can only call her a girl because she looks like she is only eighteen years old. Brother, I don’t want any money. The girl is wearing a miniskirt and sitting in Shen Qiu’s arms, saying oh, brother, this is really not a novel. Already touching Shen Qiu’s lower body, Shen Qiu’s face was covered with black lines. This village is a bit too crazy. How about this? How about stuffing the big bills into the girl’s underwear and let her get out of here quickly? You have to think about it. Li Rong hugged Shen Qiu and pinched Shen Qiu’s pretty face and said, look at what a tender little face, Shen Qiu really doesn’t know herself Why did he fall in love with such a heroic woman? He hurriedly stepped aside and said, “It’s almost noon, let’s go have a meal.” Shen Qiu said, first walked out, Li Rong greeted the network administrator, and also walked out.
It’s a small place to find a restaurant.
The money is hard to walk for a long time before I saw a restaurant with drunk hibiscus hanging. The two walked in.
Li Rong looked at Shen Qiu and said with a smile, I said, what on earth are you doing? Came to our place, Shen Qiu said it hard when he said it, but he still told Li Rong exactly what he said, Li Rong patted the table and said, Oh, you are really an idiot. You can make low-level mistakes. Li Rong’s image of a heroic woman suddenly attracted several tables of people around to eat. Looking at Li Rong’s arrogant and unruly appearance, they leaked disgusted expressions.
It is indeed unscientific to talk and laugh so loudly in public, but Shen Qiu still thinks this woman is quite cute.
Look at what to look at. The female hero smiled and suddenly waited for Shen Qiu with a sullen face and said, do you want to fuck your sister? It’s okay. I’ll let you soak once for your sake. Although Li Rong is very beautiful, his unrestrained personality and age are probably very strong in bed.
Shen Qiu still cares about his own life, so he still has no interest in this aspect for the time being. So you are cold-tempered, Li Rongda He smiled and said that he didn’t see it, Shen Qiu finally couldn’t help but uttered a dirty word, looking at this guy Li Rong when he was talking, how could it make people feel the urge to rush up and beat him until he couldn’t take care of himself, oh, he also got angry, the heroine Seeing that Shen Qiu is no longer flirting and starting to live together, I don’t have any money for the food on the table. Please turn around and I’ll make up for it. The woman said a word, and then started to eat violently. That appearance has nothing to do with elegance, and even the appearance of eating is so general.
Strong words can’t describe this woman’s eating behavior now, don’t you? I took it and divided it up bluntly.
Thank you, Shen Qiu. Now I don’t know what to say.
I can only add one sentence and say that Shen Qiu suddenly remembered something and said yes, I see that there are steel pipes in your store, don’t you have gangsters here? In the whole Nanling City, find me a place without gangsters, we must have one here, I am The boss here, Li Rong, happily said that the waiter is here for a beer, right? Seeing Shen Qiu’s disbelief, he was about to take out his mobile phone, it seemed that he wanted to make a call, Shen Qiu hurriedly grabbed the heroine’s arm and said, I believe it, I believe you, this woman is strong enough to eat alone It was enough for two people and even drank a bundle of draft beer.
In addition, he brought two catties of white wine.
Shen Qiu was really worried that this heroine would fall to the ground and die of alcohol poisoning.
After carrying back the weapon, he rushed out, but seeing Shen Qiu, who was just drunk and put it away, put the female hero on the bed, only to find that the layout of the female hero’s room was very simple and only You Tiao looks like it doesn’t look like her room. Shen Qiu left a business card for the network manager at the bar, and told them that the boss will call him after he wakes up.
He himself continued to take the hard-working bus to come to him. The company is really difficult. Finally, I saw my spacious sofa and reclining chair, my dear air conditioner, and Shen Qiu looked at everything here with tears in my eyes, and then I saw Liu Su came in from the outside and looked at Shen with a smile. Qiu’s expression is very tender, why is the female hero Shen Qiu scared by the boss of the Internet cafe today, seeing Tassel’s appearance looks like that female hero, so he said directly, do me a favor, Liu Su ran over and rubbed Shen Qiu’s shoulders and said You have to do me a favor, Shen Qiu said, what kind of favor? Tell me, if you can make Liu Su be so obedient and beat Shen Qiu’s back, then this favor will definitely not be too simple, and it is also very artistic. Lend you to me for use. Pretend to be my husband, Liu Su said with a smile on his face, Shen Qiu suddenly fell down and said depressedly, then when you go home to sleep at night, I will help you sleep by your side as an obligation? A sinister gleam flashed in his eyes, but then he immediately smiled and said, “Sleep if you dare to come here.” Shen Qiu was choked and said that he had a bad attitude, so don’t help me. Liu Su is not such a good-tempered person.
After three or four times, Shen Qiu still didn’t buy it, and immediately turned his face and hit Shen Qiu on the shoulder, saying that when you were sick and had nowhere to go to the doctor, my mother, I worked so hard to find you a bed.
Liu Su started her special Howler