Just one punch this punch really blinded Li Huo he shook his head there was a piece of Venus in front of him this kids

The third child’s left hand, Nan Gongyue, is a man, and he is also a handsome man. Naturally, it forms a situation where you don’t look for anything, so Nan Gongyue begins his legendary story. Chapter Chapter Pie in the Sky It is a very gorgeous room with a warm tone overall.
In front of Nangongyue is a huge and transparent floor-to-ceiling window.
From his angle, he can see the beautiful scenery of the whole city.
The sunlight penetrating the window is so warm that Nangongyue squints slightly.
He really didn’t want to get out of bed yesterday.
Nan Gongyue was invited to attend the dinner of Mr.
Wang’s 70th birthday. Mr.
Wang is a well-known figure in the city. Seeing that Mr.
Wang has good muscles and bones, he taught him some skills of self-defense. Mr.
Wang is also a hardworking person. Through his own practice, he finally created the unique art of Tianying Boxing. Today, his disciples have spread all over China. Naturally, his Those who come here for the birthday are all people of the same kind.
Perhaps because they drank a little too much last night, Nan Gongyue’s head is still a little dizzy. He sat up and stretched slightly. I have to say, this sleep is his. The most comfortable time to sleep.
Just as I was about to get up, my arm touched an unknown object.
This hotel is the best hotel in the city. Nan Gongyue was born very vigilant. This hotel is the best hotel in the city, and last night it was still On Mr.
Wang’s birthday, who would place unknown things in the guest’s room? And this thing is still by her side. Nan Gongyue gently tore off the quilt with her hands. Even if he is well-informed, Nan Gongyue can’t help but see the scene in front of him. It was a cold sweat that broke out in shock. Who would have thought that this unknown thing turned out to be a stunning beauty, and what I touched with my arm was this woman’s watch. This woman is about the age of about 10. She has fair skin and looks like she is asleep.
Her face is natural. It’s very peaceful, Nan Gongyue began to mutter in her heart, no, is this the legendary pie from the sky? But the weight of this pie is really not light, and the VIP rooms of this hotel are closed. Very good, who the hell put this woman beside him silently? What time is this girl, you should get up, right? Did you hear what I said? Nan Gongyue pushed this woman hard When she found that he still didn’t respond, Nangongyue’s face became serious at this time, she probed her breath with her fingers, and found that this woman had long since lost her breath, right? It’s a shock. If it’s a joke at this time, Nangongyue wants to say that it’s really not funny at all, but this woman doesn’t have any trauma.
Could it be that Nangongyue stretched out her palm and gently felt the woman’s body? The body temperature is exactly as he thought, this woman’s meridians all over her body were shattered, and she was out of breath before she came to her room, it seems that the person who did it must be a master Nan Gongyue, although she asked her heart No shame, but if this scene is seen by others, it will be a big deal, so he opened the door as quickly as possible. Before that, he looked back at this stunning beauty. Although I don’t know who you are, it’s your business.
I made a note that I will definitely find justice for you.
I swear by the reputation of the Nangong family that the Nangong family is one of the three great families in the south of the Yangtze River. After the battle, their strength has reached a level that is absolutely unimaginable for ordinary people.
In addition, Ouyang Xuemu and Qingcheng themselves like Jiangnan very much, so Wang Ran and Lin Feng have settled in Jiangnan for decades, and the Nangong family itself is The ancient family in Jiangnan is said to have been passed down for thousands of years, so the Nangong family is not so much one of the three major families in the south of the Yangtze River, but rather the head of the three major families.
Nangong Yue is the next head of the Nangong family. What happened to the heir is a very shameful thing for the Nangong family.
A knock on the door interrupted Nangongyue’s thoughts, and she heard Xiao Jin calling out to the boss, are you awake? The dim sum in this restaurant tastes good. Do you want to try it? Xiaojin is Nangongyue’s best friend. His biggest hobby is eating. Everywhere he goes, the first thing he asks is, “Hey, do you have any delicious food here? Bring it up for me and see me next to me.
” No, all the accounts are on his head. Naturally, the man next to him refers to him, Nan Gongyue, so sometimes Nan Gongyue would think about what bad things she did in her previous life, and she actually met Xiao Jin so much. A prodigal man himself is actually not his friend, but his wallet.
Why does he let himself pay for the meal? Every time at this time, Xiao Jin will say who made you my big brother? The big brother is here to protect the younger brother. You are right.
Nangong Xiaoyue Speaking of Nangong Xiaoyue’s name, it is really a sad history of Nangongyue.
He was born on the sixteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar.
It is said that the moon is sixteenth on the fifteenth day. Mr.
Nangong saw it as a good thing. Immediately decided on a name for him, Nangongyue, which is really not disgraceful. The name is so elegant.
Nangongyue is naturally very handsome. Later, I don’t know who started it.
They all call themselves Nangong Xiaoyue. This name really made him It’s very embarrassing to be in Jiangnan, but at this moment, Nan Gongyue obviously didn’t want to talk nonsense with Xiao Jin, opened the door and pulled Xiao Jin in, don’t call me, look what’s in my room, brother, I seem to be this time Being calculated by others, Xiao Jin naturally became very dignified when he saw the stunning beauty very quickly, big brother