Just now you saw some How many people drive out after you so I dont think you really want to offend our town yes sir

I want work and entertainment, but more importantly, I want to live a carefree and easy life.
Flying snow, clear water, sailing horses, grasslands, and exploring deep forests, my site is beautiful, churches, schools, police stations, hospitals, community clubs, and a small government. As the local supreme leader, I express pressure. A big heart of a lord, a few farms, animal husbandry and forest farms, a few cute pets, and a group of capable subordinates.
The spring breeze is warm, the summer nights are bright, the autumn moon is round, the winter is snowy and clear. If there is a paradise in the world, it must be in Sunset Town.
The mayor is looking forward to your arrival Chapter lord’s heart The cold wind howls at night in early winter in Beijing When Wang Bo got off work, it was already dark outside.
He looked at the piles of codes on the computer screen and heaved a sigh of relief. After overtime work, he could finally go home.
Subconsciously looked at The time displayed in the lower right corner of the computer screen startled him.
It was more than ten o’clock in the evening.
I didn’t expect him to work overtime for four hours today. When will such a day be a head? Work five days a week and work overtime four days without overtime pay. The hard-working mommy opened the door for the hard-working Wang Bo lamented helplessly that he was not afraid of being heard.
At this time, there was no one in the company. Turn off the computer, turn off the lights and lock the door.
After finishing this routine skillfully, he grabbed a corner of the table.
The two mobile phones he took went to the subway station and there was still half an hour’s drive after getting on the subway. Before Wang Bo took out his mobile phone to pass the time, what he took away were two mobile phones, one was his domestic machine and the other was the testing machine he led.
The so-called test The mobile phone is an ordinary smart phone, but it is specially used for trial running some programs or games. The company Wang Bo works for is not well-known and the scale is not large, and there are not many places to make money. As the mobile game market is booming, the company is going to take the opportunity to make a fortune.
Developed this period of time. Many games require all employees to participate in internal testing. Internal testing games are not for playing, but for finding bugs and loopholes, so the employees have no interest in these games.
The leaders don’t even play directly, throwing their test machines to the soldiers to play instead. It’s cool to be a leader, Wang Bo unlocked the screen.
On the dark black phone screen, there is only a heart-shaped logo with an effect. I don’t know what the game development department thinks. This heart-shaped icon is green instead of red, which is a bit contrary to common sense.
Click to open.
The things introduced in the game guide are very complicated and densely packed. Wang Bo didn’t bother to read it carefully. He probably glanced at the key points. The guide said that after clicking on the game, players can get a heart of a lord to improve their physical fitness, no matter how weak they are. If you own it, you will become a humanoid beast, and if you bind the heart of the lord to a territory, you will become the owner of the territory and master this territory. In addition to the heart of the lord, there is also a prop called the heart of the territory in the game.
The heart of the territory can be viewed The split of the lord’s heart can directly affect a certain part of the territory. There are a lot of introductions later. He was upset and didn’t watch it. The last game can be deleted and restarted. If you are not satisfied with the territory or there is a problem in the development, you can take away the lord’s heart. The new territory was redeveloped, but in this way, the development of the previous territory After watching the guide, Wang Bo stretched out his hand and clicked on the shape of the Lord’s Heart, and then the image of the earth appeared on the screen, and the green Lord’s Heart with the effect appeared in the upper right corner of the screen. The title of the game uses a view The animation style of the round earth rotates on the screen and then stretches the field of view like a Google map.
The earth changes from a distant view to a close view. Then it is a bit like a geographical documentary, and the countries fly across the screen. Wang Bo is to test the game. Looking for loopholes, so I’m not in the mood to watch the title. I casually pulled the green lord’s heart in the corner of the screen onto the screen. This is the combination of the lord’s heart and the territory. When he let go of his finger, a dialog box appeared on the screen.
The territory is located in Otago, New Zealand, in the southern hemisphere. The Territory of Canterbury on which the sun never sets has an area of ​​10,000 acres and 10,000 hectares. The population of the territory is 10,000 hectares. The population of the lord Wang Bo. The building of the territory. The resources of Fort Roberts are unknown. The heart of the territory has no receiving territory. After clicking this yes, he suddenly felt that something was not right Lord, please wait patiently. Waited for half an hour.
The subway arrived at the destination. The words on the screen were still flashing. Wang Bo tried to restart the game and even shut down the phone, but nothing worked.
I don’t know what brand it is, but it’s a very advanced all-in-one body.
The cover can’t be removed, and the battery can’t be removed, so he feels relieved.
He doesn’t want to work overtime after half a day’s work when he gets home. Although this is a game, he’s playing himself.
What’s the difference between a game you don’t like and working overtime? Walk out of the subway station and a gust of cold wind blows. Wang Bo tightens his down jacket and strides into the rental community. At the gate of the community, a middle-aged man is pushing an oven cart selling roasted sweet potatoes. Wang Bohe He knows him, but he is not familiar with him. He only knows that his surname is Liu. He is usually called Brother Liu. Brother Liu is very economical. He runs a small business at the gate of the community.
He sells vegetables in spring, sells fruits in summer, and sells snacks in autumn. He sells roasted sweet potatoes and fried chestnuts in winter.
I can always make money. Seeing Wang Bo’s middle-aged man greeted enthusiastically. Why did Xiao Wang come back so late and not buy a roasted sweet potato? It’s hot! The sweet potatoes from my hometown are delicious and sweet, and I’m sure I’ll sleep well after eating Wang Bo Thin-skinned, he was embarrassed to be greeted like this, so he walked over and said Brother Liu has not confiscated the stall at this time.
Pick me a sweet potato.