Just now there was no scruples about the money in the sky and I suddenly felt that there must be a big old man you

The author, Zhou Chuyu, is the third son of the Chu family, a bank in Yangzhou City in the Ming Dynasty.
He is usually romantic, but this year, the Chu family suddenly changed.
The family is facing huge crises and challenges. A person who is also Chu Yu transmigrated to this romantic young man.
The Chu Yu who transmigrated was a black boxing master in his previous life.
After he transmigrated to the Chu family, he helped the Chu family through this crisis and turned the tide.
From then on, the entire Chu family treated this idler The perception of the third son has undergone tremendous changes.
The protagonist has also started his own career. The road to a good harvest of love has brought the Chu family to a new starting point, and at the same time he has been involved in the whirlpool of history. In addition, several heroines set in this article They are all pretty and pleasant, and also satisfying to the readers.
The first volume, Misty and Rainy, Chu Chu, Chapter 1, The Chu Family’s Misfortune.
The setting sun is like blood, just like a layer of ice shrouded in the afterglow. It’s almost dusk, but a few stars have peeked out their heads, seeming helpless to the cold of the world, shivering and blinking.
The New Year is approaching. The city of Yangzhou is very lively.
The hawkers are busy with the morning market. Before Laba, they set up their stalls on both sides of the street. The young lady is busy going to the temple, Taoist temple, offering incense and praying for blessings. Everyone is calculating which new year’s goods to buy for the New Year.
The children wear new clothes and steal the firecrackers prepared at home.
They cover their ears and light the sulfur smell.
The city is almost filled with festiveness at the end of the year.
There is a courtyard in the east of Yangzhou City, but it is particularly deserted amidst the hustle and bustle. The courtyard covers an area of ​​several hectares with high walls and a deep courtyard. The Chu family is a big family in Yangzhou City that runs a first-class bank.
It can be called one of the best business leaders in Yangzhou City.
The courtyard is deserted and the traffic is sparse.
The whole mansion is silent in a gray silence.
Elsewhere, the big courtyard is full of red lights at this time, and it is festive. The Chu family is full of plain onyx, and the whole mansion is covered with white curtains. The Chu family has always been in a hurry, and they are proud of the spring breeze. However, something unexpected happened.
Just half a month ago, the banks of the Chu family in various places were robbed by bandits of unknown origin. The general number was in a hurry, the Chu family was greatly shocked, but they were not panicked. Chu Hansheng, the owner of the Chu family, urgently called all the treasurers of the bank to a meeting to discuss it for a long time.
Obviously, this catastrophe was caused by someone plotting against the Chu family, otherwise the banks in various places would not be robbed overnight. Of course, they have already reported to the officials in various places, but they don’t know how long it will take until the government solves the case, and now the most urgent task is to find a way to raise silver for the coming New Year’s Eve.
Banks without silver will definitely be run on and go bankrupt. This is the gold of the bank industry. The news that Gui Yulu’s Chu family bank was robbed quickly spread throughout the Jiangnan colleagues. Some people secretly rejoiced, some people died of rabbits, and foxes were sad. More people hurriedly invited the bodyguard bureau to guard their bank. Everyone looked at the almanac and counted. In a few days, it will be the day when the Chu family settles and closes down.
Chu Hansheng is a man who has experienced many storms. He immediately got up and went to the chamber of commerce to ask his peers to ask for a high rate of borrowing money.
In addition, he immediately recalled his eldest son, Chu Feng, the eldest son of the Chu family from the capital branch.
The son Chu Feng has a marriage agreement with the daughter of Su Youcai, the largest salt merchant in Yangzhou City. In the past, the marriage of the two has envied many others.
Now the Chu family is in danger, but as long as there is such a marriage, the Su family will naturally not see death. But as long as the Su family is willing to lend a helping hand, it will not be difficult to deal with the Chu family through Chu Hansheng’s means.
The key now is for Chu Feng to hurry back from the capital to Yangzhou to meet his future father-in-law. Misfortunes never come singly. This sentence really came true in the Chu family. Chu Feng, the eldest son of the Chu family, fell off his horse and died for some reason on the way back from the capital to the Chu family. This sad news plunged the Chu family into boundless darkness. So the other families were all beaming, while a white banner was hung at the door of the Chu family.
When Su Youcai heard that his prospective son-in-law had died, he had been struggling to help the Chu family for the past few days. He immediately broke off the engagement with the Chu family, and the Su family was very happy.
It will soon be rumored that the Laba Festival will come again, and the Su family will be recruiting relatives in the arenas of the whole Yangzhou city.
This made old master Chu Chu Han so angry that he almost met Yan Wang. The icing on the cake is easy to send charcoal in snow.
Thinking back in his room, those guys from the chamber of commerce had to look at his face to be a man, he felt a little lonely in his heart, his eyes were as dim as the surrounding shadows, listening to the faint sound of firecrackers outside, unable to move for a long time, his hands clasped on his knees The eldest son of the Chu family, Chu Feng, died unexpectedly. The second son, Chu Guang, was born dumb and the third son, Chu Yu, was the most incompetent.
He had been hanging out with playboys in Yangzhou City since he was a child.
At the age of sixteen, betting on the gambling game, at the age of seventeen, eating, drinking, whoring, gambling, all kinds of drugs, and at a young age, he has become the leader of the gangsters in Yangzhou City. It can be said that the reputation in Yangzhou City is extremely bad. Today, the three young masters came out of the restaurant drunk and squinted at the west. In the slanting sun, he took a deep breath, touched the purse, it was full, and then walked to the house, there was a white banner hanging on the door, a dead tree fell down, the monkeys scattered on the wall, and everyone pushed, no one would go to Chu’s house at this time The one who came to hang around was his housekeeper, and he ran away for more than half of the high-rise compound. At this moment, it looked like a dried mussel shell, and no one looked at him. He just walked into the old man and sat there blankly. His righteous father, Lao Song, is dead.
Lao Song is the housekeeper of the Chu family.
He is old and sick. Chu Yu leaned over and took a step closer to his father, carefully saying that Lao Song is just a housekeeper. If he dies, there is no need to hang a white flag at the door.
It’s your big brother Chu Feng