Just mentioned the past and brought out a loyal relative from the Han family to come Lu Bu and Liu Bei have been fighting for

There is also this novel, please understand the author’s self-defined label Traveling through inspirational stars to make money Chapter 1 Traveling through the latest news Broadcasting genius in the world of chefs Wang Hui, the number one star chef in the world, died suddenly at home in the early hours of this morning Get up quickly, if you don’t get up, you will miss the changing of the guard. Be careful and eat the board when the time comes. Listening to this urgent urging, Wang Hui opened his eyes in a daze, and saw a young man holding a long gun and wearing Kai armor, which made Wang Hui so surprised Startled, who is this person? How did you dress up like this? Could there be any masquerade party today? Wang Hui asked curiously, who are you, why are you dressed like this in my house early in the morning, and what ghosts are you doing? The young man wearing Kaijia looked at Wang Sen in astonishment, then asked Wang Sen, are you sick? Why don’t you even know me? You can’t eat what you say, be careful, walk around looking at the other party’s cautious look, Wang Hui suddenly became confused, what does this have to do with it? Immediately got up and looked at the other party vigilantly, and also noticed the surrounding environment. Where is my garden villa here? Is it obviously the residence of migrant workers? The room is full of wood products and has no windows. On both sides of the room are two large halls that are neatly placed. In the middle of the quilt is a wooden square table with benches on all sides. It is simple and unusual.
If it weren’t for the smell in the room, Wang Hui would definitely think where he is on the construction site. What’s going on? Wang Hui became even more confused.
Brother Tiger, I really don’t know you and I’m not the Wang Sen you said I think you made a mistake and where is this? Why am I here Wang Sen, don’t scare me.
What happened to you today? The guard battalion of the palace, I have been standing guard with you for two years, so hard that you have forgotten me, did you kid just pretend to be a fool when you heard that the Yellow Turban Uprising broke out? I’m afraid and I want to go home, but yesterday the chief guard said that the Yellow Turban Uprising, no matter how big the trouble is, it will never come to Luoyang to make us feel at ease The shoulder said nonchalantly about the Yellow Turban Uprising, you mean Zhang Jiao was reversed, and this is the Luoyang Palace of the Eastern Han Dynasty.
You can’t be late while standing guard, but it’s okay, I’ve inquired about it, even if we go to the battlefield, it won’t be our turn.
After listening to Zhang Hu’s words, Wang Hui finally woke up.
He remembered what happened last night. He had a heart attack and there was no one at home to be the last one.
The person lost consciousness, didn’t he die? He traveled to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and his soul was attached to this guard named Wang Sen.
Thinking of this, Wang Hui’s head suddenly became dizzy, and he sat there blankly, looking at Wang Sen in a daze.
Yu Kan couldn’t bear it and asked eagerly, brother, I think you are really sick today, why don’t I ask the chief guard to give you a day off, how about you take a good rest and don’t go to stand guard? His heart is full of turmoil, because he is sure that he has come to the Three Kingdoms era. Facing the coming troubled times, how will he, a cook who can neither write nor fight, deal with it? Once He Jin dies, Dong Zhuo will bloodbath Luoyang City, and then he will be implicated as well.
Thinking of this, Wang Hui couldn’t help but shudder. It is not difficult for my own cooking skills to eat under the hands of a master. After figuring everything out, Wang Hui heaved a sigh of relief and calmed down. He raised his head and looked at Zhang Hu who was a little anxious, and said apologetically. In fact, I was fine. After I finished speaking, Wang Hui immediately picked up the guard uniform beside him and put it on.
At the same time, he also devoted himself to the role of Wang Sen. After all, the secret of his time travel must not be known to others, and another stick of incense passed like this.
With the help of Zhang Hu, Wang Sen finally got dressed neatly. The two of them walked out of the barracks one after the other and walked towards the gate of the palace. Originally, Wang Hui had already planned to start with Zhang Hu and quickly learn about the owner of the body, Wang Sen. What I didn’t expect was that troubles came as soon as I left the house. It turned out that there was a rule in the imperial palace at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty that the maids in the palace who were over the age of 10 would be sent home.
Find a good home, so Wang Sen, a young, handsome and upright bodyguard, has become everyone’s target. Whenever they have time, the court ladies come to inquire about the time when he is on guard. Isn’t that right? Everywhere you go, you can see court ladies whispering and flirting from time to time, which makes Wang Hui’s head grow big.
What’s going on? Just when Wang Hui was about to ask, Zhang Hu turned his head and half-jokingly said brother look Come on, your charm is getting bigger and bigger. See if there are more and more court ladies who come to inquire about you now. Why don’t you choose one of them as a wife? Of course Wang Hui doesn’t know what Zhang Hu is talking about, but he can’t help but answer. I had no choice but to bite the bullet and say this is the imperial palace, don’t talk nonsense Zhang Hu laughed after hearing this, Wang Sen, you are still so timid Now it’s no secret that our guards are looking for wives among the maids of honor Which maid of honor can take it away directly, so what are you afraid of?