Just call it out yes I like to hear Chu Yifeng shake his head embarrassingly no matter how much he listens to Ling Xiao he

Please support the original copy, copyright belongs to the author, Ling Xiao, the sycophant, the author is so long Favoring the concubine’s concubine when she was young made Ling Xiao grow up step by step Dark-bellied, ruthless, pretending to be scheming, until he met the little prince he fell in love with The story of the great minister overcoming obstacles and supporting the emperor and grandson step by step to the throne Search Keyword Protagonist Ling Xiao, Chu Yifeng, supporting role, Chu Yijin, Chu Yiyan, Ling Pheasant, Wei Qinglan, Other Favors, Growing Up Chapter 1: Ling Xiao, Shou Kang, the only grandson of Marquis Kang An accident made him pass through the body of the two-year-old young master of the Hou Mansion, Ling Xiao. Until now, Ling Xiao was an orphan in his last life.
Here, there is no such thing as parting sorrow. Reborn in such a wealthy Hou Mansion, he has such a look.
With a thin and handsome appearance, he often chanted a few lines of poems and songs, and there was nothing wrong with Ling Xiao. In this life, he gave birth to a good skin. The only fly in the ointment is that his mother died early. When Ling Xiao was four years old, Mrs.
Ling gave birth to his sister, Ling Zhi, who died and stayed behind. The next son and daughter, Mrs.
Ling, are in fact very bad luck.
Let’s talk about the previous generation. She was originally the daughter of Duke Wei of Yasukuni. Wei Daixue’s wife is Ling Houye’s sister, Ling Ya. After marrying Wei Daixue, Ling had a son. The eldest daughter of the two daughters married the second prince and the youngest daughter married the only son of Lord Shoukang, Ling Ruxue.
It’s good to find it among my relatives.
Wei Zhuang took the good blessings of the two old people and was married by the emperor who had just established himself. Ten miles of red make-up and married into the Shoukang Hou Mansion.
This time, I was a little familiar with him, and my uncle Shoukanghou has always been kind to me, how can I say that life after marriage is a happy one? Wei Zhuang looks very good, gentle and dignified, has read poems and books, his family is reliable, and he is close to him, but Ling Ruxue looked down on this lady. It wasn’t until many years later that Ling Xiao realized that maybe it was Wei. Zhuang is too perfect and too dignified to make Ling Ruxue unable to arouse the idea of ​​intimacy. It’s fine if he doesn’t have love. In this era, couples who are happy with each other must have fewer men and it’s normal for them to be able to take concubines. However, Ling Ruxue has been married for less than a month. Hooked up with Wei Zhuang’s dowry girl, Xia Lan It was tantamount to throwing the Wei family with a loud and loud slap, Xia Lan was also a scheming person, she knew that the uncle and the young lady were at odds, and she was one of the most good-looking in the mansion, well-behaved and smart-tempered, always showing off in front of Ling Ruxue The tea is poured very attentively.
One to one, two to one to insert a foot in. Newly married less than a month ago, the red silk in the Shoukang mansion has not been removed. Ling Ruxue is about to take a concubine. Of course not. See, I prefer the girl who came over as a dowry to open her face and put it in my room. Lord Ling can discount his legs.
Ling Ruxue dare not say it on the surface, but in private, he and Xia Lan are like sweet honey.
Wei Wei Zhuang usually only stays in his own yard.
Mother-in-law passed away early. Although father-in-law loves him dearly, the bride only sees her father-in-law for a limited number of times. She is a newly married girl who received countless teachings from her mother before she left home. As for the matter, no one mentioned it, so it was delayed like this. In fact, Master Ling also asked her niece to get thinner after she got married, and her energy is not as good as before. I wonder if the maid at home is not attentive.
Is the food cooked by the cook in the house unpalatable? Wei Zhuang smiled and said it was all right, but within a few months Lord Ling still found out that Xia Lan was pregnant.
After a few months, think about my son who is not a good man, and he understands everything.
Master Ling made a decisive decision.