Just as he was about to turn his head to reprimand When I was there I found that the red light in Lin Xiaos eyes

Season 1, Countdown, Chapter 1.
Why is it that the turtle has the final say? The profession of shoemaker has been passed down from the ancestor Sun Bin all the way, but it has been passed down in obscurity for more than 2,000 years. According to historical records, Sun Bin, the protagonist in Tian Ji’s horse racing story, is loved again and again.
He also hated his good brother Pang Juan after he was framed. He cut the patella and fake animal skin to make lacquered boots. From then on, the first shoemaker on earth, Sun Bin, was born.
Ma Lingdao exterminated Pang Juan. There is a fragment of secret art left, which is said to have been passed down in the hands of people surnamed Lin until Dongfang Shuo in the Western Han Dynasty. After Lin’s lineage forcibly inserted Brother Bin’s shoemaking essentials and many secret arts, it has been passed down to Lin’s shoemaker. In the hands of only two thousand years, it seems that there are not many people who are prominent in the line of Lin’s shoemakers. It seems that there are not many people who are awesome and successful. It is even unheard of that the line of Lin’s shoemakers has been passed down to Lin San’er. Six generations passed down to Lin Saner’s son, Lin Xiao, this generation is the twenty-seventh generation of Lin’s shoemaker, a little famous in his ancestors, that is, a craftsman named Lin Zishan in the late Qing Dynasty. I didn’t expect the Qing Dynasty to turn its back and belch farts.
There is no wealth, no official position, no resources.
This old master Lin’s road to greatness also came to an abrupt end What did the ancestors think? This handicraft workshop-style occupation, which was not very conspicuous in the past dynasties, is even more miserable today. It is difficult to stand strong in the cultivation world.
The cobbler’s spirit gatherer. The things that are handed down from generation to generation are all dry goods. At least there is a way in the hands of the family.
How many people dare to touch the world today? He touched his pocket and took out a book of unrivaled secrets, so Lin’s shoemaker, Juling, always used this reason to encourage himself.
Anyway, we are ambitious people. In short, we must not underestimate a shoemaker who buys shoes. Nowadays, all living beings are directly brainwashed by the industrial age Ben the specialty store or use your fingers to order finished products online, Lin San’er’s job as a shoemaker who makes shoes by hand is almost robbed, but the behavior of buying shoes so casually is definitely despised by Lin San’er Put your body down and humbly ask Comrade Lin Saner for advice, he can tell you a lot of truths that a pair of feet must have a pair of shoes The height of the same ankle varies from person to person. The acupoints on the soles of the feet are different. The yin and yang points on the soles of the feet are different. How can you spend some money to order a pair of handmade shoes? The business will not be good. This leaves Lin San’er who is boring.
It’s Lin San’er’s heart disease to make money.
But he does it.
There are so many business problems.
Fortunately, this shoemaker’s shop on Dongzi Street in the slum is an inheritance left by the ancestors.
It does not pay taxes and has permanent possession. Although the place is small, it does not have to pay rent to cope with life.
It is one of the problems of Lin San’er’s business.
Just to see if the little mynah responds If the little mynah doesn’t give face, even if you have ten million dollars, he won’t make it for you The man in the middle of the leather wallet stared at a pair of dead fish eyes and stared at a little turtle lazily lying on a wooden shoe.
He shouted, yes, the little starling is a lazy little turtle.
The public enemy of the hair water company and the washing, cutting and blowing alliance.
He doesn’t cut or wash his hair all the year round.
Wearing sloppy overalls and a cheap cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, he looks quite like a direct disciple of Hong Qigong, a gang of beggars. In Lin San’er’s eyes, what he said was just farting. As usual, he glanced at the little mynah, the old guy didn’t move, the little mynah didn’t move, this business won’t be accepted, hey, I don’t believe it anymore, Lin San’er, Lin San’er, why don’t you leave the business alone? Are you out of your mind? Whoever does business like you actually heard that a bastard took out ten hundred-yuan bills from his wallet and threw them on Lin San’er’s plank? The head parted in the middle and the head blows off the center, but you deserve it.
You don’t have a wife and you live in a slum. You deserve it.
Uncle Mynah is a turtle, not a bastard.
At this time, a bronze-skinned boy with a flat head came to Lin’s shoemaker’s shop accompanied by a well-dressed lady.
What is the difference between this bastard and a turtle? Er Mazi turned his head and recognized that this young man is Lin Xiao, the son of the shoemaker Lin San’er, Xiao Lin, where is it? Dad made a pair of leather shoes, he would have said that if he doesn’t move, he won’t accept my business Lai Linxiao knew his father Lin Saner’s temper well of course, he turned his head and whispered to Er Mazi’s slick face, persuading Uncle Er Mazi, my father’s shoes are so dirty, you have the money to buy a pair The leather shoes, Er Mazi, felt happy when he heard this, he turned his face and stared at Lin San’er, who was entangled and bored, so he simply took the money and left Lin San’er angrily, don’t look at people with low eyes. At that time, Lin San’er, who was extremely sloppy, was still calmly hiding in the messy and narrow shoemaker’s shop, tinkling, busy with his son and the woman beside him, he was actually indifferent