Just as he seemed bored he took out the communicator and was about to brush up the knowledge about dangerous places near the Gilded City

Dense forest lizard dragon blood vine black evil grass juice dense forest dragon transformation ritual Dragon Transformation Ceremony in Ancient Land Ancient Evil Snake Dragon Blue Frost Ice Boa Ice Soul Marrow Chilong Soul Snow Monster Heartbreak Dragon Transformation Ceremony in Extremely Cold Region Ice and Snow Chilong When the afterglow of the old days falls on the scorched earth of the new world, the dragon master controls the real world Dragon Soars in the Sky Author Custom Tag Summoning Stream Pet Alien Beast Stream Chapter The Last Era The last stronghold of mankind Twilight City is located in the dawn hall on the top floor of the highest building in Twilight City and the tallest building ever built in human history. The wrinkled old man looked at the doomsday scene in the distance and remained silent.
He is the leader of the human saint. The most holy man of mankind. The old man has lived for more than five thousand years by reincarnating a corpse dragon witch.
He has experienced too many adversities and dangers in his life. The situation is hopeless, but there is no hopeless situation like today. The rulers of the taboo brought innumerable forbidden legions from the end of Twilight City’s line of sight, rushing towards Twilight City like a tide, defending the fortresses of Twilight City.
Being easily destroyed by the forbidden army, the twilight legion, the only remaining elite force of mankind, has fallen on the way forward of the forbidden army, and the patron saints of the twilight city have been killed by a larger number of forbidden forces in the upper void, which is beyond sight. God besieges the fortresses of human beings all over the world, and all the fortresses in the world have been completely fallen and destroyed.
Twilight City is the only one left and the last one. This is the last hope and the last despair of human beings who have ever fought against taboos.
A gigantic monster the size of a super city fell from the upper void like a red meteor at high speed. Old Man Yanlong’s cloudy eyes flashed with a trace of pain.
That giant monster is one of the only remaining patron saints of human beings. Yanlong fell to the ground, and the two giants, which were as huge as mountains, turned into meteors and fell from the void one after another.
The pain in Candle Dragon Yinglong’s expression was beyond words. They are all clearly audible, but the roar is full of unwillingness to shake the sky at this time. A giant with dark purple hair surrounded by countless brilliance turns into a purple meteor falling into the void.
The strongest patron saint has also fallen. As the spiritual leader of mankind, the old man clearly knows that the world that belongs to them has collapsed at this moment. A young saint saw the scene of the fall of the void ancestor dragon on the battlefield at the end of the dusk city.
His own dragon fought hard to kill a taboo ruler known as the strongest taboo under the taboo god, and quickly left the battlefield. He is a saint who is second only to the old man in human strength.
A young man with the favor of the dragon of time.
The saint did not ride any dragon, but flew in the air purely by his own strength. The place where he stepped on his feet lightly, there were lavender ripples in the air.
The ripples have not disappeared, and the young saint has returned.
When he arrived at the Daybreak Hall, which was hundreds of meters high on the top floor of the Jiri Tower, he knelt down on one knee towards the old man and said in a deep voice, Holy One, our world has no hope, please leave this era with our hope, I will burn my body with the Time Dragon and even the real world Ling opens a time channel to the past for you.
I believe that with your wisdom, we will be able to rewrite the fate of our mankind in other eras.
The old man shook his head, Ato. I have been paying attention to this place, no one can get away from the scepter in the old man’s hand, and point to the ground.
The 100,000-meter-high Extreme Sun Tower has 10,000 floors, of which 9,000 floors are treasures that contain the mysteries of human dragon control in this world.
The moment the scepter in the old man’s hand touches the ground, the incomparably precious information burns up by itself, quickly burns into nothingness, and then turns into golden bands of light.
Countless golden bands of light finally converge into a golden book that quietly floats in the hands of the old man.
Let people who do not belong to this era rewrite the fate of mankind.
The old man swung the scepter violently.
The infinite mighty power surged out of the space in front of him, and then slowly opened a deep void passage. The top of the scepter in the old man’s hand A huge platinum gemstone shattered in an instant. This is the core left by a late patron saint-level dragon of time, which contains infinite time power.
The moment the time core shattered, the platinum-gold power of time instantly moved towards the end of the dark and deep void passage.
Extending a time channel leading to the unknown past is about to be paved. Human beings will quietly return to the ruins of the era and turn into the dust of the era. When the mighty power of the forbidden god descends, the light channel will be broken and collapsed. Never imagine the young sage summoning the platinum time. Dragon This is a young Dragon of Time who has not yet reached the level of the patron saint, but it is very close to that level.
Before that, this Time Dragon and Atuo worked together to kill a taboo ruler.
The young saint took the lead in burning himself.
Throwing himself into the Time Channel for the platinum flame, the Time Dragon wailed, and accompanied by the master burning himself with a mighty power of time comparable to that of the Forbidden God. He desperately resisted the destruction of the Time Channel by the Forbidden God, and at the same time quickly repaired the collapsed time channels. Several other taboo gods who have been watching here have also lowered their mighty power one after another. The majestic power brought by the young saint and the time dragon’s burning body and true spirit can’t resist this kind of vast and mighty old man who is enough to change time. Behind him leaped out a series of real dragons closest to the god of taboo, who are at the top level of taboo rulers. the mighty power of the gods they are but moths to the flame