Junior brother Qiao congratulations honor guest serious Congratulations to Qiao Zheng the headmaster has high expectations for you really Qiao Zheng is a little flattered

Full text God’s perspective is not a personal claim Tang Sanyang, who crossed from the Sword Cultivation Continent, accidentally turned into a monster egg and emerged from the shell But it seems that communication is a bit of a hindrance. Every day, the black magic cultivator is a little different.
How do we fall in love? Those years of being captive by the law cultivator.
For the upper, middle and lower ranks of Jindan, the upper, middle and lower ranks of the ninth rank of Yuanying, the upper, middle and lower ranks of happiness, silly, white and sweet, no technical content, research, party girls, pat seriously, and you will lose.
Qiao Zheng’s supporting role is a lot of patients with secondary illnesses and married wives. Other comprehension and rebirth editors commented on the genius of Jianxiu Continent. The beautiful young man who is beautiful and beautiful is a pity that the beautiful young man suffers from great hatred.
He is a reborn little sick.
Adhering to the idea of ​​cultivating black magic every day, Tang Sanyang followed the beautiful young man back to the sect and saw his master pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger. Knowing that I am the white peacock who was only abandoned Experience each other’s minds and ingenuity Various supporting characters appear one by one. The stories of the previous life will also be interspersed in it, and finally embark on a road to become the first sword cultivator in history.
This is probably a joyous story of daily struggles in molesting and anti-molesting. Chapter Sword Cultivation Continent After the earth-shattering bang, the sword cultivators on the mainland received a piece of exciting news. The invincible Tang Sanyang, who is always on top of them, is the most powerful genius in the sword cultivator continent for tens of thousands of years. Tang Sanyang’s immortal sword body Tang Sanyang was wiped out by his sect, hahahaha, it’s really good news Tang Sanyang, Tang Sanyang is pitiful, as the number one member of the Extreme Sword Dao Sect, he ended up betraying his relatives and falling into such an end.
I have been offended all over, how can I be mobilized and attacked? It can only be said that poor people must have something to hate.
He has never practiced Dao without a commoner. He is a small mortal who has the opportunity to practice swordsmanship.
It is a favor given to him by Daoism. The genius of the aristocratic family is bleak. If he really cultivates, it will be the day of the extermination of the extreme sword sect. Hey, the flesh and blood of the immortal sword body is said to be able to temper the sword essence. If he is an extreme sword sect, it may be It’s about to rise, don’t be joking, that white-eyed wolf blew himself up in the end, the sword soul didn’t leave any scum, and instead caused the Jidao Sword Sect and those alliances to lose more than a dozen elders. Laughing out loud, the reason why the Indestructible Sword Body has become the No.
1 sword body in the past and present is the secret of these people who are all day long.
How high do they climb now? How miserably they fall in the future. The idle Taoist is a bit empty. There is a twisted wave in the air. The simple and simple long sword seems to be spiritually connected.
Take the initiative to ride the Taoist.
But the figure is gone.
The words of the idle Taoist are faintly heard in the air. The song says, “Once you have a destiny, cultivate the Dao, and then you will become a thousand people cry.
From now on, you will be invincible in the world. Your soul will never die.
Waiting for you to return.
” Tang Sanyang opened his eyes and looked at this suspicious thing that looked like an eggshell.
He was silent, he should have died, but now he is living in an egg.
After much deliberation, the problem should be his immortal sword, which is hated by everyone in the sect. Since it is called immortal, there must be something about it.
When he was in Jidao Jianzong, everyone thought that his extraordinary speed of cultivation came from his special sword body. In fact, Tang Sanyang never realized the benefits of this special sword body from the beginning to the end.
On the contrary It is still restricted everywhere, but no one will believe this kind of thing if it is said, it is better not to say it, but now Tang Sanyang has enjoyed the benefits of this so-called indestructible sword body, he died because of it, and he lives because of it.
The persecution of Tang Sanyang was already expected, and Jidao Sword Sect couldn’t tolerate his anomaly.
Those so-called big families in the world would not allow an exception to continue living. Taking advantage of themselves, they are still a little tender. Tang Sanyang climbed from a commoner to such a high position, and suppressed all the princes of the aristocratic family. It is not just pure force, but they are not like themselves, and they can die again. It is estimated that it is really clean. Thinking of this, Tang Sanyang couldn’t help showing a smile, but unfortunately this idea failed to take shape. Tang Sanyang lowered his head a little, and saw a thing that definitely does not belong to human beings, a pointed long mouth. Or it’s a beak, yes, he turned into a bird. If he’s unlucky, he might still be a chicken.
Although he was prepared for this thing that looks like an eggshell, Tang Sanyang wondered if he really saw that he had a beak coming out.
Once you understand that you may be a chick or a bird, you will notice all the things you didn’t notice before.
For example, Tang Sanyang found that you are now in a curled up state, let alone move even if you want to stretch. Stretching out the feet should not be said to be difficult even stretching out the claws. Tang Sanyang suddenly thought of a bad possibility.
If the thing that he is possessed now, he doesn’t know whether it is a chicken or a bird, can’t practice. Do he have to use his claws to grasp the sword? Tang Sanyang because Because of his background, he has always been very eager to learn, and the exercises he practiced later also required him to learn from others.