Jumping up like a kitten he said word by word to Fang Yun that the friend he met some time ago uh if I remember

Fang Yun squinted his eyes and looked at the iron mouth on the podium in the distance, talking eloquently. Professor Xia Da’s course is a compulsory course for his university major. It is called Political Finance, which mainly talks about the influence of politics on finance. A course related to impetus, Fang Yun especially likes this course, even more so, the professor in his eyes is teaching differently, but now he can’t arouse the slightest interest, Fang Yun’s mind is muddy, what are you doing, a clear voice is in A melodious voice like a hundred spirits sounded in Fang Yun’s ear, which made him startled.
He pulled his wandering thoughts back to reality, raised his head, Fang Yun was stunned, everything in the world seemed to have stopped in his eyes, and only the things in front of him remained in his eyes.
In Fang Yun’s mind, this girl doesn’t believe in the set of reincarnation of cause and effect in both metaphysics and Buddhism. As a socialist successor who is rooted and young, he doesn’t believe it, but now he not only believes it, but also believes it piously.
He was reborn Xiaojia, you are Song Xiaojia, the class leader of Song, Fang Yun opened his mouth and made a sound, while his fingers trembled slightly, his eyes were fixed on Song Xiaojia, who was talking to him in a low voice beside him, what kind of wind do you have? I have been a classmate for a year from junior high school to high school and high school, and I still don’t recognize me. I’m concentrating on my lectures. If you haven’t seen Professor Xia’s eyes, they’ll almost shoot you into a hornet’s nest.
The girl named Song Xiaojia is about eighteen or nineteen years old.
Waist-length hair without powder, Dai Qingli’s face gives people the feeling of Xiaojiabiyu, like Qiuhong’s water-cut eyes, exuding a different charm Song Xiaojia Although the other party’s strange behavior is a bit strange, she still patiently spoke to him in a low voice Xiaojia, twist me a little bit, Fang Yun didn’t realize how stupid his behavior was, and suddenly said a foolish word to Song Xiaojia, it hurts, his brows frowned instantly, Fang Yun’s whole face was like dried orange peel Is it too painful? Could it be that that incident hit him too hard? At this time, Fang Yun ignored what Song Xiaojia said to himself, and he was immersed in a strange atmosphere.
What’s more, rebirth came, jingle bells, the bell rang for the end of class, and as Professor Xia walked out of the classroom, the whole class was boiling and making noise, like what happened to Fangzi in the vegetable market, and offended our class leader Song, seeing your expression, you must have hit it Is the legendary beauty rubbing her waist? Hurry up and explain it from the truth. Fang Yun looked at the roommate who rushed over, especially the fat guy who smiled like a withered chrysanthemum, and couldn’t help but smile in his heart. Brother Fang is that kind of person, my name is Shen Si, I am Shen Si, do you understand? Well, Brother Shen Si, I am deeply impressed by your great sentiment of worrying about the country and the people, but we are all sentient beings, ordinary people cannot understand your pain and sorrow It hurts even more and I can’t understand your stupidity, haha, Fang Zi, you’re asking for more blessings, right? Seeing the dormitory where Fang Yun, the leader of Song Taiban, whose face has already turned black, all the animals turned into birds and beasts and fled Fang Yun in all directions.
same What the hell is going on? Are you still brooding over Qiuya’s rejection of you? It’s been two years and you still can’t let go of Qiuya.
Yin Qiuya’s expression sank. Became a well-known screenwriter at home and abroad and still didn’t have a family at the age of 33. It’s because of this woman. This woman is his demon and his reverse scale. First, you have no rights and no money. Second, your family has no rights and no money.
There is also money.
Song Xiaojia mentioned this name. Fang Yun felt a tingle in his heart.
He remembered what she said when he confessed on his birthday in his previous life, which completely entangled him.
What the woman he loved in his best years said to him Xiaojia, you think too much about life.
Who doesn’t always have so many hurdles? It’s okay. If there is something else in the courtyard, I won’t talk to you. You should adjust your emotions and don’t think too much. Well, you can do your work.
Isn’t Yin Qiuya in the dormitory just money? Since he was born again, he must never repeat the same mistakes in this life. There are ten years, ten years, whether it is short or not, whether it is long or not. If you don’t plan early, you will never be able to live a prosperous life and succeed in the future. Fang Yun has a relatively clear understanding of his talents. Tenacity In his previous life, he entered the company just seven years after graduation and became the company’s number one gold medal promoter. It can be seen that he knows that success in the world is not as easy as it is written in the autobiographies of chicken soup for the soul. Those books are all funny. It all comes from hard-working persistence. For example, I know that Zhongzhou, my hometown, is preparing to develop a new area in 2011. The housing prices of the newly planned new area have soared like a rocket, which drives the rapid development of the real estate industry in Zhongzhou.
For example, in 2019 The Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Greece entered the semi-finals of the European Football Championship. Greece played the role of a dark horse and won the European Football Championship. Transforming to e-commerce, renting of high-end commercial office buildings is extremely hot, housing prices will start to rise, and there will be three waves gradually.
For example, I know that in the future, Alibaba, founded by Jack Ma, who will overturn the cloud and rain in e-commerce, urgently needs financing. After Yahoo exchanged US$100 million in cash for the shares and shares of Alibaba founded by Jack Ma