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He unearthed the treasures of his body, comprehended the law of the Dao, went through nine calamities, and the flying immortal made the dharma and proved the divine way The big river stretches for thousands of miles and twists and turns like a long lying dragon, so it is named Wolongjiang. To the south of Wolongjiang is the well-known Bibo Mountain Range on Feixian Continent. The primeval forest has covered the entire mountain range with a layer of green.
The northernmost part of the Bibo Mountain Range is the area near the Wolong River. There are many sects of cultivating immortals.
Covering the mountains and forests near the Xinghuazong Mountain Gate, this strange night scene is the reason why Xinghuazong got its name and is famous, but tonight the dark clouds cover the sky, covering up the light of the stars. Naturally, it is difficult to see the magnificent and strange night scene. A heavy rain is coming.
Countless beasts, snakes and insects have already hid in caves to avoid the rain.
More than a hundred people in Xing Huazong cursed the ghost weather in their hearts, but no one expected that after a shocking explosion, the thick black The clouds disappeared in an instant, the disgusting rainstorm did not fall, and the familiar starry sky soon enveloped the fields again It was ear-shattering. In that instant, no matter whether it was a beast, a snake, or an accomplished master in Xinghuazong, they all lost their senses as if they had been struck by lightning.
There was a buzzing in their heads, and no one around here noticed that there was a bright light falling from the sky like a long rainbow, which gradually became subtle.
Hidden in the back mountain of Xinghuazong, the people who came back to their senses were all surprised at the rapid collapse of the dark clouds in the sky, bathed in the stars, dazed, and the world was silent.
In a stone house in the back mountain of Xinghuazong, there was a sudden exclamation. Sound like a dog, I’m a ghost and I won’t let you go Lin Chen woke up and sat upright from the slate bed he was lying on, with an angry roar on his face, but he didn’t finish his sentence because the scene he saw when he opened his eyes was not right. I saw a very simple room with walls made of stones.
In the room, apart from a slab bed and a stone cabinet beside the bed, there was only an oil lamp hanging on the wall beside the bed.
Lin Chen heard a sigh.
Then I saw an old man in a rough linen coat push the door in. The old man looked at the wrinkled and wrinkled plowed fields that were over the ages. He bent over and walked to the bedside and said, Lin Chen, can you be lucky enough to save your life? It’s already good, but you can’t think about revenge.
Nie Qing is the second elder’s grandson, and he has already cultivated spiritual patterns. Both his status and his own strength are far superior to yours.
If you take revenge, you can only seek death.
Lin Chen I couldn’t understand the meaning of the old man’s words at all.
What kind of place is this old man, who is this old man, the second elder, Nie Qing, and the spirit pattern? In just two breaths, many things appeared in his mind.
In doubt, the old man didn’t say anything more, he took out a small porcelain bottle from his arms, opened the cork and poured out a brown pill A bowl of clear water was picked up on the stone cabinet at the head, and he said that although this blood qi pill is only a low-grade grain pill, it is also good for your recuperation.
After a few days of recuperation, you may be able to recover before the outer door raises the tripod. Lin Chen is very good at observing words and expressions He could see the sincerity of the old man, so he didn’t refuse to swallow the pill and drink the bowl of clear water, and finally lay down again. Seeing that Lin Chen’s breathing was gradually calming down, the old man gave some instructions and then got up and left. Lin Chen also felt it.
When he felt the pain in his body, he knew that he was seriously injured, but he was extremely puzzled by what he saw and heard after waking up. He tried hard to think, but shortly after the kind old man left, he suddenly felt a burst of pain in his head and then passed out.
I don’t know how long he was in a coma. He felt a pain in his head again.
Finally he woke up from the coma. After waking up, he was in a daze for a long time and waited until the pain in his head disappeared. He finally understood the situation he encountered. It’s incredible. I, Lin Chen, actually passed through.
Lin Chen endured the pain of his body, supported the edge of the bed with his hands, and slowly sat up straight. It is almost invincible on earth.
Not long ago, he secretly went abroad to carry out a dangerous mission. Although he experienced many twists and turns and was ambushed by the enemy, he successfully completed the mission.
But what he didn’t expect was that after completing the mission, he relaxed a little.
When he was vigilant, he was stabbed in the back by his teammate, and that stab hit his heart. If he hadn’t been so powerful, he would have killed him in an instant. He was kicked down by a traitor, and he watched helplessly as the betrayer threw a knife at his feet. A grenade that has been unbolted bombarded him.
His last consciousness told him that the loud noise would definitely shatter his body, but he never expected that he would travel to a world of cultivating immortals and his soul would be possessed by a person with the same name as himself. The current situation is extremely bad, not as lucky as the time traveler I saw in the previous book, but he can live another life and come to the world of cultivating immortals. He feels that he has nothing to complain about. However, in his previous life, he was a top generation after all. A master, he will naturally not be willing to be a lowly person in this life. Since the gods let him come here, he absolutely can’t live up to the arrangements of the gods.
Before the sudden fainting, he fused the soul memory of Lin Chen from this world to this world. And I have a general understanding of my current situation, I feel that fate is magical