Joy Li Chunyuan you are back please don’t come in Li Chunyuan was stunned stopped and knew in his heart that there must be a

The files you downloaded are provided for free, please visit this website more often The shout came from the factory building on the outskirts of the city, and then the whole grain processing factory seemed to be boiling, some shouted, some shouted non-stop, and some shouted loudly at the grass nun mother biting me, help me, you are crazy, and there are people who use foul language and curse words from all over the world Shouting for help, the roar of the machine is still going on, but it has been faintly concealed by the earth-shattering noise. Outside the factory building separated by a wall, Li Chunyuan raised his face coldly, and exhaled a cloud of hot white air, raising his hopeless color. What’s going on in the eyes? What’s the matter? Is it a dog biting a dog? I put my ears on the wall, Li Chunyuan listened to the movement inside through a wall, cursing and screaming still lingering in my ears, but Li Chunyuan didn’t feel panic, just a kind of pleasure rippling in his heart Come kill it, kill it, you bunch of trash dogs, pay for your parents’ lives.
For the first time since he was born 20 years ago, he hoped that all the same kind next door would die.
This grain processing factory is newly built. Many of the field workers are neighbors that Li Chunyuan knew.
All of this was completed within a month.
When Li Chunyuan came back from the winter vacation at the university with a cold face, he realized that his field had been transferred and his parents were halfway there. He committed suicide a month ago, did he commit suicide? Why did he commit suicide? Li Chunyuan didn’t need to know. All he knew was that he was going to destroy the factory and the people who destroyed the factory.
On the top of the wall, a dark figure appeared on the top of the wall, ignoring the protective glass shards on the top of the wall, and crawled out desperately. Through the pale moonlight, Li Chunyuan could clearly see that it was a man in his thirties, trembling and panting heavily. Li Chunyuan stood up from the shadow under the wall and asked coldly. The man trembled and almost slipped down, kicking a few steps before he managed to hold the top of the glass-covered wall and opened his mouth.
The voice is so dry and frightening that you are a fucking person or a ghost. You scared me to death.
Li Chunyuan raised his head and looked at him very calmly.
What are you doing? The man saw the moonlight. Li Chunyuan looked like a handsome young man with stiff eyebrows. People suddenly begged, little brother, little brother, please help me, my legs are weak from fright, and my hands have no energy, so I’m short of this strength, you hurry up and find a way to pull me out, I’ll make you a cow and a horse, and your luggage is pure Yuan Jingjing looked at him and didn’t mean anything. Why did you run away? That person said swearingly, “Hurry up, you’re not a little brother. Look, I’m here, just halfway through the sentence.
” The person changed his words again. Flatteringly said, little brother, this wall is full of glass shards, and I was killed by the fucking Huang Lao 3. Installing so much glass on the wall, my hands are almost hurting to death.
They are all blood, little brother, please, Huang Laosan seems to be the director of this factory, Li Chunyuan. Otherwise, I’ll leave. The man became anxious and quickly said that the people inside are crazy.
They bite their mothers when they see people and eat people.
They eat people everywhere in the intestines and throats.
Please save me, or I will fall, and I will be killed by them all. After eating, he spoke urgently and quickly, his voice was low and low, as if he was afraid of attracting something, but it was still Li Chunyuan’s hometown dialect, so he also understood the meaning, crazy biting and cannibalism, Li Chunyuan raised his head and looked at the wall bitterly. The struggling middle-aged man carefully looked at him, his hands were pierced with blood by the glass on the wall, his whole body was trembling with fear, he didn’t seem to be talking casually. Is it close? I have relatives with Huang Laosan.
I heard you scolded him just now.
That person quickly denied what he said there. Director Huang has always treated us very well.
Hurry up, little brother. If you say a few more words, I will be bored.
Please, I really can’t climb.
After going out, although he spoke irregularly, Li Chunyuan took a closer look at him, and he was indeed frightened and crumbling.
Something came to mind.
Li Chunyuan’s expression moved, he walked to the shadow beside him, took out a long circle of hemp rope and threw it to him.
The man tied his waist, and the man immediately walked happily, and his body also became more energetic. With one hand, he barely hugged the wall and the other hand wrapped the hemp rope around his waist several times. Hurry up, little brother, hurry up, Li Chunyuan nodded and snorted. Well, the two of them pushed hard together, the man kicked his legs, and then he jumped up to the wall, and then jumped down impatiently, lying on the ground, motionless, just gasping for breath, Li Chunyuan stepped forward to move the hemp rope for him with a flash of his eyes. He moved the rope and pulled the rope from his waist to his shoulders, and then he asked what is the relationship between you and Director Huang. The man just touched the wound on his hand and gasped.
Director Huang, we are old friends, and we are usually buddies. Ah, Li Chunyuan narrowed his eyes. Really, I want to say one thing. You have to know the details before I can believe you. That man snorted and seemed to be here too. You little bastard, you have so many twists and turns, but you can’t get around this grain processing factory. I’m a person who understands things, but I don’t know, you say I’m sure you know the family surnamed Li this winter, do you dare to say you know? Home? Why didn’t I know that Director Huang has the right to someone? Why do you confront me? There’s no way out of this world, but I don’t dare to do such immoral things.
Li Chunyuan gave him a cold look.