josephI thought it was a heartwarming story and the audience in the teahouse didn’t know where to go A layer of cold sweat Zhao Yin

The strong smell of alcohol drifts in the wind.
Chen Yu sits on the guardrail of the bridge, drinking drunkenly.
A tattered old bag is precariously hooked on the guardrail. Showing a trace of ugliness, just like the thick and ugly hands of many people struggling at the bottom holding a wine bottle, like hoofs that have been cultivated for many years.
The events of the past three months are replayed like a movie. At that time, what my colleagues said behind my back made me quit a long time ago. I have been in the company for five years, and I am still the lowest employee. Looking down on Chen Yu for such a result, he took a sip of the wine, looked at the distance with red eyes and held the bottle tightly with his hands. The more he thought about it, the more angry he was. He had devoted five years of his youth to the company, and just because he said he didn’t like it, he ignored everything about him. Because of his lack of tact in handling things, he was kept in the lowest position without giving any gifts. After five years, a newcomer came and was promoted. Only he had to serve tea and water almost every day. He just wanted to keep working hard, and one day there would be someone. Find out his hard work and devotion, at least don’t look at other things, but look at his heart for the company. Who would have thought that he would be laid off casually like this? There are only a few dozens of people in this batch of layoffs. Only he is an old employee of the company.
He looks up angrily.
He took a sip of the wine on his head and shook it vigorously a few times, the liquid barely slipped down a few drops, and even the wine didn’t wait to see me.
He lowered his head sullenly for a long while and slammed the bottle into the river, shouting, “What’s wrong with me, my country taste?” Is my hard work a lie? I rely on you, uncle. He gripped the railing angrily. If only this matter wouldn’t knock him down, after all, who would dare to go to Bei Piao alone? But the night he lost his job, he kept saying that he would always The woman who accompanied him indifferently broke up. Thinking of the little things with her in the past three years, Chen Yu only felt bitter and sour. They even thought about where they would buy a house in the future and how many children they would have. The ruthless words echoed again and again, what did she say? I have been with you for three years and you are still so incompetent.
Why don’t you learn from others and climb to the position of supervisor in two years? The man wasted three years of youth, the closest person hurts the deeper Chen Yu muttered to himself in a daze, I have no skills but haven’t I been working hard? Why are you so cruel? I sneezed and gradually revealed a self-deprecating smile Yeah, I’m not capable, I’m not tactful, I’m stupid and naive, I’m rustic, he was always strong, even though these two things only made him decadent for a week, after this time, he started to go crazy Looking for a job turned his grief and anger into strength.
He didn’t feel a little tired until he had little money left.
He wanted to go home and stay for a few days to heal his wounds. The most ridiculous thing is that he returned to this place where he went to college.
Now that the backpack is empty, there is a huge gap and he laughs at him. The money, mobile phone and bank cards disappear together.
Is this a joke from God? The blowing is getting louder and louder, his whole body is cold, his body is cold, his heart is getting colder, what is worse, what is bad luck, there is nothing good about it, I think of my parents who are farming at home, I think of their happiness when they heard that I have been admitted to college, I think of their love for the village Neighbors said that he was proud of working in the capital.
When they told his relatives that he had a beautiful and sensible girlfriend, he felt even more ashamed. What kind of parents don’t want their children to become successful? How disappointed would parents be if they knew his current situation? He looked up blankly.
In the dark night, there is not even a ray of moonlight that is bitter. Even you are not willing to give me a ray of light. I lost my job. I lost my girlfriend and even my money was stolen.
This life is really interesting.
A sneeze, the wind on the bridge was blowing more and more fiercely, even he felt a little unstable He still remembers the phrase that blessings and misfortunes depend on each other, maybe his good luck is coming soon, no matter how deep the injury is, as long as it doesn’t die, it will gradually heal. Chen Yu cautiously got off the railing, he didn’t want to die. Thinking of the recent bad luck, he murmured to himself. God wouldn’t just take him back just like that, right? Just thinking about it, a gust of wind blew his hand, he felt bad, but he fell off the bridge without a body, and Chen Yu stared at him in time. A word of scolding, your uncle sank into the river with a plop, and before the river water in March had time to warm up, he shuddered as soon as the bone-piercing river surged and squeezed into his body, he was dizzy and gradually lost at that moment Did he realize that he was about to die? Thinking that he needed money all his life, had no money, was busy all his life, didn’t earn anything, and finally died as a single dog. The most important thing for him to let go of is probably his family. He felt bitter and sad even when he was unconscious. If he just died like this, how sad would his parents be? He has been in this world without a trace, and he will leave quietly. Isn’t he unwilling? Consciousness gradually disappears, his body freezes like a dead body, and suddenly there is a sound Where is the sound in your mind? If you are not frustrated, the flowers will fall and you will reopen.
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