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This year he graduated from the best geology university in China. Even though his father insisted on returning to his hometown to work in the geological team, he stayed in Yanjing without hesitation and joined the Wukuang Exploration and Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the established state-owned Wukuang Group. It is a new company established only one year ago. Since its establishment in the 1990s, Wukuang Group has been an asset-light conglomerate with resource trade as its main business.
However, the company’s senior management has seen the trend of the resource market in the new era and began to explore strategic transformation and extend to the upstream of the industry.
It is no easy task to turn the highland giant. It needs a little bit of progress.
Wukuang Exploration and Development Co., Ltd.
came into being. Since its establishment, the main work of the company has been resource evaluation.
As a pair of eyes, it can see clearly various mineral deposits. The Ganshan Coal Mine is the largest so far carried out by the company.
Since the mid-1980s, the coal market has taken a sharp turn for the worse. In 2010, the price of a ton of coal was tens of yuan. With the country’s drastic restructuring, we resolutely eliminated the waste of resources. Non-compliant coal mines took back the mining rights issued by townships and closed them all at once.
Overcapacity in three-quarters of the mines in the country suddenly turned into undercapacity. The coal price gradually increased.
The copper smelter under Wu Mining Group had a huge demand for coking coal. The increase in coal price also brought a significant increase in cost, so it decided to enter the coal industry. The industry independently mines coking coal. China is the largest coal country in the world, but coking coal is a scarce commodity. More than 80% of the country’s coking coal is in Sanjin Province and Qianzhou Province. After many inquiries, Li Tang’s father Li Zaiqiang recommended a company from Qianzhou Province. The inferred resources of the Ganshan coal mining area are 1 billion tons, and the proven reserves are 200 million tons, of which the main coking coal has reached 120 million tons. This is simply a huge treasure. Qin Jianshe, the vice president of the company, led a technical team to the side of the Qianzhou Geological Bureau without stopping.
The guest house became their temporary base.
People in the company didn’t know that Qin Jianshe and Li Tang’s father, Li Zaiqiang, were college classmates.
The figure in the mirror is neither handsome nor ugly. The public is delighted that he is very young. He is both surprised and confused.
He does not know how to smoke.
He asks a colleague for a cigarette and lights it. He walks to the door of the guest house and looks into the distance in a daze.
Where is Li Tang running? Went to the meeting Liu Kaisheng, director of the indoor resource evaluation department, turned around and didn’t see Li Tang still there just now, it seemed that he was out to smoke, and someone gave an uncertain answer. The fire-breathing eyeballs searched around, and sure enough, they saw a motionless figure under a big tree not far away. Can you, can you do it? Can you do it? Get the fuck out of me as soon as possible.
With a roar, he turned around and showed an apologetic smile. He stubbed out the cigarette butt and ran all the way back.
When passing by Liu Kaisheng, he was full of apologies. All right Li Tang’s attitude doesn’t have any hostile meaning, you can move to the meeting room, this young man was very hot-tempered before, but today he didn’t talk back, Liu Kaisheng was surprised, and his tone was a little calmer too.
A familiar yet unfamiliar colleague greeted everyone, and everyone else had already moved all the materials to the meeting room desktop.
Various reports and drawings were piled up into a mountain.
Li Tang picked up a thick survey report and flipped through it at random. As more and more details are mastered, more memories are coming up. If the normal historical process is followed, Wukuang Group will spend a huge sum of 20 million yuan to acquire Jiajia Coal Mine Company.
The purpose is to acquire the Qianshan Coal Mine Area.
This time The acquisition caused huge economic losses to the Wuzhou Mining Group.
Those who participated in the project were more or less affected, especially the main person in charge, Qin Jianshe, lost the career that he had acquired after working hard for most of his life. The strong friendship between classmates also turned against each other. Qin Jianshe walked into the conference room with a smile on his face and clapped his hands to attract everyone’s attention. He pointed to a gray-haired old man beside him and introduced that this is the old Hu Chuanlai from the Coalfield Geology Bureau. Evaluation experts participated in the inspection and acceptance work of the Ganshan Coal Mine Exploration Project.
They came to guide us during their busy schedules. Everyone applauded and welcomed the applause.
Hu Chuanlai waved to everyone with a teacup and a kind smile.
This is the 101 Geological Team of the Geological Bureau. Li Zaiqiang, senior engineer, welcome. Li Zaiqiang did not participate in the Ganshan Coal Mine Exploration Project, but his old classmate called to inquire about the coking coal project.
He recommended this project. Today, he came here purely to participate.
He nodded solemnly, and finally his eyes fell on the face of his son Li Tang.
When Li Tang saw his father, who was not too old, his thoughts flooded for a moment. Qin Jianshe signaled that everyone also sat down to participate in the meeting. It was the last mobilization meeting. Prior to this, Wukuang Exploration and Development Company and Jiajia Coal Mine Company negotiated. After nearly two months, a verbal acquisition intention has basically been reached. This morning, this will be considered the final confirmation.
If the review experts also say that this project is no problem, then the two parties will sign a formal acquisition contract this afternoon. In fact, Qin Jianshe has confidence in this acquisition. Full of energy and firm will, you have read all the materials of Mr. Hu’s project, right? Qin Jianshe respectfully passed a cigarette to Hu Chuanlai. He has a technical background and took up a management position. He knows the importance of technology for prospecting projects, so he treats skilled people.
In particular, experts and scholars respect Hu Chuanlai very much. He waved his hand and said that he does not smoke.
I have read all the materials, and I have reviewed my homework.
It has not been a long time since the acceptance and review of this project. I remember very clearly that I understand the situation even if I don’t read it.