Jiu Xiao could only use a cold voice Hmph come to deal with it it’s not me if you don’t have you Zhuanxu was dead

He allowed her to be blinded by others, causing her to experience the most terrifying indifference in the world.
She was reborn and reincarnated, and she became an ancient poison god who looked down upon all things.
It was his greatest luck that he could meet again in the boundless cycle of reincarnation.
Poison is not poison, wine is people’s hearts.
Opening chapter is abuse A woman in a black dress with a silver foil mask The sun shines on her face through the gaps in the flowers The long eyelashes behind the silver foil mask flicker Yan Wu slowly wakes up from the lethargy A clump of blooming light yellow flowers is in sight The fragrance of flowers When the Qinpi consciousness was not fully awake, she muttered a sentence, the sixth soul gathered, there was a soft rustling sound around her, a group of small things rolled over her body, she suddenly woke up and turned her head to see A group of birds were tearing at a huge blood-stained eyeball, she sat up screaming, the birds flew away in a fright, but her eyes were black with pain, and the puncture wound on her shoulder was pulled to half of her body Soaked in blood, I covered my shoulders and sat for a while to relieve the pain.
Fang crawled over, picked up the ugly eyeball, slowly stood up and looked around.
After a fierce battle last night, I fell into this green hill and green forest. It was noon and the sun was shining.
The forest was supposed to be full of birds singing, but it was completely silent. I saw the shadows of the birds but did not hear the songs of the birds. In fact, it was more than just this mountain forest.
Tens of thousands of birds in the world have been dumb for three hundred years. Three hundred years ago, the Yu family. The leader, the phoenix, failed to be reborn smoothly when he crossed Nirvana, but his soul flew away.
Since then, all the birds in the wilderness have never sang a melodious song. The world without the bird’s song is extremely bleak and silent.
Now all this is finally coming to an end.
A sad smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, and a pair of red wings spread out behind her back, and she took off crookedly.
She landed in the hinterland of the Flame Mountain, with the red wings on her back and in her shoulders. A piece of fire brick was left here to form a flaming mountain Yanwu stepped on the scorching red sand and walked towards a huge cliff Draw a trick, a boulder bangs away, revealing a hole, Yan Wu burrows into the hole, the boulder closes again, the hole is not as hot as outside, Yan Wu sighs, his legs go limp, and he sits on the ground inside the hole like a transparent bubble Inside the enchantment, a red-clothed man was lying on his side on a stone couch with his head in his hands and his eyes closed. This man had a handsome face and smooth black hair, and he fell on the couch.
There was a faint neon around his body.
Hearing a voice, the man opened his eyes. Seeing Yan Wu, who was looking embarrassed outside the barrier, she stood up in shock and asked Yan’er, what’s the matter with you, while talking, she rushed towards the outside of the barrier, but was bounced back by the transparent film, Yan Wu raised her head and her lips swelled With a smile like a lotus, he waved his hands to appease him, saying that this little injury is okay, you don’t have to worry about the man being trapped behind the barrier, and his eyes are full of sadness, like a lake rising up. A drop of clear tears slid down Yan Wu looked up at his tears, fascinated for a while, her lips moved Huang Yu silently, this is probably the last time you shed tears for me, now Huang Yu is just a soul Huang Yu is in the Nirvana The Phoenix, the king of the Yu clan who encountered an accident, has seven souls and six souls, and the same is true for the gods. The seven souls and six souls of the Phoenix feathers scattered and scattered all over the place. During the three hundred years of immortality, the Yu clan tried every means to find Huang Yu’s soul, hoping to revive the lord, but there was no way to find a single fragment. Seeing that the time limit was up, the body of the lord Phoenix was about to be wiped out. When the Buddha came, he was powerless.
No one would have thought that there was a slender woman who had worked hard for three hundred years and gathered Huang Yu’s soul piece by piece in the cave of the Flame Mountain. The Phoenix belongs to the Fire Flame Mountain. Yan Wu chose this place to put together his soul. She still clearly remembers that she cut out the first soul out of the seven souls and six souls from the posthumous body of Ei Yuran in Daze in the west, carefully put it into the barrier, and looked at his body. When the shadows and shadows appeared, the joy and sorrow in her heart swallowed her like an ocean. At that time, his face was still blurred, but the moist lingering in his eyes could still be seen clearly.
He looked at her through the barrier and asked who are you? My name is Yan Wu’s voice choked up slightly, who am I? He asked again, “You are the emperor of the Phoenix Feather Clan. The Phoenix’s soul is incomplete. Huang Yu has no memories of her life.
She is as pure as a piece of clean life.” His eyes fell on her blood-stained face. She asked again on the shirt what’s the matter, nothing a little hurt, she looked at his figure and couldn’t take her eyes off, and finally saw that he was an extravagant hope that she couldn’t even dream of. Piece by piece, his figure becomes clear until it is like a real entity. Whenever she goes out, Huang Yu falls into a deep sleep, absorbs the essence of Yanshan Mountain, and recharges her energy for the future awakening. When she comes back, he will wake up and stick to the knot.
Seeing her wounds on the wall of the boundary, the clear lake water in her eyes was like a tidal wave, and tears flowed down my cheeks, and let me go out.
He grabbed the flexible barrier and tried to tear it, no way, your soul is knotted The world will dissipate and I finally found it. He looked at her through the barrier and his eyes were full of pity. I want to go out to take care of you.
My injury is fine. She sat far away on the ground and smiled to comfort her.
A piece of soul brought back from Yama’s Purgatory was put into the enchantment, watched it melt into his body, and then stepped back.
His hand suddenly reached forward, as if to shake her hand, but was bounced back by the enchantment. Put your palms against the wall, look down at her and say goodbye in a low voice