Jiu this little mouth is so sweet is Wei Wei accepting it or accepting it Yun Qilan didnt pay attention to the road ahead and

When I met her for the first time, she was a hunter from the countryside. He came back victorious.
On the official road, he rode a horse and galloped over him. He accidentally knocked her over. She exhausted all his efforts and made it to make a fortune. He became the uncle of her scumbag fiancé, but she mistook him for a divorce letter and slammed it on him. After Su Li broke the engagement, she returned the tiger talisman that was taken from him with both hands. The condition for you is to marry me and make a deal. He curled his lips and a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes showed a smile of success. The moment he was thrown down after marriage, Yun Chu gritted his teeth slightly.
Didn’t the prenuptial agreement agree that the same room and different beds? He picked his lips and smiled evilly. Different beds, baths, pools, desks are all available Yunchuwei’s first sister in the film industry died in an accident during the filming process, and once she traveled through time, she became the official daughter of the Hou Mansion and was handed off to the countryside since birth It made him regret that his intestines were knotted and the doves occupied the magpie’s nest. Sister Bailian had a deep heart, no matter what, she had acted in countless palace fighting dramas, and she was deeply slapped. Uncle Suyan, Nanliang’s youngest prince, the youngest elder of the Su family, has power, wealth and beauty, but the daughter of the entire Nanliang girl is the one who only dares to think and dare not marry, just because he is a four-pillar pure yang, and he is destined to be alone. My wife, she is a four-pillar pure yang, she will be alone. I never like to play tricks on people. I only like to play tricks on God. Lord Jiu should be like this.
She you try one, he bullies you, besides Master Quan and Qian, he can also give you an unprecedented excruciating joyful experience One-on-one, warm pets, double clean women, strong men, even more sour, cool and abused scum Zhang strikes back at Liwei in the spring of March.
At noon, the warm sun shone through the Korean paper pasted on the window, and Yun Chu, who was sitting on the bamboo couch by the window, was slightly drowsy.
She was holding a book of Nanliang History Meizi, the only close maid who came back from the only bookstore in the town two days ago, was sitting on the twig, bending over to sift mung beans. Glancing at Yun Chuwei on the bamboo couch, then at the plums sifting mung beans, let go of his voice and said, Madam told you to prepare more mung bean porridge Jumping up on the stool, isn’t it right that the wife’s old lady is here? It’s none of our girl’s business.
Tweety raises her eyebrows. The wife is injured, so her tone gradually becomes sharper. Besides, the reason why the wife got hurt is not all.
Did you cause trouble because of the girl? My wife is kind-hearted, and adults don’t forget about villains.
For the sake of the master, it’s enough to be tolerant if you don’t care about girls. Isn’t it just a fall? I often walk by the river, so there is no one who doesn’t get wet shoes. We are all mountain masters, and these villages are famous for ten miles and eight villages.
Orion went hunting in the early years and never got hurt.
It’s ridiculous.
I grew up. This is the first time I heard that a sprained foot and scratched the skin.
Everyone in the village knows it, but anyone with relatives comes Those who visited after the ceremony and those who know the truth know that your wife’s body is so precious that she can’t bear the pain. Those who don’t know the truth think that our family is dead and have a funeral.
Can Wang Yuanwai, who was a house-filling girl, have the idea of ​​arguing with her? Then my girl fell into the water, why didn’t you say it was your wife who was cruel and merciless? Cui Er’s face changed when she heard it Dead, Meizi stomped her feet, raised her head and stared at Tweety, full of vigor, I pointed out who’s name and scolded someone, you have to sit down by yourself, right? Convulsively, she picked up the feather duster and raised it, trying to hit Meizi to stop.
At this moment, Yun Chuwei suddenly put down the book in her hand and looked straight at Tweety. After the girl fell into the water and woke up, she seemed to be a completely different person.
The girl’s eyes always made people feel guilty and scared, but then I thought that the wife was injured because of the girl.
I couldn’t take care of Mrs. Zheng. It’s right for the girl to go and greet me this time. Thinking of this, Tweety straightened her neck and glanced contemptuously at Yun Chuwei’s maid.
How dare she curse my wife? Why am I a wife? The personal servant girl also took the place of his wife to teach her a lesson, Yun Chuwei slowly stood up and moved towards the two of them lightly, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, he took the feather duster from Cui Er’s hand, weighed it twice, and hit Mei Zi without hesitation Her back hurts, she looks at Yun Chuwei in disbelief, her eyes are red, her voice is aggrieved, she doesn’t understand what she did wrong, it’s clearly the wife’s maid, Tweety, who came to pick things up first, she can’t listen to it, and then she fights back, but why is the girl Want to hit her Yun Chuwei glanced at Meizi with cold eyes Yun Chuwei convicted Meizi of speaking without the master’s permission, not the curse that Tweety’er said. Mrs.
Meizi’s big watery eyes flickered for a moment, and then she realized that the girl was planning to do a play, so she immediately Accompanied by two sobs, the girl spared my life, the servant girl knows the crime, the servant girl will never dare again, although Tweety does not understand why Yun Chuwei beat her maidservant