Jiro raised his head and looked at Juse who was directly opposite and asked earnestly and sincerely if there is any way to turn the

Chapter 1 The snow began to fall near the left of Lintaki. It’s so cold.
It’s winter and the bone-chilling cold is hurting this fourteen-year-old boy, who only wears thin clothes and huddles in a corner alone.
Unexpectedly, before crossing, he was an orphan. It was even worse when I was an orphan in the end.
Ling Takigawa couldn’t help but smile wryly. It’s been almost a year since I traveled from the earth to this place and wandered here. I’ve been here for a long time.
I didn’t know anything. When I woke up, I found my surroundings No one I know, messy hair, weak body, no one cares about him, he has nothing of value except the tattered clothes on his body, but he has been a human for two lives, but he can only get by by stealing vegetables here, looking at the dry hair in his hands Ryo Takigawa chewed the radish with difficulty. I ate the cold radish without any taste.
I don’t know if it will speed up my death. In winter, there is less food and I’m back to my old job. Actually, I really don’t want to do this, but if I don’t steal it, I will starve to death. Ah Takigawa Ling said with emotion that when he thought of this, he recalled his previous life. He was also an abandoned orphan who was adopted by local snakes and trained intensively with other orphans like him.
He began to steal things from tourists at tourist attractions. The tourists there, who are not familiar with the place, these little children have a lot of opportunities.
Later, the local snake there committed a case and was arrested by the police. It was the police who rescued him and sent him to an orphanage.
The society gave him education. This opportunity made him understand how to be a person, and also enabled him to be admitted to university.
Seeing that he just graduated and found a good job, he has a good life not far away, but because of a truck, is this a reincarnation artifact? But the snow around is getting thicker and thicker, and the temperature on Ryo Takigawa’s body is gradually losing. Snowflakes are flying all over the sky, and there is thick snow on the ground. Every family has closed their doors to resist the severe winter.
Feeling the warmth of home, Takigawa Chuan Ling could only curl up in a small corner, begging for even a little warmth to take care of him. Well, he was curled up in a corner.
Taki Chuan Ling looked up and saw a man wearing a vicious tengu mask. He was wearing a blue haori kimono. The white stripes on the kimono are intertwined with the white auspicious clouds.
A samurai sword is pinned to the waist.
The black scabbard reveals a chill. The appearance of the man in front of him makes Takigawa Ryo see hope. Takigawa Rei has a deep impression on him in the world of Takikawa Rei. He is a gentle but dignified person.
Mr. Ryotaki is a gentle person. As long as I get his approval, he will definitely take me in.
Takigawa Rei’s trembling voice holds back I can’t help being excited in my heart. When I think of this Takikawa Ryo, I want to walk towards Rinaki Zuo in a hurry, but my weak body even walks staggeringly. Hunger and cold, Takikawa Ryo hasn’t eaten normal food for a long time, it seems Because of the cold radish he ate just now, his stomach began to emit bursts of colic and severe pain, so his thin body couldn’t even support him.
He walked up to Rinaki Zuojinji, cold, weak and thin, Takikawa Ling fell weakly on the snow.
The heat remaining in his body was rapidly lost, and the heat exhaled from his mouth became very thin.
Hastily ran over, running at a very steady pace.
Looking at the dying Takigawa Linglin, Takizawa helped him up and hugged him for the last time, and carefully looked at the thin clothes on this frail boy, his face flushed from the cold, and his body trembling constantly It makes people feel his pity. Looking at the miserable child in front of him, Zuo Jinci’s heart moved slightly, and sighed, “It’s another poor child. In this world, many people starve to death every day.
Let’s eat this first.
” The last time Takizuo took out two dry wheat-colored steamed buns from his bosom.
Although they were unpalatable, thank you Takigawa Ryo slowly took the food. The stomach cramps were not over yet, but he still gnawed on it. Now he I don’t care about what’s difficult or not. I’ll save my life first. You’ll be able to wear it first. Said Rin Taki Zuo recently put his haori uniform on Taki Chuan Ling and felt the clothes handed over in front of his eyes.
This is For the first time in a long time, Takigawa Ryo felt the warmth.
Thank you for so long.
You are the first person who cared about me. Takigawa Ryo looked at the man with a fierce mask in front of him, but there was a gentle smell coming from him, child.
Let’s go back to the house with me first after eating and taking a break Rinaki Zuo Kinji said gently, Takigawa Ling slowed down for a while, then followed the pace of Ryotaki Zuo Kinji walked for a long time and was about to be unable to hold on when he saw a wooden house What came into view was a narrow wooden house.
The wooden house is a classic Japanese old-fashioned wooden house.
Several stones were stacked on the wooden roof to increase the weight.
Under the eaves, there was a wooden shoji just enough for one person to pass through.
Arranged wood also leaves gaps evenly so that sunlight and air can pass through. Let’s go in. Well, when we get to the entrance, look at the clean wooden boards and look at our dirty feet. Takikawa Ling dare not step on it.
It’s okay to go up. Saying good, Takikawa Ryo was careful not to stain the floor a little more. Looking at the child’s careful and blunt movements in front of him, Rinaki Sakinji could feel his kindness in his heart. Ryotaki Sakinji came to the table in the middle of the room and lit the oil lamp. Facing the upright sitting Takigawa Ryo, sat down and remained silent for a while.
I am Ryotaki Sakinji, won’t you introduce yourself? Looking at the child who is not moving in front of him, Ryotaki Sakinji said helplessly. My name is Takigawa Ryo.
I am fourteen years old now. I’m an orphan. My parents died when I was very young. I can only live by picking up vegetables every day.
When I whispered the last words, Takigawa Ryo’s voice became more and more childish.