Jin Yongsheng smiled wryly and said Its really a headache hes starting to worry now he doesnt have much energy he controls too many people

Bigger world, damn it, I shouldn’t have sat in front of the computer screen all night yesterday, Lin Fei rubbed his eyes vigorously Lin Fei is a college student who has just graduated for two years and is currently working as an operator in the Jialan Oil Factory.
The reason why he came to work here is because Lin Fei studied The chemical engineering major is a professional counterpart. In addition, the salary of this factory is relatively high, but there is a reason why Liu Yuanjun, the deputy director of the workshop of this factory, is somewhat related to him.
Downstream product companies are located on the banks of the Yangtze River, because oil is imported and exported by boat, which can save a lot of logistics costs, but it also means that it is far away from the urban area, and recruitment becomes a problem. It is very painful for young people nowadays if they have no place to play after work. Lin Fei came to this factory because of Liu Yuanjun’s relationship, and he is a rather homely person. As long as he has a mobile phone after work, he can accept the condition that he is far from the city.
The main production equipment in the factory is in a seven-story building.
There are many rectification towers and reactors inside.
The people in the plant call this building the tower.
Lin Fei’s shift position is on the second floor of the tower, which is the main control position of all the equipment in the whole tower. Everyone calls this the operation.
Today, Lin Fei is on the morning shift.
Jialan Grease has a relatively high degree of automation.
In the entire production tower, there are only two real operators in a shift. Lin Fei and the shift leader Xiao Sanwan are on duty in this shift. Except for switching some valves nearby, the usual operations are basically basic. They are all sitting there monitoring various data on the computer.
The current time is about nine o’clock.
Lin Fei saw the temperature data points on the screen flickering, but he couldn’t see the exact number at all.
He felt that his vision became more and more blurred last night. Lin Fei didn’t sleep at all. Cao Haiyang from the business department shared the same dormitory with him. Cao Haiyang worked overtime until 10 o’clock in the evening. The two players played until dawn, then Lin Fei was afraid that he would not be able to stand it during the day, so he quickly took a nap.
If he is caught sleeping in the post, he will definitely be punished heavily. Lin Fei might be laid off.
Lin Fei is trying his best not to fall asleep, thinking of his parents in his hometown who have worked so hard for him to be admitted to university. After graduation, he can only find a job in a factory. Because shift wages are higher, he came here only to know that high school students can come in and work as operators, and the salary is the same. I knew it was like this.
It’s better not to go to college. The tuition fees for the past four years are not a small amount of money. When will I be able to save Qian Linfei? He is really sleepy. He thought about pretending to go out to patrol the guard first, then find a corner where the camera can’t see it, but he needs to say hello to the squad leader Xiao Sanwan first.
He subconsciously After looking at the squad leader Xiao Sanwan who was sitting next to him, he suddenly woke up. It turned out that Xiao Sanwan, who was sitting on the chair next to him, disappeared at some point.
The strange thing is that there is a pile of clothes on the chair, which are a complete set of work clothes, and the two legs of the trousers are still hanging and dragged to the ground.
These are Xiao Sanwan’s work clothes. Where did Xiao Sanwan go? I can’t sleep, get up quickly, my whole body hurts, why is it so painful, I don’t know how long it took, Lin Fei slowly opened his eyes, the surrounding was dark, he sat up suddenly, and found something soft on his head, what is this place? Have I time-traveled or still haven’t woken up? Lin Fei rubbed his eyes and gradually got used to the darkness. He looked around and found some light behind him.
He wanted to stand up, but the soft thing above was pressing him, so he turned over and faced Climbing to a place with light, the pain on his body was reduced a lot, Lin Fei felt less groggy, he crawled two steps forward, he suddenly realized something was wrong, I didn’t wear a single piece of clothes, I should leave it to me A piece of clothing, Lin Fei stopped and touched all over his body, he did not wear anything, at least leave a pair of underpants, if he goes out to travel to some other world and meets a beautiful girl or a heroine, how embarrassing it would be, Lin Fei sat down I came down and thought about it for a while, and finally decided to crawl outside first.
Now that the pain in my body has completely disappeared, let’s go out first and talk about it. At last, it’s a little brighter.
Lin Fei’s eyes got used to it, and he realized that it was a piece of cloth that was pressing him just now.
What kind of thick cloth is this? It’s so familiar. Lin Fei looked around and looked around.
It seemed like, oh my god, it’s my overalls. It’s getting bigger.
That familiar voice is Xiao Sanwan, do you want to wear it with him when you cross the hell? The neckline of the clothes is surrounded by the enlarged chair that he was sitting on just now.
Lin Fei turned his head and saw the enlarged operating desk for the computer. The enlarged operating desk is like a house. Everything is enlarged. It means that it can only be I became smaller, and he sat down in the pile of clothes, completely unable to adapt to the current situation. How could I have become smaller? Then Xiao Sanwan? Lin Fei tried to stand up to see Xiao Sanwan’s situation. It sounded terrible. Lin Fei remembered that the reactor he was operating was heating up, and now the pressure was too high. The sound was an alarm set by the computer to exceed the pressure. The chair saw Xiao Sanwan standing there looking up at the console, there were only two words in his mouth repeating “I rely on me rely on him” Xiao Sanwan was completely naked and a fat man who weighed almost two hundred catties