Jiashen Luan Qi was not afraid snorted coldly and shouted at Liu Zhiyi arrested me it was easy for me to come out but it’s

Time-travel into Zhezong of the Song Dynasty Zhao Xu’s pig’s foot expresses how difficult it is for me Author’s self-defined label Otaku stays calm and travels through the workplace with ease Trembling violently, there were people standing beside the bed, all of them were full of worries and apprehensions.
The young man sat up abruptly, gasping for air, his eyes wide open, bloodshot and terrified.
He took a few sharp breaths, calmed down a little, his eyes were a little confused, and he said, “Didn’t I fall off the cliff?” Is there a trembling voice coming from the official? The boy turned his head and saw a middle-aged man wearing an ancient official uniform and an official hat with an uneasy expression.
The moment he fell down, he heard bursts of urgent shouts from officials, officials.
Isn’t Guanjia the name of the emperor of the Song Dynasty? This was the boy’s last thought before he fell into a coma. I want to eat fish to be a big official The fish is too fishy and has thorns.
I want to eat big pieces of meat.
It’s too greasy to hurt my stomach. It’s easy to get fat. I want to eat dog meat.
The frozen ones are too cold and hurt my body. On the bed, I looked at the little Huangmen who was about the same age beside the bed, that is, the little eunuch. The conversation between the two alternated between what I wanted and what I couldn’t.
The original world has been separated by more than a thousand years. He still remembers that he unexpectedly appeared in an abandoned well in the Song Dynasty palace in Kaifeng more than a thousand years ago during his extreme rock climbing and a long fall. He became the seventh emperor of the Song Dynasty in history.
Song Zhezong with the same name and surname Zhao Xu, in his previous life, he was an executive of a multinational company with a Ph. Who will kill me? Zhao Xu looked outside the door and whispered to himself. He doesn’t remember why he went to that abandoned well. Someone seemed to push him.
A figure flashed in Zhao Xu’s mind. His eyes flickered. It was the seventh year of Yuanyou. He is seventeen years old this year.
He roughly knows that Song Zhezong in history passed away suddenly in his early twenties.
The current situation is a bit complicated. Although a figure flashed in his heart, there was no clear clue or target. Zhao Xu couldn’t tell if it was the key But he felt the crisis.
If it fails once, there will definitely be a second time. Zhao Xu turned his eyes to the little yellow door in front of him, his hands were wrapped in gauze, there were bloodstains, and he said, who made the little yellow door? Chen Pi turned his head and looked outside, and whispered in fear The official Zhou He is investigating who killed the official Zhou He and Zhao Xu’s expressions slightly moved, his eyes revealing his thoughts What kind of attitude will his grandmother, Empress Dowager Gao, who is behind the curtain listen to the government, Zhao Xu changed his mind and looked at the little yellow door, Chen Pidao Pipi, now I am tied to you, and if they kill me, I will definitely kill you to silence Chen Pipilian Seli He looked straight at Zhao Xu with white eyes, full of fear, he had seen many times in the palace, and he knew very well that someone wanted to harm the officials, he, a personal eunuch, couldn’t escape no matter what, Zhao Xu looked at his expression and nodded secretly Dao, come here and help me do a few things, Chen Pi is so scared now that he can’t think at all, subconsciously stepped forward, Zhao Xu whispered a few words in his ear, and finally said, “Be sure to hide, don’t let people find your head.
” Zhao Xu sat back and said calmly, this is called doing the opposite, no matter who is going to harm me, the palace will definitely protect me with all its strength in a short period of time, even if you and my life are saved, Chen Pi listens and immediately understands the fear, put the emphasis on the Taoist officials, rest first, villain Let’s do it Zhao Xu let out a sigh, slowly leaned on the head of the bed, closed his eyes and rested his mind, he fell into the well, no matter whether it was mentally or physically, he couldn’t recover immediately, according to the doctor’s instructions, he needed to get rid of the palpitations and calm his mind, Zhao Xu didn’t sleep, he still Thinking about the previous and last things, he doesn’t remember how he went to the abandoned well, and he doesn’t know who he went with. It might be because he was overly frightened. It takes a little time to remember.
After about an incense stick, Chen Pi ran back and came to Zhao Xu’s bed, glanced outside and said in a low voice, I did what you said. After going out, I saw people staring and sizing up whether they were familiar or not, and then in Funing Hall, no matter who told you, don’t go out, Chen Pi looked uneasy, looked at Zhao Xu hesitantly and didn’t dare to agree immediately Zhao Xu moved his body, smiled and said forgot The previous matter is over, and soon grandma will come over in person to replace everyone and strengthen our protection.
Maybe she will assign some people to give you a promotion. Zhao Xu smiled and said that he was not in a hurry to wait and see.
Chen Pi felt that the officials in front of him were a little different, and hesitantly responded to the order of the Yellow Gate of the Hall of Compassion and Ning, that is, Zhou He, the chief executive of the palace, hurried and even trotted into the side of Empress Dowager Gao to handle government affairs. The Empress Dowager Dian Gao is full of silver hair, rich and majestic, wearing complicated palace attire, and is leaning over to review the playbook.
She heard footsteps, slowly put down the pen, raised her head and looked at Zhou He with an indifferent expression. What did she find? Zhou He looked a little flustered and waved The maids standing on both sides, Huangmen, rushed out and came straight to Empress Dowager Gao. Empress Dowager Gao watched Zhou and Zhao Xu being pushed down the well. She kept asking Zhou and Zhao Xu to find out who they were.
He glanced at the following and whispered in Empress Dowager Gao’s ear. Outside, there are rumors that the empress is afraid that the government will seize power by herself.