Jiang Yao justly refused right Looking at her eyes with piercing eyes when Jiang Yao closed her eyes nervously and slightly expectantly Xie Xizhan suddenly

Those who can’t get it are always in turmoil and those who are favored have no fear.
A female partner is always a tragic existence to the male lead.
Even though she is fair, beautiful, breasts, long thighs, long legs, superior family, and no limit to her father, she will die if she falls in love with the male lead.
Will become like a snake and scorpion and use any means but there is no egg to use Jiang Yao to let the hero and heroine go on a blind date I don’t mind the male supporting role Why didn’t you give me a chance Jiang Yao because a creature more advanced than the male protagonist appeared Will the male god be black and the male and female protagonists Depends on the plot and try not to get involved with the two. Content tags: Female supporting role in books, modern, superficial, erroneous, leading role, Jiang Yao, Xie Xizhan, supporting role, Meng Yurou, Mo Chen, and female supporting role, male god.
With sour eye circles, I took out the key and opened the door, and saw my cousin who had just entered college sitting in the living room wiping tears at the computer, her big dark eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, and Shen Yao was a little funny.
She took off her outer coat and hung it on the shelf. What’s wrong with her? Last night you said excitedly that you’re one step closer to becoming a great god, and now you’re starting to lose Sister Jindouzi. Those readers are so vicious. They organized a group to collect my points under my novel. It hurts me so much Shen Yao casually moved the computer in front of her and read the comments at a glance.
Well, you wrote that villain female supporting role to death.
She made the heroine so miserable.
Of course, you need a box lunch, not to mention the female supporting role. Is it for abuse? Did she do so many bad things and still have a perfect ending? Wang Qi took out a tissue and wiped her nose with snot.
I wrote it like this. I have a bad view. Shen Yao pulled the screen and it was all readers who threw rotten eggs. The resentment is almost spreading from the screen, she took a few glances and stopped paying attention, since what others say, you stick to your own opinion, why bother her anymore, she is tired all day, her whole body is sore, now she just wants to lie in the jacuzzi, do some aromatherapy and then Sleeping sister, do you also think my writing is poor? Wang Qi followed her ass into the bathroom pitifully.
Shen Yao used a cotton pad to remove her makeup without being affected.
My mother often studies the 100 ways of female supporting roles in Korean dramas. Maybe you have a common language. After staying in the United States for so many years, you have never thought of finding a partner.
Shen Yao frowned. Foreign men have thick hair and body odor. I can’t bear it. She glanced at Wang Qi who rolled her eyes in the mirror. Does this question have anything to do with your novel? Aren’t you curious? Wang Qi is waiting for Ai Ai to pull her clothes.
Sister, after you wash up, read the novel for me. With the eyes of a mature woman, help me analyze the shortcomings of the novel so that I can improve it. Shen Yao shook her neck and said nothing. She pushed it outside the door and posted a help post on the Internet. The almighty netizen will definitely help you solve the problem, but most of those people will gloat, right? I didn’t dare to bother Shen Yao anymore, just now there are a few more negative points in the kung fu comment area, those readers have also risen from the heroine in the novel to the stupid hero’s eyesight and blindness, to the author’s character problem, Wang Qi’s heart fire has been on the rise Blow until someone greets her and her whole family, Wang Qi has touched the bottom line and is not ready to endure this group of little bitches really think that my mother is a soft persimmon, isn’t it just a tear? I am afraid that your mother is not sexual. After the first comment reply, the following has exploded. Qi didn’t care about it and sent a manual goodbye to all the readers who made false comments, and then simply deleted the text and committed suicide under the pseudonym Seeing that all my efforts have turned into a blank, Wang Qi touched his heart and couldn’t stop crying. After the meeting, I slid the interface vigorously, and my old lady regretted it.
I killed my child with my own hands because of those people.
I was so stupid that I was crying.
The howling made her suddenly come to her senses, Qiqi, what are you doing, sister, I killed your nephew, I don’t want to live anymore, Shen Yao rubbed her temples, and her brain hurt from her shouting, helplessly pulled out the towel next to her and wrapped it up, what the hell is going on? It’s Wang Qi’s crying sister, I deleted the article in a moment of excitement, deleted it, deleted it, and reposted it, but there was no inspiration. Shen Yao sighed and patted her on the head.
Since there are so many people saying that the article has problems, you really need to review it.
Think about how to write a new article. Wang Qi is lying on the sofa like a wilted cabbage. Shen Yao was interrupted by her from taking a bath, and washed it down with water. When she walked to the living room, she was still on the sofa. Go to sleep in a daze.
When I wake up, nothing will happen. Wang Qi sighed with red eyes.
I thought I could become a great god. Who knew that a little setback would knock me down. Oh, I really don’t have the destiny to become a great god.
Shen Yao looked at her listlessly.
His back shook his head helplessly, wiped his hair with a dry towel with his left hand, and began typing on the keyboard with his right hand.
The readers who commented just now seemed to have some problems. Use the code to decrypt the previous address Oh, she made a virus and threw it into the other party’s network disk on purpose, and then restored the computer to Wang Qi’s author’s column.
Fingers kept moving on the keyboard.
The original deleted article reappeared in the column. Here, Shen Yao pressed the last button to get it done. She is also a well-known hacker who is best at doing this kind of thing. Shen Yao issued an announcement, taking a screenshot of the address of the other party and explaining in detail how he switched the account to swipe the account. Finally, No matter how sincere my apology, the bloody storm comes and goes quickly