Jiang said with a deep face old thief I finally found you the enmity between us should be counted Meng Hun Jiang saw that Song

Chapter 1. There are many peaks outside Kunlun Peak. There are ridges and ridges outside the mountains. It is hard to find.
Undulating mountains, deep forests, beautiful scenery, and the highest peak, Bradaban Peak, is covered with silver all year round. The mountains are shrouded in clouds and mist, like a fairyland on earth.
As soon as it is explained, Yuxu Palace, the dojo of Yuanshi Tianzun, the leader of the religion, is located on Yuxu Peak, where Jiang Ziya practiced the Five Elements Avenue. Therefore, Kunlun Mountain was the seat of Taoism in ancient times.
In history, there is a story of the prominence of the ancestor of ten thousand immortals. At the beginning, at the foot of Kunlun Mountain, in the early autumn afternoon of the 19th year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty, there were more than a dozen young children struggling to climb the winding and winding mountain road. They were all going to a place.
The leader of the Kunlun School was named Song Changfeng. The man in his twenties is handsome and handsome, with a long sword on his back, looking at the thin and immature faces behind him, he can’t help but sigh. These children all live in Taiping Village at the foot of the mountain.
Because horse thieves have been rampant recently, their villages have been looted and their relatives are empty. They were also slaughtered. The Kunlun faction got the news and sent many disciples down the mountain to suppress the bandits. Song Changfeng was a moment late. Although he killed the head of the horse bandit and rescued the dozen children, the village was slaughtered and all that remained was the group of children hiding in the cellar. Bring this group of children back to Kunlun Pai An. At the end of the crowd is a lame boy with a limping face full of pain.
His leg was cut by a horse thief. Beside him is a smaller, skinny boy with a frightened face. Said bro, when will we arrive? I was afraid that the tears flowed down my face. In fact, the lame boy was also very helpless and depressed. Xiaoye, don’t be afraid, we will soon reach our new home.
Wow, I miss my father.
The skinny boy burst into tears.
Crying also followed, and the crying was endless, Song Changfeng in front of him didn’t know how to comfort him, hurriedly said goodbye, he was afraid that he would arrive soon, there would be good food and a place to live, it’s a pity that Song Changfeng’s consolation was useless and could only remind the children The warmth of the old family made me cry even more sadly. Suddenly I was helpless and complained about why the sect was built in the middle of these mountains. The children who lost their homes are in this deep mountain.
It is inevitable that they will not be homesick.
The dry and skinny children raised their muddy faces and cried for mourning. Brother Dao, I want to go home. The lame boy limped up the mountain with a broken wooden stick.
He choked up and said that we have no home, and this mountain will be our new home. We must live well, you know, and you all don’t cry.
Can your parents survive? Although he told all the children not to cry, his cheeks were already full of tears. Song Changfeng was a little surprised to see that the child, who was not the oldest, could be so strong. It’s a pity that his leg was cut and crippled, but he can still be persistent at such a young age.
Although the bones are connected, the tendons and veins are useless. I’m afraid it’s hopeless to practice martial arts. Sigh.
Song Changfeng asked little brother what is your name? My name is Murong Feng. Song Changfeng nodded and said, don’t worry, the Kunlun faction will be your home from now on.
Song Changfeng swears that I will definitely settle you down.
The boy will become a master of a generation in the future, so they endured fatigue and hunger for half a day, and finally came to the gate of Kunlun Mountain.
Murong Feng and his younger brother sat next to each other.
The big character Kunlun School is followed by a huge platform that can accommodate a hundred people. In the center is a carved stone statue. The stone statue looks like an old man holding a long sword.
For such a solemn, majestic and vast building, I forgot for a moment the grief and curiosity in my heart.
I looked around all the children.
After waiting for half a stick of incense, Song Changfeng came out of the hall and said rightly, little brother, little sister, let me tell you what happened to you.
After hearing this, the head of the door sympathizes with you very much, so they decided to take you in to practice on the mountain. After that, everyone will be brothers and sisters of the same door.
You want to call me senior brother.
Take you to see the head of the hall. After a while, you enter the main hall and don’t talk. The head asks you what do you answer? Did you hear that? All the children nodded and followed Song Changfeng into the main hall. The plaque at the door reads three large characters of gold lacquer.
The six vermilion pillars of the Shangqing Palace support the main hall. The main hall is engraved with golden dragons circling.
Inside is a flat marble floor engraved with yin and yang gossip patterns. Shouting to kneel down and worship the patriarch Murong Feng, along with all the children, knelt down together and shouted to the patriarch of the sect together, a distant voice came, children, get up, all the children stood up, Murong Feng looked up and saw sitting in the center of the hall An old man with white hair and childlike face held a silver thread in his hand and brushed his sleeves without any wind. The old man opened his mouth and said, You will be a member of my Kunlun sect in the future. Said that after all the children were arranged to leave, Murong Feng was left alone, he was a little scared, looked at the head of the sect, Song Changfeng, tremblingly said, senior brother, I want to be with my younger brother The old man who is in charge of your injury got up, took the pulse, and then examined the injured ankle. Zou Mei said, “This son’s two meridians, the Foot Taiyin Spleen Meridian and the Shaoyin Kidney Meridian, are damaged. I’m afraid I have no hope of repairing my Kunlun School’s internal skills. Song Changfeng’s expression changed after hearing this.” knelt down and said