Jiang Mingfa is still himself who is not good enough to get the needle and Jiang Mingxuan’s drug addiction has relapsed trembling looking for the

Yan Songjie’s unexpected counterattack step by step breaks the rules and moves towards making rules. Wedge first declares that this is a novel written purely on a mobile phone, which is ten times more difficult than writing on a computer.
In addition, there are typos. It’s not my fault.
I can’t write the real name. The protagonist’s name has been changed to Yan Songjie.
If you say too much, it will be tears. It is written on the screen of the mobile phone. The speed is slow and the efficiency is low. Regarding the setting of this novel, the protagonist travels to the end of the year. Ningego is the template, there are pictures, it looks like the exact same item, and the price is the same. The book Ningego does not sell is not scribbled, so it is not a story of scribbling, so please understand the author’s hard work and add it to your favorites Raise your index finger high, shake your index finger and click on the collection. It will not cost you a penny and waste three seconds of your time. Yan Songjie is very grateful. Yan Songjie, who was born on the fifteenth day of the winter month, wrote another story with more than 33 years of life experience.
In another chapter of my life, I am my different fireworks, I am myself, I read my own novels, and all the novels I write are on fire.
This story is purely fictional. Any similarities are purely coincidental.
The people and stories in the novel are all fabricated. Don’t take it seriously. Seriously, friends, don’t we go to the sky and stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun? The following story officially begins.
It is said that Yan Songjie returned to Qiaolin’s hometown on this day to revisit the protagonist of this story, Yan Songjie’s surname is Yan Yiyi. The name is Yan Songjie Long Bridge, which is located on the Shiqi River in Qiaolin Town.
The movement of the Shiqi Bridge is just parallel to the meridian. Therefore, every year at midnight on the 15th day of the winter lunar month, it is like a clear sky and a bright moon.
Looking down from the railing, the Shiqi River on both sides of the bridge reflects half of each other. The starting point of the moon’s shadow is shining, and the silver light is swaying with the waves.
The bridge and the shadows of the viewers on the bridge are huddled under the feet and cannot be seen.
The sparkling river is clear and the scenery is wonderful. This phenomenon only occurs once a year, and each time it takes only half a bag of cigarettes for about a minute. I used to live at home when I was a child.
Across the river, the vacant land has been demolished once more. The 200-square-meter house in Qiaolin Town has not received a penny for the demolition fee, only because it was sold by Yan Songjie’s grandfather to the Ke family in 2009. No money was received.
Three years later, even if Yan Songjie’s family voluntarily gave up, it was the first time in nearly 50 years that he saw the long bridge for half a month. The 47-year-old Yan Songjie was so excited that Yan Songjie, who was born with a fear of heights, got overwhelmed and fattened up and climbed to the edge of the bridge to watch the spectacle. Then I fell into the river, help me, I can’t swim Gulu Gulu, then it’s time to turn the next page Yan Songjie, whose face was covered with frost, was so frightened that he didn’t recover from the shock. He trembled all over without thinking about it, and he blurted out the word “Dad” hahaha, all the students in Class 4 of the first grade burst into loud laughter. It’s too shameless, um, I didn’t expect it.
I never thought that Yan Songjie could do like this.
It’s too unexpected. It’s not the students, you, me, and me. The unscrupulous sarcasm and ridicule made the muscles at the corners of the mouth of Teacher Lin, the head teacher of the fourth grade of junior high school standing in front of Yan Songjie at this moment, twitch involuntarily, and Yan Songjie was angry.
Trembling, this kid openly fell asleep in the morning self-study class and called my dad.
If my son would be smoked to death, Yan Songjie went to sleep next to the blackboard.
Yan Songjie became very serious at this moment, still hasn’t recovered from his trance, ignored the booing of his classmates, the old god was still on the ground, and continued on the road to death, blackboard dad, didn’t you wait for Yan Songjie to say what he didn’t say in Toronto, Canada, amid bursts of laughter The noise in the classroom made Yan Songjie start to wake up and realize that something was wrong.
He just swallowed the second half of the sentence and swallowed it back abruptly.
First of all, the old man’s face looks too young, he is younger than himself at the age of forty-seven. Is this unscientific? Could it be that Dad went to Toronto, Canada to have plastic surgery? Toronto has black technology to turn his age into his 40s. What’s the matter? How far away is Yan Songjie? Yan Songjie was seated with Cheng Chuanbing, his face turned red, and he pounded Yan Songjie’s waist with all his strength. Stand up quickly and stand on the blackboard.
He kindly reminded him to read the next Cheng Chuanbing. Step away from the blackboard, Yan Songjie is seated in the first row, second to last, and the shortest is the same seat as Cheng Chuanbing.
During this period, the rows are arranged according to height, and the last ones are all tall, but there are exceptions. At this moment, the classroom of the fourth grade of the first grade Suddenly there was a knock on the outer wooden door, and someone was knocking on the door, reporting substandard Mandarin, and outside the classroom door, Teacher Lin came in with a straight face. Dare to come in and look at Liu Jinsong dragging his nose like thick noodles, wearing a transparent blue military singlet with a book under his belt Teacher Lin was speechless again, his face was full of disappointment and hate that iron can’t make steel, this classmate is late every day One day is easy like Liu Jinsong staying late every day, but it is difficult for a group of people to do it The book was ready and ready to sit down.
There was a loud bang, and immediately the students turned their heads to look at Liu Jinsong. Liu Jinsong sat down on the concrete floor, and the stationery box crashed.