Jiang is afraid of many many things so this time she will never be the person who was waiting she doesnt want to experience that

The second time was with a gentle and gentle surgeon who wore glasses and looked at some gentle scum, but he carried the word gentle into his bones. The third time was with a base leader.
When she realized that her past was more exciting, she realized that she had a black bamboo horse.
She carefully maintained the ambiguous window paper between her and the bamboo horse. Not only that, but she also remembered that she had cheated and played with the notorious group’s prince Zhou Shiyan, and she was secretly happy. The other party didn’t come to make trouble until Zhou Shiyan led a large number of people to attack the camp, smiling and playing but serious Xiaoxiao still remember your promise to me today I will take you away even if I die No one could take her away, and then a certain surgeon who took her away suddenly appeared. I’m back.
I’ll never leave you again. The leader of a certain domineering base who was rejected by Lin Xiao thought about it last time.
I wasn’t decisive enough. Pursue you one more time Lin Xiao’s reading guide Overhead world The heroine is invincible and beautiful The physique is fascinating Lin Xiao’s supporting role is Zhou Shiyanlu, who burns Xingzhou, Jiang Siyun, Qiao Xiu, Ye Teng, and other doomsday survival roads. One sentence introduction, fighting zombies is not as good as falling in love, and aiming to find the true self in adventures. Chapter I don’t want to die like this.
Midnight siren The sound of whining was pulled from the street to the end of the street, and the sound of vehicles colliding violently sounded very tragic. The sound was like a loud bell, and it was deafening. There seems to be something burning in the distance. Billowing black smoke is rising above this illuminated city.
It’s unusual.
It’s so noisy outside. This is Lin Xiao’s first reaction, what happened? The leaves are slowly drifting away, as if declaring not to participate in the strife in front of me The shattered hair in front of him swelled up the pure white pajamas, and the light objects in the room also shook and made rustling noises. This is a house facing the road, a building built in the 1990s. It’s only been a week since it was here. The owner of the house is a middle-aged couple whose daughter works in other places all the year round. I heard their story that they picked her up by a small river in the outskirts of the city. At that time, she was dirty, gray-headed and looked dying.
I planned to ask her about the family when she woke up.
After sending it back to the address, I didn’t think about it, Lin Xiao didn’t remember anything, so I had to stay temporarily and make other plans in the future, except for my name, Lin Xiao knew nothing, the only remaining scattered memories in my mind, no pictures, as if they were branded to death Then she will only remember that she was withdrawn and salty fish was once world-weary and inferior because of school violence, she is such a person, right? It is the memory of a week after waking up in this house.
What happened before that, Lin Xiao doesn’t remember much. This week, Lin Xiao has never stepped out of the room or went downstairs. Everything is too strange to her.
A strange city, a strange street, a strange kind couple, the night has always been quiet, but tonight is so extraordinary Lin Xiao stands in front of the window, there is a chaotic street in front of him, a car accident, flames hit by a crooked guardrail, taillights flickering, whining The yelling stopped cars and the people chasing and biting people crazily, those people with bloody mouths wide open angrily opened their bloodshot eyes one after another indiscriminately attacking other people on the street. A man who is temporarily called crazy found her and wanted to run towards her, but unfortunately he couldn’t fly, so he could only stand downstairs with his arms outstretched, doing useless work, hitting Lin Xiao, his bones were numb with fright, and he immediately closed the curtains, feeling a bit uneasy. At this time, there was a loud knock on the door, and at the same time, the voice of the owner of the house sounded.
Miss Lin, are you in there? My wife and I are going out of the city to join our daughter. It’s a mess outside, so you better not go out. The refrigerator has left you two days of food, take care of yourself.
Before Lin Xiao can respond, the other party hastily left with her luggage.
What is left to her is a clear door closing sound.
Lin Hao decisively opens the door.
The room is empty and the living room is messy Objects are crumbling here and there as if they have been ransacked. In my impression, the couple’s life has always been orderly.
The house is always tidy and spotless.
The news is broadcasting on the TV. Unprovoked attacks on people Phenomena Unknown Viruses Stay at home and don’t go out All kinds of sounds drift into Lin Xiao’s ears The TV screen is shot by drones Every corner of the city’s mess is like a movie shot into reality, the horror and reality will come, and soon the TV will be turned off It was the sound of a power outage, Lin Xiao hurried to the wall and pressed the switch, the light didn’t turn on, and then screams and chases came from the corridor, through a door, Lin Xiao could hear it very clearly and heart-beatingly, a living person would die After entering the door where she was standing, Lin Xiao heard her dying little by little with her own ears, she seemed to be eating something outside, was that woman who died just now? The room was closed and locked, and the beating heart took a long time to calm down. Once there was any trouble outside, Lin Xiao always felt that when those things came in, her heart would beat faster again, and Mao Zhuo stood up like this.
After the incident, she hardly slept.
When she fell asleep, she would be awakened by the loud noise outside. She wished that this was a dream. After waking up, the world would return to normal.
Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.