Jiang Cheng was about to bid farewell to He Mujiang or go home alone She felt more at ease even though she wanted to send

When Jiang Cheng was in his third year of high school, she was approached by her biological parents.
Only then did she realize that she was a rich and powerful family who was living outside.
As a flourishing black lotus, Jiang Cheng looked weak and a little white flower with a belly full of black water.
Jiang Cheng was domineering this day.
The fake daughter blocked the corridor. She skillfully filled her eyes with tears and was about to perform a gorgeous white lotus performance.
A strange handsome boy suddenly rushed forward and flew the fake daughter into her arms. Mom, I finally found you Jiang Since Cheng was 18 years old, she had an 18-year-old son who traveled thousands of miles to be someone’s son. He Mujiang, when He Mujiang opened his eyes, he found that he had traveled back to 25 years ago and knew who his mother was. The short-lived black-hearted female supporting role in a counterattack by a fake daughter In order to change her early death, He Mujiang decided to stop the black lotus mother’s various deadly behaviors Do it here At noon, he tightly grasped Jiang Cheng’s hands that were about to pour leftovers on others.
Hoe He. At noon, sweat dripped down to the side of Tuxiao Lake.
He quickly stopped Jiang Cheng’s arms that wanted to push people into the water.
Preserve the water.
Hygiene started from our home. Through his all-round, three-dimensional and no-dead-angle stalking behavior, he successfully strengthened his mother’s black lotus attribute several times. He finally realized that his own strength was not enough to save his mother.
After hesitating, he dialed.
Dad, come and take care of your wife! The next day, the news made everyone in Dongcheng High School excited.
He Yanqing, the grassroots student who had been suspended for half a semester, actually went back to school. In another empty classroom, the eldest young master of the He family, who has always been cynical and indifferent to anyone, stood sideways in front of the petite and lovely school beauty, grabbed her hand that was about to do bad things, smiled recklessly and obediently, let’s not do it The bad thing, the mother, the heroine, the real black lotus, the real black belly, the unrealistic direction, don’t bring it into reality, the cover artist, Qi Jiuzi, the content label, the sweet text, the sweet text, the cool text, the search keywords, the main character, Jiang Cheng, He Yanqing, and the other one-word introduction The eighteen-year-old son came to save Hei Lianhua and his mother wanted to have a happy family His ID card was slapped on the table, causing the guy at the front desk to look at him, isn’t he an old acquaintance? It’s his 18th birthday, and he’s finally able to surf the Internet openly. Ha, the guy glanced at his new ID card and joked.
Why did you specially apply for a new ID card so that it would show the same age as the one on it? The photo on the ID card was newly taken, fully showing the rebelliousness and self-confidence of the person involved.
It is a kind of self-confidence that belongs to eighteen years old. The boy in front of me is indeed very handsome.
Wearing a trendy brand sportswear, the whole body is full of the youthful feeling that only high school students have. The pure black hair color makes the handsome face with clear lines look fairer, especially the hearty smile that is always on. A little girl peeked at the reflective screen of his front desk brother by using her name on the Internet. He took a picture of himself in front of the screen, how can there be such a big difference between people? He has been working here for so many years, and he never said that he was asked for a contact information. The photo on the ID card used to look like a child, but now it’s different.
I’m a serious adult, so I say that, but in fact, He Mujiang just turned 18 a week ago, and he is about to graduate from high school.
The party was held on their family’s yacht, and the battle was as pompous as it could be It didn’t take long for the discipline to be scorned by his father, and he came back with a word. Since you hand in all your pocket money to adults, you should earn money to support yourself.
Since then, he has never said anything similar, so others say he He Mujiang did not turn into a lawless and incompetent demon king, all because of his king-level father who suppressed the voice of the younger brother at the front desk. He was lowering his head to turn on the machine for He Mujiang. Computers and holographic cabins. No one comes to the Internet cafes, so they simply designed one side of the space as a high-end single room with the most high-end computers for those young people who hide from home and surf the Internet secretly. Most of the rest of the Internet cafes have become holograms. The clubhouse of the game is a new game mode that was just researched a few years ago. You can lie in the game cabin to experience the real scene.
The game became popular all over the world as soon as it came out. The living space of ordinary Internet cafes is less, but since there are still surviving Internet cafes, it means ordinary Internet.
There are still people in the game market who just like the smooth feel of playing games with a keyboard. For example, the young man in front of him is a regular customer of an Internet cafe. The reason why he came here during the holidays is that the guy at the front desk can guess without using his brain.
Contradictions, this kind of rich kid, I can see that I don’t have to worry about my studies, I only know that I have to play for 24 hours, right? Suddenly it spread. The guy at the front desk knew he was right and didn’t ask any more. He handed his ID card to He Mujiang and started talking about other topics. That’s right.
Seeing you pass the Internet cafe with a basketball all day long, why is your skin still so white? It makes me wonder Ask how you take care of yourself, but I don’t know that my little brother once again asked about something that He Mujiang didn’t want to be mentioned. He casually said something about heredity, and my mother went into the private room I opened and threw the bag on the table.
He Mujiang stared blankly.
The figure in front of my mind is full of the person mentioned just now. Since he was a child, his skin has been fair, no matter how tanned, he can’t get tanned. When he was a child, he felt inferior because of it.