Jian Yeshan looked at Liu Ruyan and said softly if it is possible I hope you can find someone you like and get rid of

The young man wakes up, dawn breaks, and the sky is getting brighter. In a spacious and exquisite room, a teenage girl pushes open the door, holding a bowl of soup in her hand, and walks to the bedside, looking at the young man in Tsing Yi who is lying on the bed, with a trace of regret on his youthful face.
Ordinarily, the most noticeable thing is probably only a bright red scar on his forehead.
Master Hayama, why are you so stubborn to admit defeat? You have to be beaten unconscious before you give up. She sighed and poured the steaming gray soup into it.
The warm liquid in the young man’s mouth and the bitter taste permeated his throat.
Ye Shan’s consciousness gradually became clear.
He suddenly had an idea.
Am I not dead? Slowly opened his eyes, a young girl with a green face was looking at him happily and said in surprise Young master, you woke up, Ye Shan nodded subconsciously, suddenly felt a special pain in his forehead, he touched his forehead, his hands were scarlet, looked at the surrounding environment in a daze, wondering where this is, young master, this is your home Seeing Ye Shan wake up, look aside The maid hurriedly replied, “Master, you won’t be confused, right? You were injured by Master Ye Lin in the Wudoutang competition yesterday. If you don’t believe me, look at the wound on your forehead.” While talking, the maid put the bronze mirror in front of Ye Shan. Ye Shan widened His eyes looked at himself in the bronze mirror in disbelief. His face was much younger than he remembered. Ye Shan got out of bed with his head in his hands. As soon as he landed on the ground, his weak physical condition caused him to fall heavily on the ground. Seeing this, the maid hurried up.
To help Ye Shan up, Ye Shan lightly pressed the servant girl’s hand down, and then stood up while supporting the table in the room. The words of the maid in Wudou Hall, Ye Lin’s words brought back memories in Ye Shan’s mind, and Ye Shan thought of something that happened ten years ago. When he was fifteen years old, he was injured by Ye Lin in a family competition. Because he failed to become a warrior in the spirit-inducing realm before the age of sixteen, he was abandoned by the family. With the sect quota left to him by his grandfather, he joined the killing clan. Jianzong was favored by the elders of the Zongmen’s weapon refinement and passed on the weapon refining method for several years.
Although he could not lead the spirit into the body, he became one of the few forgers in the Sword Slaughter Zong.
It’s a pity that the sword-slaughter sect’s refining line all died under the suzerain’s strangulation. The apprentice took this stone and left the sword-slayer sect quickly. Ye Shan remembered the last sentence the master told him, but it’s a pity that he still didn’t escape.
Suddenly, there was an extremely hot feeling in Ye Shan’s dantian, and Ye Shan immediately focused his consciousness on his dantian to perceive the situation in his dantian. Seeing this, Ye Shan almost yelled. A piece of jade emitting red light is constantly circling in Ye Shan’s dantian, isn’t it? Is it the jade that the master gave me? How could it be in my dantian? Could it be this jade that brought me back to life? Among them, his meridians were so blocked that he couldn’t function normally at all.
Every time he led the spirit into his body, the aura flowing around his body couldn’t flow because of the blocked meridians, so Ye Shan couldn’t step into the Yinling Realm.
The smooth circulation makes Ye Shan’s body tremble non-stop because of the excitement. In the past, he was affected by the meridians and couldn’t draw Qi into the body. He was bullied.
Now at the age of fifteen, the meridian recovery is only one step away, and he can enter the spiritual realm. The first two exercises that Ye Shan masters now For their Ye Family’s basic skill, Lie Sun Jue, and the second is the Purple Thunder Jue he obtained in Sword Slaughter School. Without thinking too much, Ye Shan directly chose the stronger Zi Lei Jue. After the decision, Ye Shan closed his eyes and started to run the Zi Lei Jue to sense the aura of heaven and earth. In just a split second, Ye Shan felt a majestic force descending on him, young master, how could you? Sensing the aura of heaven and earth, the maid covered her lips with her hand and looked in shock at the traces of spiritual power hovering around Ye Shan. Yinling Realm introduces the spiritual power of heaven and earth into the body to enhance its own strength.
When it reaches the second state of Gathering Spirit Realm, it can spread the spiritual power outside the body for a long time. It can enhance the attack power of warriors for various weapons.
What shocked the servant girl is that Ye Shan is clearly a man.
The useless person with blocked meridians has tried countless times before to lead the spirit into the body, but this time he succeeded so easily.
Could it be that the master’s meridians were beaten through so that he was able to lead the spirit into the body? The method recorded on the exercises controls the spiritual power in the body, and it works quickly. The huge spiritual power slowly bursts into the dantian along the meridians of the whole body. After a big cycle, the spiritual power begins to pour into the dantian, Ning Yeshan shouted A whirlwind that was originally gentle suddenly spun extremely fast, and a fist-sized cyclone formed in Ye Shan’s dantian. It turned out that this is the warrior cyclone.
Looking at the blue cyclone in the dantian, Ye Shan said excitedly that there are two months left, which is the family year. Once the family assessment was done, this time it must not fail again.
A heavy knock on the door came to Ye Shan’s ears, interrupting Ye Shan’s thoughts forcibly.
When he opened the door, a thin and plainly dressed young man appeared at his door. Ex-Master Ye Shan A few days ago, Master Ye Lin missed and hurt you. I feel very sorry. I will not send a special person to come and see you. Although the young man cupped his hands and said, his cold words were full of disdain and disgust.
The corners of Ye Shan’s mouth turned up.
The injury was entirely due to Ye Lin’s malicious intent to know Ye Shan, you are dissatisfied with Master Ye Lin. Seeing Ye Shan’s expression, the man opened his eyes and said contemptuously. Ye Shan opened his eyes and looked at this servant, feeling very unhappy. Although Chen Qi is a subordinate, but relying on the strength of the first level of Yinling Realm, he used to