Jia Yi just waved his hands behind his back and said a little irritably you go down the minister is leaving Jia Yi has just

In the rumors of the rivers and lakes, the nursery rhyme of the mysterious Sinanche Sinanche Sinanche’s predecessors came here, and later generations learn from the southeast, the north, and the north. They don’t refer to each other and only look up at the maelstrom.
The author’s self-defined label is calm. It’s April 18. Today is the day of the competition for disciples under the age of 16 who have entered Wujiabao for three years. Today is the birthday of Wu Zheng, a 13-year-old cowherd boy from the Wujiayuan family in Wujiabao. Today is also the memorial day for Wu Zheng’s mother. Before going out in the morning, Wu Zheng had already stewed a pot of pheasant caught yesterday and a small pot of millet porridge, which was enough for his elderly grandma to eat twice.
He came to the family’s cowshed and led the big green cow to walk ahead of the other thirty or so. All the cows followed obediently. Wu Zheng pretended not to hear the noise from the distant martial arts arena where disciples of the clan practiced martial arts. He just lowered his head and led the big green cow out of the south gate of the fort along the winding Nanxi River. Going to Ling, the reason why I chose to herd cattle here today is because this year’s Grand Competition is not set up in Baozi like it was three years ago, but is set up on a wide sandy beach between Lingtou and Nanxi in Nanling according to the usual practice.
The arena was built with tree trunks and wooden boards, standing tall beside the Nanxi River. Since all the Wu family children who participated in the competition had not yet arrived, it was even taller and more abrupt. Wu Zheng knew that no one would pay attention to him today, so he tied the big green bull to the place. The upstream of Nanxi River is more than one mile away from the arena. There is a bend in the river, so that the other thirty or so cows will not run around. Guessing the time, they quietly climbed up the South Ridge and came to a few tall trees on the ridge close to the arena on the beach. Under the poplar tree, he selected one of them and used his hands and feet.
He quickly got into the luxuriant canopy of the poplar tree, found a comfortable branch to lean on comfortably, and waited for the competition on the beach below to start. Wu Zheng came It’s a little early.
At this time, it can be seen from a distance that the martial arts arena in Baozi is still full of people, but right now, there are only a few service personnel from the clan next to the arena on the beach, busy arranging tables and chairs on the stage that is three feet higher on one side of the arena. Afterwards, two rows of chairs were placed under the arena.
Wu Zheng, who had watched the clan disciple competition three years ago, of course knew that the platform on one side of the ring was reserved for the elders of the clan, that is, the referees.
Seats reserved for the famous people watching the ceremony, and the two rows of seats under the arena are reserved for elders from various branches and sects of the clan.
When the Wu family children arrived at the scene, it was almost at the beginning of the morning. Others who participated in the competition and came Thousands of people, old and young, watched the game, and the South River suddenly became lively. Before the game started, as usual, the patriarch Wu Youren read out the rules of the game and the list of rewards for the top five. Because it had nothing to do with him, Wu Zheng didn’t bother to listen.
He just guessed silently in his heart this year.
Who can win the first place is Wu Fan or Wu Yi? Wu Fan is fifteen years old and Wu Yi is fourteen years old. He is widely expected to be a popular figure who can win the championship.
There is also Wu Meng, who is the same age as Wu Zheng, although his age is not this year. The youngest among the disciples participating in the competition, but I heard that they seem to have the strength to compete for the championship. After the competition officially started, Wu Zheng also Open your eyes wide and look carefully. Usually when the weather is fine, Wu Zheng will choose a place where you can see the martial arts field when the cattle are herding.
For example, here is the big rock at the foot of Rolling Stone Mountain on the west side of the fort to watch from a distance. Although the scene of the middle school disciples practicing martial arts is not very clear, they can roughly see the outline of the moves they are learning. Although Wu Zheng had the idea of ​​practicing martial arts a few times, he had no choice but to give up as soon as he heard the rules of the clan. The first must be The disciples of the clan within the five servers of the Wu family’s closest branch must pay the tuition fee of ten grains of the clan every year. Wu Zheng can’t satisfy both of these. Since Wu Fan, Wu Yi, and Wu Meng were all selected as seed members, the three of them The competition started only in the second round, and most of the disciples who participated in the competition from the very beginning were not skilled in martial arts. Even Wu Zheng couldn’t catch his eye.
If he didn’t want to secretly record their every move, Wu Zheng wouldn’t have watched them.
The competition did not start until the early afternoon when Wu Meng, Wu Fan, and Wu Yi, the three seeded players, were able to play. They defeated their opponents with ease. So far, the top ten have been determined. It was much earlier in Maoshizhong.
The ten people decided yesterday fought each other until the winner was decided. The five victors then took turns to compete until the first to fifth place was ranked.
Surprisingly, it was Wu Mengduo who was the youngest Wu Fan and Wu Yi won the first place this year, and Wu Fan and Wu Yi respectively won the second and third places. The fourth place was 16-year-old Wu Mingzhi, and the fifth place was a girl, 14-year-old Wu Yijun.
The competition lasted for four days. Zheng knows that the real good show is from the third day on this day, the disciples who have won the top three this year can challenge any disciple in the clan, even if someone wants to challenge the patriarch, no one will make irresponsible remarks. After the game ended, everyone began to speculate that Wu Meng and the three would challenge.
Whoever guessed and guessed thought that someone would definitely challenge the previous champion. Wu Gang, who was given the nickname Little Overlord, did not expect that the three of them would choose to challenge at the same time.
Wu Gang just after Mao in the morning Wu Gang, who is already eighteen years old, stood on the ring with an indifferent smile on his face, seeing Wu Meng and Wu Fan and Wu Yi three people were discussing who would come first, Wu Gang suddenly said you three together, as the saying goes It can be killed but not humiliated, what’s more, Wu Meng and the three high-spirited teenagers have just won the top three. How can they bear Wu Gang’s contempt? There is no need for further discussion, and the three of them stepped onto the ring together.
This is also in line with the rules of the challenge in the clan, so no one Stepping forward to stop them, the next scene not only made the three of Wu Meng furious, but everyone who watched the battle felt that Wu Gang had gone too far.
He even planned to meet the challenge of the three of them with bare hands, which would be like adding fuel to the fire.